Friday, August 19, 2016

Fine Wine Saree Gown OOTD

Namaste :)

I love travelling, visiting new places and meeting new people. Sometimes I love to talk to even strangers and some days, I just want to be quiet in my own cave and prefer not to go out or talk. Well, these are just phases of life. Going out definitely fills you with energy and positivity for life, specially when you exchange smile with strangers and yes I do love giving compliments to others. I am sure there will rarely be someone who doesn't like compliments.

wine dress

I love getting lost on the ways, specially when we are out for long drives. As the ways and paths, God takes you on, are more beautiful than the pre-planned ones and it takes you to a more wonderful place. But yes, there should be GPS to take you to the correct path after wandering on the lost path. It is like life, we sometimes lose our path but the path God introduces us to, is more beautiful. Even in that case we should be having a plan to carry forward with and not leave everything on god, a plan which takes you to the desired road, just like GPS.

I have learnt to enjoy the colors of life and always take sad times and mistakes as lessons. Also I try to stay away from negative people. Negative in the sense who keep on disrespecting others and making fun of others and in reality they themselves are next to nothing. I may be bitter on this one but I don't like such people.

We all should learn to admire others, to appreciate others and help as well when we can. A view like this makes life more adorable and worth loving. It's not about how many friends you have but how many real people you have in your life. One real and true person is better than ten fake friends.

In these pictures I am wearing a saree gown which is a mix of indo western and very easy to wear and carry. I tried my hair to do an updo but it was not exactly what I thought of.

This journey ends here. I will come up with something new soon.
Till then
 Bye :)

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkin

Women are strongest as we can bleed straight for a week, without dying!! O yes, men can't even imagine how much pain and hormonal changes we go through every month and that too with constant bleeding. Your sanitary napkin is definitely a good partner for those days except your real partner.

Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkin

I don't understand why people still feel ashamed to talk about periods and hide sanitary napkins in black polybags or papers. You do?? Oh, leave!! Are periods really shameful? Isn't it a natural thing and the reason through which you get real happiness in life, a baby. It is time to not take it as a taboo, but as any other normal thing.

A good partner is definitely a blessing during those 5-7 days of mensturation, when you are already going through so much, one who understands and takes care of you rather running away from you. At the same time we can not ignore the importance of a good sanitary napkin. I have used almost every sanitary napkin available in market from whisper to stayfree. But I started getting rashes with all the napkins and I bleed a lot during that time so I can not reply upon those cotton ones.

Last month I replaced my older ones with Everteen sanitary napkins. Its upper layer is made of 100% cotton and is so soft on skin, which made me believe that these would not cause any rashes. And trust me, this napkin literally did not cause any skin rash and was super soft against my sensitive skin. Also it absorbs so much that it goes 3-4hrs more than any other napkin. It is thin enough to give you required comfort in everyday work. I found both the length and width perfect.

These napkins come with antibacterial protection as they help prevent bacterial multiplication and also eliminate odor. These are fragrance free. 

What the brand says:

Introducing all new Everteen 100% natural cotton sanitary napkins which are designed with 8 layers of serious protection to provide maximize absorbency, dryness & comfort during those menstrual days. Surface of these sanitary napkins is made of 100% natural cotton which is non irritating and comfortable unlike other sanitary napkins which are made of rayon.

  • 8 Layer protection of everteen sanitary napkins:
  • Both side protection to prevent leakage
  • Large Surface made up of 100% natural cotton for an instant dry and soft feel
  • Negative ion strip neutralizes odour and relive menstrual discomfort
  • Sterilised air laid paper to guide menstrual fluid to superabsorbent polymer centre
  • Biodegradable polymer gel which absorb fluid effectively keeping the pad dry
  • Sterilized air laid paper for extra comfort and protection
  • Breathable bottom layer allows air to circulate, eliminates moisture & heat
  • Food grade non-toxic glue allows best fit to panty

Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkin

Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkin

Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkin

Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkin

Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkin

Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkin


Everteen pads come in a cardboard box packaging, which contains 10 individually packed napkins like any other brand. But it also have two complimentary “Everteen Intimate Hygiene wipes”.


Rs. 249 for 10 pads


100% cotton surface for instant dry and soft feel for sensitive skin
- Extra absorbent with 8 layer protection
- With wings for a secure fit and super soft sides for comfort
- Free of any artificial scents and fragrances
- Food grade nontoxic adhesive helps keep napkin in place
- Antibacterial negative ion chip helps prevent bacterial multiplication & eliminates odour
- Ultrathin 
- Breathable layers help keep moisture away, keeping it dry

Cons :

Just that they are a bit expensive, they are a favourite. I hope the company gives some discounts on them to increase their reach.

Overall Rating:


I would surely repurchase and recommend them. I get rashes from most of them but I am using these for last 2 months and Everteen pads are pure pleasure. no rashes, no itching. Full thumbs up from me :).

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Parachute Advansed DIY Hamper Giveaway Wiinners

It was great to get such an overwhelming response from all the participants. First of all, I would like to thank all the participants for sharing your amazing DIY ideas for monsoon hair care using coconut oil.

As I promised I am here with the names of 3 choosen winners of  THE ATTRACTIVE DIY HAMPER shown here by PARACHUTE ADVANSED Hair Oil are:

giveaway winners


And the winners are:
1. Sumita Kapoor
2. Ekta Vaswani
3. Ghazala Naseem

Congratulations girls. Please contact me with your address and contact details within 48hrs or I will have to choose another winner. Hope you will enjoy the stuff.

For all those who didn't win, don't loose your heart as I have many more giveaways lined up for coming season.

Have a wonderful week ahead!! 

Love to all
Charu :)

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Online Jewellery Shopping with Highqualitybuy

A dress is incomplete without right accessories. Whether it is a neckpiece, a pair of dazzling earrings or that elegant bracelet, we women choose all the accessories depending upon our mood, our dress and of course without making a hole in the pocket.

When it comes to accessories and jewellery, there are so many options to choose from and decide. is one such online destination for all jewellery lovers and not just jewellery, they also offer high quality dresses, kids dresses and formal dresses that too at wholesale prices. But right now as we are talking about jewellery, this online store has a huge variety of cheap jewellery online. So you have many options to choose from and these wouldn't cost huge grands, but just few bucks.

cheap online jewellery
While surfing their collection, few of the jewellery pieces left me speechless. It is rare that I get so many amazing accessories all at one place and that too online. Being a working mom with two kids, it is not easy for me to go out for shopping outside and specially wandering from one showroom to other, it nearly kills me. I don't have that much energy, time, patience and all this while burning fuel :P No way!! This is the main reason I prefer online shopping. But, it becomes a task to get that perfect website where you can get everything and that too at reasonable prices, a website you can trust upon for quality and service. I love to shop online and have been doing same for years.

The good thing about this website is that they let you select the jewellery based on various filters  like gender, color, occasion, type, material etc. That makes the selection of your favourite jewellery so easier!! So many designs are available This time, I have found that destination website which fulfills my desire for that class neck piece or pendant. I am in love with most of the accessories on 

Do check them out and I am pretty sure, you will also love what you see. Good to see so many pretty pieces at same place. Hope you also enjoy shopping with them. Do tell me what you like most :)

Love ya
Charu :)

Monday, August 1, 2016

DIY Hair Masks to Fight Monsoon + Contest Alert :)

Hello Pretties,

Here I am today with some amazing  DIY concoctions to maintain your tresses this monsoon.

Plus an awesome CONTEST which you will get to know about in the end!!

I will share with you some recipes for making your own DIY hair masks which will not only help you fight those bad hair days but also help maintain them. Let’s read on to know about some ingredients which are all their in your kitchen and how to use them, with these, you can do wonders for your hair.

DIY Hair Mask

METHI: If your hair is craving a solution to its monsoon hair woes like frizz, static flyaways and limpness, look no further than the hydrating goodness of Methi.  

Soak 2 tablespoons of Methi seeds overnight in 1 cup of water and blend into a paste the next day. Add the paste to ½ a cup of yogurt and 1 tablespoon of Parachute Advansed Hair Oil. Apply the hair mask to the scalp & hair ends, and leave it on for 30 minutes before washing it off.

OATS: If you don’t want bad hair days to last the entire season,  make Oats your hair’s best friend. It will trap the moisture in and tame the frizz out in a jiffy!

Blend ½ cup Oats, 2 tablespoon of coconut oil, and ½ cup milk into a paste. Apply this hair mask to your scalp and you hair as well. These ingredients are enough for shoulder length hair. If you have longer hair, make sure you double it up!

DIY hair mask ingredients

ALOE VERA GEL: The rainy months of humidity leave your locks parched. Quench your hair’s thirst with Aloe Vera- a natural humectant that attracts moisture and restores your hair’s hydration from within.

Blend in 3 tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel with 3 tablespoons of Parachute Advansed Hair Oil using a fork (for shoulder length hair; double up the ingredients in case of long hair). Apply the gel on your hair and scalp. You could even wrap your hair up with a hot towel for the oil to penetrate deeper and faster into the scalp.

SHIKAKAI POWDER: Make your hair strong from within with the Ayurvedic nourishment of Shikakai. With its strengthening, anti-fungal, and shine- promoting properties, no monsoon winds can stand a chance!

Mix 1 tablespoon of Shikakai powder with 1 cup of coconut oil. Shake vigorously, and let the mixture rest for 2 weeks. Keep shaking it in the middle as well. After 2 weeks, your Shikakai oil will be ready to use.

Try these amazing DIY hair masks and I am sure you will be surprised with the results!!

But, if you are a lazy soul like me, then collecting all the ingredients becomes a task in itself. Ok, I agree that at a point of time, we have at least 2 of the above mentioned products at home but then what if I want to make a mask of other too!! And what about OIL. What if I am not having the desired one!!


Oh, you are here at the right time J. I am glad to give you an opportunity to WIN THE ATTRACTIVE DIY HAMPER shown here by PARACHUTE ADVANSED Hair Oil.

contest alert

What all you have to do is –

1. Share your interesting DIY hair masks recipes using coconut oil during monsoon, it could either be your own recipe or one you learnt from your mom or grand mom. Would be happy to see some images of the ingredients or a DIY hair mask video but (not mandatory).
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6. Subscribe to my blog via Email.
7. While sharing on twitter, fb and instagram, use hashtag -  #parachuteadvansed , #myglossyaffair (not mandatory)
8.  Leave a comment below with your name, contact email, fb name, twitter handle and instagram handle.

Some important points - 
  • Contest is open for India only.
  • Don’t forget to amaze me with your creativity for DIY masks :). Waiting for your entries!


So, hurry, contests is for 1 week only. Contest ends on Sunday - 07.08.2016

!!! Good luck Girlzzzz!!! 
I hope to declare winner by 10.07.2016 :). Will update you on that.

Lots of love ,

Charu :)