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Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks in Solow, Succulent and More Better Review and Swatches

colourpop UltraMatte Lipsticks Solow, Succulent, More Better

Hi Pretties :)

Today I am going to share with you my experience with 3 matte liquid lipsticks from my current obsession - Colourpop. If you are an ardent fan of liquid lipsticks, then Colourpop is a brand you should try out. At $8, these are the best and cheapest liquid lipsticks with good quality that you can get. The formula, staying power and pigmentation is comparable to high end lipsticks. Since these are ultra matte, totally matte, these are drying and hence, make up your mind for that before buying. Though I would give you a tip to avoid the extreme dryness too :)

You can check review of Colourpop Creeper here.

Packaging -

These liquid lipsticks comes in a transparent plastic tube with Colourpop written over them in holographic font and the case looks quite classy. The name of lipstick is mentioned on the base. The cap is silver metal and contains the brush applicator which is quite good in quality, Though the holographic print on case fades very soon.

Colorpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks in Solow, Succulent and More Better Review and Swatches

colourpop UltraMatte Lipsticks Solow, Succulent, More Better

Price -

$8 for 0.11oz

Now, I will review all 3 shades - Solow, Succulent and More Better - one by one.

colourpop UltraMatte Lipsticks Solow, Succulent, More Better Swatches

Solow -

Colourpop Solow

Colourpop Solow

Solow is a very very pretty color. So soothing and beautiful. It is a warm pink color. Or you can say, it is a neutral pink shade as described by Colourpop. It holds true to its name. Though I feel, it is more of a color for fair skin tones but when applied with proper makeup and all, it goes well for dusky beauties too. Say, when you are going for full smokey for eyes and this pinkish color will look great on lips. Gloss or no gloss is your choice. I like this color. The quality is fine, not so dry, applies evenly, no patches no scent.

Succulent -

Colourpop Succulent

Colourpop Succulent

I was most excited for this colour as I seriously need a bright orange in my life all the time. It is a very bright neon orange red shade. But how this one failed me :(. Total waste of money for me. I bought these from direct website of Colourpop, so no chance of fake or dupe. Either the formula is not correct for my piece or it is an old piece, can't say, but this is a piece of sh*t. The smell is bad, unlike other colours, smells of old, rusty piece. The application, no words to describe, you see the swatch below to see it. I complaint about this lipstick to the company and they simply said they don't have any refund or replacement policy. I emailed them swatches too and they just emailed me some application tips to try on!!

You also have a look -

Colourpop Succulent

Please excuse the quality of this pic. It was taken little later when I was not having that camera and light.

Do you really think I have applied this wrongly!! May be I am a naive. I don't know how to apply liquid lipsticks  :)
Yes, colourpop is a good brand which has gained popularity too fast  but then it is customer who builds or breaks a brand. This $8 loss won't make me bankrupt but little concern from the company would have made me a fan of the brand which I am not now!!


More Better -

Colourpop More Better

Colourpop More Better

What to say about his pretty shade!! As described by Colourpop website, it a deep violet wine shade. For me, it is everything from Perfect plum to wine to purple. How beautiful!! You need to own this to know the beauty of this shade. I adore this shade. It goes well with so many dresses!! It suits all skin tones, The application is easy and it applies even and smooth. Perfect consistency and dries to a semi matte finish. But I would say it is transferable, say on glasses etc, to a little extent. It stays on forever on lips and survives meals to a great extent. Though sometimes, I feel it feathers a little and you have to stop yourself from touching anywhere near your mouth to have this on your hands. It is not the case with other liquid mattes from Colourpop.

The bad thing about Colourpop More Better lipstick - Though it applies perfectly and colour is superb but again, the quality is not that good. I don't know why this problem. I have Creeper, Tulle, Bumble, Solow also with me and all are extremely good. These two shades - Succulent which is hell and this More Better have failed for me. After full day application for office, More Better creates little allergy on my lips, say a thin crust sort of gets formed. So, it doesn't suit me.

I would like to mention that I have sensitive eyes and lips as far as makeup products are concerned.

My Views and Tips -

Since these liquid lipsticks are quite cheap and the shade range is amazing, I quite like them despite the fact that 1 lippie has totally failed me and the company does not take any responsibility. The formula is of course drying but you can counter that a little bit by either using the lippie primer of colourpop or any other brand to prepare your lips. Or you can apply a good quality lip balm first and then apply the lipstick, this is what works for me, always. Just use good moisturizing lip balm with less of shine or creamy effect.

Staying power is great. These stay intact for almost whole day with little fading from middle of lips. The application is also even. Just apply one coat quickly and you are done. In fact, you can blend a little with finger over lips after lining your lips. Even then it gives even and staying application.

You need a real good oil based cleanser to remove these lipsticks. No, no cream or even oil can easily remove some colors like 'More Better'. It tries to become your second skin.Gives a tough time.

But all in all, this time, I am not satisfied with the quality of Colourpop liquid lipsticks and I will not but anymore shades from this range. I would also add that these liquid lipsticks from Colourpop have fulfilled my desire to own pure matte, various shades of liquid lipsticks. Amazing pigmentation, staying power, even application, but two lipsticks ditching me, I will avoid the brand from now.

Ratings -

Solow - 4.5/5

Succulent - 0/5

More Better - 2.5/5 ( for a superb color only)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Inveda Whitening and Brightening Cryo Mask Review

Hi :)

I am excited today to share with you all, a wonderful product from Inveda – Whitening and Brightening Cryo Mask. Though I never believe in products that claim to be whitening and never promote such products, but this one, since it is a mask, I consider it to be different. Not for whitening, but when a mask cleanses the impurities from skin and brightens it up, then automatically, the skin looks clean and glowy and thus, little better complexion wise too.

Inveda Whitening and Brightening Cryo Mask Review

This mask comes in a sachet which has to be cut open. The sachet itself looks classy. As per the instructions on sachet itself, the whole content needs to be emptied in a bowl and paste is to be made using good quality mineral water which should be between 15 to 20 degree. Adjust the consistency of paste cautiously so that it is smooth and non flowy. Too much water will drip down and also increase the setting time. Less of water will make powder set too fast to apply it properly.

The sachet contains powder which is very refreshingly colored to a light blue/green and when water is added, it becomes a little dark, mint green sort of. The fragrance is also refreshing and soothing.

Inveda Whitening and Brightening Cryo Mask Review


Rs. 165/- for 1 sachet of 20 gms.


Diatomaceous Earth, Sodium Alignate, Calcium Sulphate, Sea Weed Extract, Cucumber Extract, Chamomile Extract.

Inveda Whitening and Brightening Cryo Mask Review


1. Cleanse the face and neck area.

2. Empty 20 gms of Cryo Mask in a 200 ml Bowl. Add Approx 50 ml of water at 20 Degree Cent. Stir quickly to obtain a creamy paste.

3. Apply a thick layer of paste over face and neck. Remove after 20 to 30 minutes in a single piece. Cleanse the face thoroughly and apply Moisturizer.


I got few products from Inveda to try on. Though all products looked promising, this mask was the one which caught my attention and I used it the same day J. I loved it!! Yes.

The sachet usage mentioned above says that whole content of the sachet is meant for single use. Its huge. And when you apply that quantity, it does come out in a single piece....well almost. Though the remaining is an effort to remove.

Inveda Whitening and Brightening Cryo Mask Review

Since I had 2 sachet, I used the other one in half half quantity. I used the whole sachet in 1 time but half of the paste went on my mom's face and half on mine. The quantity was more than enough but since the thickness was reduced, the removal was in much more pieces than previous one. It was quite cumbersome too.

The results were similar in both cases and superb. This mask left my skin squeaky clean, shining, smooth, glowy, brightened and much more :). Say, a happier me. I will surely get more to accompany me while travelling to get that radiant skin instantly.

Inveda Whitening and Brightening Cryo Mask Review

  • Available easily online and at discount on Inveda's website. Stock up some :).
  • Leaves skin clean, smooth, brightened, radiant.
  • The color and feel and fragrance of the mask is very refreshing.
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • A great peel off mask for those on the run.
  • Luxurious sachet.
  • Great for oily skin but will suit all skin types. Moisturize skin after use.

  • Doesn't come off in single piece always.



I surely recommend this superb mask from Inveda to all my friends whether boy or girl. Having clean and bright skin is good for all. And if it can be achieved at the luxury of home in 1/2 hr at a meager price than I think it is good enough. So, don't wait and just invest in these masks to feel the sensation yourself :).

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Stay Cool and Hippy with Amazing Informal Shoes

Staying away from new clothes is easy for men but staying away from shoes? Is that even possible? Well, everybody is aware of the fact that men are in love with collecting different shoes. A pair of shoes for business affairs, a pair of shoes for casual days, party shoes and what not. 
But, most men feel irritated when they have to wear formal shoes all the time. They don’t like to wear tight fitted, leather shoes after coming back from a long day at work. Then what to do when you are planning to go for a casual get together? What to wear while walking down the lane? 
Well, when nothing comes in mind, casual shoes for men works the best, but you must keep a check on certain things in order to pull them off. 
What is the point of spending a huge amount of money and still not get the best results? 
Here are some of the points to be kept in mind while purchasing a good pair of casual shoes: 

Look out for quality:

No doubt earning money is very hard, but what is the point of buying low quality shoes and repent later? Well, understanding the nature of men, they love to spend once and buy casual shoes that are high in quality, durable and look amazingly good. So, if you are planning to buy a pair of casual shoes for your man, don’t forget to check out the quality of material used. 

Go for Light colored and Bright Shades:
Unlike formal shoes, casual shoes are more of easy going and comfortable. But, would you like to wear dark coloured shoes with a cool outfit? Well, that is why people prefer going for bright and light shades for casual shoes. Go for red, blue, white, grey and other different colours according to the outfit.

Choose the type:

Many people think that only women shoes come in various types. But, you are totally wrong here; even men casual shoes come in a wide range of variety. There are best sneakers, slip-ons, loafers, canvas, lace shoes and much more. So, now if anybody questions you about the variety of casual shoes, be prepared to clarify their doubts and show off the collection. 

Select the Brand:

Just like women, for men shoes, are like an investment to make. They love to collect casual as well as formal shoes of various brands especially their favourite ones. With increasing love for shoes among men, there are many brands in the market that provide well- equipped, beautifully made shoes. So, instead of opting for different ones, try to select a brand and then choose the best pair.

Set a Budget Constraint:

Sometimes saving money and getting the best is the best deal any person can think off. Undoubtedly, spending on shoes is what a man loves to do. But, to buy more items, why not set a budget and make a clearer choice? Before, going out in the market, always set up your mind on a budget and then plan accordingly because a well planned shopping is worthwhile than all the unplanned items you bought.

Well, when you are done with shopping always come back with a smile and satisfied face. Don’t forget to flaunt your Looks and love for shoes and collection among your friends and family. Start collecting as many pairs as you like, walk and talk in style and show off your casual shoes with loads of selfies and give a push to your personality.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Vaadi Herbals Rich Velvety Moisturising Lotion With Pink Rose Extract Review

Hello Friends :)

How are you all feeling after these festive days? I know....2-3 kgs heavier na :P
It will go...I hope....sooner :)


Winters are knocking our doors. ACs off, dry days ahead. Leave alone dry skins, oily skins are also demanding more of moisturizer now. I have started using this body lotion from Vaadi which is pinky pinky with a light rose fragrance.
Lets see if you can also get this super inexpensive body lotion for winters or have to skip it!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

5 Ways to celebrate your wedding in Modern Times

Arranging or managing wedding preparations in today’s time is an overwhelming undertaking.While, it’s great fun to incorporate traditional customs in a wedding ceremony, the expenses in modern times limits us to do so. Geeta Prakash and Rahul Prakash, a newlywed couple from Gurgaon, recalls the logistical nightmare associated with weddings. It’s similar to drafting a full-proof marketing strategy that includes drawing a budget, negotiating with vendors, preparing an inventory of incurred expenses, etc. Preparing the guest list and creating a plan for card distribution, printing the invitation, arranging the venue are some must do things that come without saying.

Modern Weddings