Trendy Eye Makeup Tutorial – Smokey

In part 1, we discussed Swarovski Eye Makeup
In part 2, let’s talk about our favourite SMOKEY EYES.
Smokey eye makeup is especially done for night parties or disco. It looks more attractive with western dresses, and not with Indian ones. 
Follow these steps to achieve the look.
Smokey Eye Makeup

  • Use stone, red, ash grey and burning orange like shades for eye shadow for Smokey eyes.
  • Use 2-3 colour eye shadows and blend them properly.
  • Highlight the brow bone with a neutral/ light shade that matches with your skin tone.
  • Now apply eye liner and smudge it to give a smokey or fire effect.
  • Apply dark kajal to the lower lashline now and move it outwards.

This completes your smokey eye makeup and you are ready to conquer the world !!

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