Trendy Eye Makeup Tutorial – Floral

To achieve a trendy look, floral eye makeup is a hit these days. Other than shadow, different designs can be made on the eyes for this look. Let’s discuss how to go for this.
Floral Eye Makeup
  • For floral eye makeup, choose some bright colours like orange, pink, green, blue, white.
  • According to some theme, apply eye shadow making sort of design like shaded flower, zebra print or any print based on the dress you are wearing.
  • Highlight your brow bone with some bright colour.
  • Use some bright colourful eye liner to line your eyes like green, blue or grey with this makeup look. You can also go for double coloured liner.
  • Apply kajal and then line your lower lashline with some bright pencil. It will make it look more attractive.

Your Floral Eye Makeup look is complete. Please share your results with this look.
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