Shoppers Stop Customer Service Experience – Exceptionally Good

And we all are loving it and stocking up all necessary and some unnecessary items for the year round. Clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery, all the items are on our list of must buys and we say we are not shopaholics ;). I have also contributed my share for our economy ;).
I have done lotsa shopping from Shoppers Stop recently, for my 1.3 year old son mostly. And my experience has been very good. That’s why I thought to share it with you all. We are always very prompt if the customer service people are not able to satisfy us but what if they are exceptionally good and helpful !! This is what I felt about Shoppers Stop customer service. The staff is very polite and knowledgeable about the products. 
They have lots of patience and seeing the kiddos playing all over and taking out soft toys from racks, they don’t say ‘NO’ or give strange reactions but instead, they smile and see the baby as a baby. And the first in Delhi (or maybe India), they have a big Baby Care Room where there is a big mirror, a sofa and a diaper changing table. Now, this, I didn’t even find in Select City Walk, Saket (I found it very strange that a reputed and big place like Select City Walk doesn’t have any provision for baby care!!), not even Ambience Mall has one. I can’t understand why these big malls spread on such vast areas and some cover almost 1km area, can’t have a small baby care room. Where to do the diapering and feeding!! Or new moms are not welcome into these malls for shopping?
Ok, so coming back to our previous discussion about Shoppers Stop shopping experience. The experience was fabulous. Every section has different trained staff with product knowledge. They have a separate customer service desk where you can go for exchanges or returns or alterations. I bought a 109F top which was billed to me for Rs. 1499 with 50% discount. That top was not having a tag, so the executive took a similar top (not the same) and copied the price to mine and billed it. I didn’t object as the tops were of same brand and quality. The next day, I visited Lifestyle and found the same top but with price tag of Rs. 1199 with 50% discount. Gawwdddd. I felt bad. Next day, I again went to Shoppers Stop and they assisted me with all they could. Both the places are nearby. They sent a staff person to Lifestyle to get the price of the top but that was a single piece in Lifestyle too and was sold out. What to do now!! After ½ hour of discussion, the executive took a Rs. 1199 price tag top from 109F and billed my top from that tag on my words!! I was surprised. Obviously, I was not wrong and was not duping them but this was a good step taken by them. I didn’t want to return the product as I loved that. They deducted the money and adjusted that in my next bill. I got benefited by Rs.300 🙂
There was not cumbersome process or involvement of senior persons or panic. It took some time but I was satisfied by the final outcome. Price is not always a deciding factor but at such places, customer satisfaction matters a lot. The online shopping experience at their website is also very good and we can get online purchased items exchanged at the stores without any hassles. No shipping. No chik chik. Do we want more?
A great shopping experience.

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