Shahnaz Husain Hair Touch-Up Black

Hi all.
We all suffer from grey hair at some point in life. It is good to age graciously but no one likes these signs of aging when come early 🙂. Shahnaz Husain product range has something for cover up of greys. A Hair Touch Up. It comes in black and brown colors. I went for a black one as mine are completely black hair.
This hair touch up comes in a twist up tube. It looks like a kajal but big one for that J. Same texture like a kajal. If you have some grey strands in the front, then you can easily cover them up with this touch-up. This is actually meant for touch ups only. Not for a long delay in colouring your hair. It can’t cover up large sections of grey hair or all grey roots. Just 3-4 strands here and there. But you need to be careful while applying it. If you have one short hair standing on your forehead in front side, you could make a black spot on your forehead while hiding that strand due to its kajal like make. So, be careful.
Now some images.
It is herbal and doesn’t damage the hair as per its claims. Overall, it is ok. Don’t have too much expectation from it. But it does its job.
It comes in a roll on type of stick. Hence, easy to use.
Ingredients –
Cost –
Rs. 240/- for 7.5 gms.
Pros –
  • It is herbal.
  • Travel  friendly. Easy to carry.
  • Doesn’t smudge or washes away.

Cons –
  • Not very easy to apply if to be done on a single strand of short hair on your forehead.
Overall, not an amazing product to meet all your expectations. But these are my views. Try it out yourself to see and give your views. I think, anything in the form of waterproof mascara will be a better solution to hide such grey strands.

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