Miracle Cami clip on Mock Camisoles Review

Many times, we face such embarrassing situations. We wear deep or not so deep neck tops and the situation becomes like awkward.
Hahaha. This is what the camisoles’ website also does for ads 😉

But it is a real situation too. Isn’t it? Hence, comes the rescuer – the Miracle Camisole.
It is also referred to as a Mock camisole as it is not a full camisole, but just a small piece which can actually cover up whatever is required ;). I first got to know about it from zivame.com and instantly ordered 2 packs. One pack contains a set of 3 – Black, Beige, White.

With these 3 colors, you can almost cover up your entire wardrobe or just invest into another set and surely you are done. Fine quality and material, hence lasts long.
Product Description –

This adjustable little accessory will transform the way you wear your wardrobe. It fits underneath low cut tops to give you a more modest coverage, without the bulk of wearing another layer underneath your clothes! Ideal for a hot Indian climate, it comes with a secure flat fastener (which will not sow underneath your clothes), is easy to adjust and apply, and can be used for everything from triangle –front tops to V-neck and scoop neck tops.
Cost –

Rs. 299 + shipping
My experience with Miracle Camisoles  and Zivame.com –

Zivame gives it in completely discreet packaging as claimed and I received it in good condition. I tried it when I received the package and it was comfortable and perfect. It covers up all the bulk. But after some days, when I wore it properly for full day, the fastener snapped. See in the picture. The part that needs to be inserted in the clip itself pulled out from the stitching and was lost somewhere.

I was not knowing about the loss, so could not even get that part so that I could have stitched it on my own at home. Same thing happened with my sister whom I gifted another set of camis (I ordered 2 J). The same part from her black cami also pulled out from the stitching but stitched it back.
But the most used one – black – my black cami is lying unused. Either I need to take out the fastener from white or beige one so that I can use black one or it is wasted L.

This happened only 5-6 days after I received my order. I was out of station then. When came back, I tried to complain at zivame but the customer care staff was very impolite and unhelpful. The girl was pressing on the fact that I should have done the complaint within 15 days timeframe. But, my fact was that that happens when I receive damaged product or wrong product. This wear and tear doesn’t
come into that time frame. It was used for the 1st time that day.

In today’s world of competition, such a website or such a pathetic customer care doesn’t work
 I was really not expecting such a response from them. It’s not about 15 days policy. But if I am
purchasing a product and not using it for next 20 days and then for the 1st day, when I use it, it should not snap or break.  And here, out of 6 cami pieces, 2’s fasteners broke. It means that the quality is compromised.

After 2-3 mails and me assuring them, that I won’t ever be returning to them, someone called me from their website and offered me Rs. 100 coupon. Actually, it’s not about Rs. 100 or Rs. 623 which I paid to them but it’s about the headache when nobody listens and takes proper action. In case of online purchases, it’s not like we walk into the store and show them what happened and get it replaced.
Pros of Miracle camis – 
  • Actually covers up the cleavage.
  • Cami height is adjustable. You can adjust it up or down easily.
  • You can wear any sort of neckline comfortably with this.
  • No need to wear a full camisole. They actually don’t cover up properly. This is just perfect.
  • Very light and fine fabric. Stays intact.
  • No additional bulk is added and hence, perfect for summers as claimed.
  • Very nice lace lining.
  • True to its words, one size fits all.
  • All 3 colours very good and useful. And cover up almost all your wardrobe.

Cons – 
  • The quality of fasteners is not very good. Out of 6, 2 have already come out from stitching.

Everything else is very good about it.

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