A Couple’s Guide to Share Beauty Products – Men’s Grooming Tips

So, today I am in a different mood. And today, I want to dedicate my article to those boys and men who have finally started taking good care of themselves, a good grooming regimen or may be after reading this article, they would shove their girlfriend’s / wife’s closet area to search for something for them 😉
Men grooming and beauty tips
Once upon a time, a woman’s beauty products were her own private domain. Since the dawn of the metrosexual era, however, times have changed.

My husband is the one who regularly does this for his small needs like shampoo / conditioner, body lotions and sunscreens and hair oils. I hide from him my expensive sunscreens 😉 Yeh, I am bad!!
But the fact is, I love his approach to take good care of himself in such an effortless small way. Till some time back, men in India never used any shampoos, let alone conditioners. The balding that happens on men is majorly due to these reasons. They used either soap or nothing and daily put oil into their hair, many drive 2 wheelers and put helmets without putting at least a handkerchief beneath it. Now what would happen to the hair!! They will surely go.
Times have changed a lot now. Men have become a lot more curious about their grooming and looks. As they have discovered the benefits of good grooming, beyond having a shave, regular use of a variety of products has become a part of their daily care routine. And despite all ads, they are not very particular about whether the product is marked for men or women till the product doesn’t smell too feminine.
I find it a very good step as sharing these small things keeps us more closer and I simply love when we use same shampoo and lotions (not sunscreen again ;))
There are advantages to sharing. When we go on holiday there are fewer things to pack. But considering that a man’s skin is thicker and more taut, so it definitely has different needs. So, for some areas sharing is not advisable and product should be used specially designed for men so that maximum benefit can be achieved.


  •         Begin using the moisturizer daily to maintain balanced skin tone. Both males and females have got facial lines, and so there’s no cause definitely not to address aging skin tone.
  •         Use good quality shampoo/ conditioner. I am still convincing my hubby to start using a conditioner. He says a straight ‘NO’.
  •          Make an effort to maintain your facial hair by simply clean shaving them. The best. But if you are opting for some other look, then please maintain it and don’t forget to trim it and be proper.
  •          While shaving, use a razor blade with a moisturizing strip so that inflammation can be avoided afterwards and surely apply a good after-shave so as to close open pores.
  •          Always cut unwanted hair from your nose and keep it clear.
  •          Use skin soaps or face wash so as not to torture your skin and it will give a healthy tone to your skin too.
  •          Use a good sunscreen for sure and wear sunglasses too.
  •          Anti wrinkle creams and night creams are beneficial for you too J if you don’t mind.
  •          8 hours of sleep is necessary for you too.
  •          Keep your lips moisturized. Use Vaseline or a good balm (ask you wifey J). To avoid black lips, quit smoking if you do.
  •          Keep your nails trimmed and clean. A must.
  •          Drink lots of water, eat balanced diet, exercise regularly and be happy.

A Final Tip – Share your wifey’s creams, lotions, sunscreens, face washes, shampoo, conditioner, hair oil freely and if you like, purchase your own set 😉 But surely use them.

Stay Blessed !!

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