Take care of your precious eyes – Tips for Eye Care

For all the gorgeous gals out there, here I am sharing some remedies which help everyone to take care of your Eyes and make your Eyes beautiful and healthy.
eye care for puffy eyes, dark circles
Puffy Eyes

  • Potatoes and Cucumbers are best friends of Eyes as everyone knows these two play an important role in keeping Eyes healthy and key ingredients to take good care of Eyes. Cucumbers contain ascorbic acid, which prevents water retention. These compounds help explain why cucumbers are used throughout the world to treat inflammation and dermatitis. Just take two round sliced potatoes or cucumbers and keep them on your Eyes for 10 to 15 mins or overnight then remove and wash your eyes with cold water. You can use this remedy daily as it will make you feel relaxed and soothe up your eyes, making them bright and fresh.
  • Place cotton pads dipped in chilled raw milk on the eye lids while relaxing for 10-15 minutes.
  • In a small bowl of chilled water add few drops of Vitamin E oil. Dip cotton pads for 5 minutes in this and place on the eyes while relaxing for 20 minutes everyday.
  • Green tea bag may also help prevent puffiness if applied to the eyes. Soak the tea bag in cold water for a few minutes and place over eyes for 15-20 minutes. The tannins in the tea should help reduce inflammation.
green tea for eyes
Treatment for Deep Sunken Eyes

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of honey with half teaspoon of almond oil. Apply the above mixture gently on the eyes at bedtime. Repeat this for a week.
  • Soak 7 Almonds overnight. Peel them and eat the almonds by chewing well followed by a glass of milk. Repeat this in the morning for 21 days should definitely help.
Dark Circles

  • Grate 3 pieces of cucumber and squeeze them through a muslin cloth and extract the juice. Dip cotton pads in this juice for 2 minutes and place on eyelids and darkened areas. Relax for 15 minutes for best results continue for 2 to 3 days.
  • Take 1 teaspoon of Tomato pulp, 1 pinch of Turmeric powder, half teaspoon of lime juice and 1 teaspoon of gram flour. Make a paste of the above ingredients and apply gently on the darkened areas and let it remain for half an hour. Remove gently with moist cotton pads after half an hour. Repeat this for a week.
  • Massage your eyes at least once a week using Almond, Vitamin E or Olive oil for 10-20 min, as it gives your eyes relaxation and helps to prevent dark circles.
For people who use computers

Spending prolonged hours in front of television or computers is part of people’s life today, there is usually no escape from it. And this may cause many eyes and vision related problems in future. So, here are some useful tips for same.
  • Splashing water on your face during breaks can keep you refreshed. This also helps in cooling your eyes.
  • Fix an anti glare screen on to your monitor or use anti glare glass while working on computers. Also position the monitor and lights in such a manner that glare from the screen is minimum.
  • Blink frequently. People tend to reduce blink rate while working on computer. This can lead to dry eyes. Try to blink  12 to 15 times every minutes.
eye care for puffy eyes, dark circles
  • Rub your palms against each other till they become warm. Cover your eyes with your warm palms for about a minute. Palming is another great way to relax and soothe your eyes.
  • Exercise your eyes at frequent intervals. Eye exercise is simple. All you need to do is just blink several times, then close your eyes and roll them in clockwise and anti clockwise direction. While doing this, inhale and exhale slowly and open yours eyes slowly after doing this.
  • A few minutes of walk during breaks will refresh your body and mind. It is also good for your eyes as walking increases blood supply to your eyes.

Save your eyes from UV rays

  • Since the damage to eyes from UV rays builds up over a lifetime, it’s important to shield children from harmful rays. Make sure your children wear hats and protective glasses when they are out in the sunlight for prolonged periods.
  • Be sure to wear sunglasses even if you’re in the shade. Even though shade lessens UV and HEV exposure significantly, you’re still exposing your eyes to UV rays reflected off of buildings and other structures.
  • Prolonged exposure to UV rays can harm your eye sight, protection in youth can help prevent loss of eyesight in later years. Exposure to UV rays has been linked to cataracts, macular degeneration, pingueculae and pterygia, harmful conditions for the eyes.
  • Get polarized lenses, NOT just darker lenses. The lenses that only make the world darker will just make your pupils dilate and don’t do a thing to stop the UV rays.
General tips:
  • Do not read in dim light. Reading in dim light can cause eye strain but will not damage your eyes. If your eyes feel tired, stop for a while and take a break.
  • Do not look at a bright light directly. Never focus your eyes on the sun directly, as it can damage your eyes.
  • Consuming tomatoes and carrots regularly makes your Eyes healthy and fit. 
  • Always use cold water to wash your eyes as it removes all the dust and dirt from your eyes and keeps them clean. Daily wash your eyes whenever you come from outside.

Hope this information will be useful for your eyes.
Stay blessed, Stay beautiful….
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