A Completely Different Experience – Weaning Process for My Baby

So, I am absent from this beautiful place for almost 3 days now and am absolutely missing it. But, I am stuck up in a more important task.
This happens with every mother when we reach a point where the time has come to end breastfeeding and weaning of the baby completely. The duration is different for every mother though. I have loved this time. This is like a purely personal time of the baby and mother where there is no one except both of us. It is so calming, so satisfying. It’s a great bond between mother and baby.
My son is now 2 years old and eats everything which we eat. So, now I am weaning him completely from breastfeed. Did anyone ask “That’s tough??”  Ohhhh…..the process is almost hellish. I have started from yesterday. Yesterday, he was crying and today I am crying. But I know its best for both of us at this time. 2 years feeding is a good amount of time to build the baby’s immunity and all that. Now it was needed to be done !!
I was postponing this for last 3-4 months as I knew it would be tough. Next month…next month…but how long. This is a long weekend, almost 5 days leaves straight and so I chose this time. He is a great boy and supporting me a lot instead of being cribby. I told him “mamma has pain” and he has accepted that. I love him for that. I was so afraid of nights mainly but he is supporting…..yes.
My son has never been fond of milk. So that’s not a substitute in the night. I just have to make him eat proper dinner in good quantity so that he is not hungry the whole night. I feel like crying…so much pain….his lovely understanding face….my emotional turmoil….all is getting too much to handle. But, I will not give up this time. We both are ready for this now.
My Emotional Turmoil –
Guilt consumes me sometimes like most of other mothers too. It feels like we have something and still, we are depriving our most beloved from that. But remember that its best to be done now. Don’t be weak this time. Do it with full strength and determination. Remember that this will pass too. I am telling this myself too as only 2nd day has passed with the process!!
But, I am not going for any medication and letting the time pass as naturally as possible. I will try some cold compresses tomorrow and hope that this time passes soon!!
And the good part – I would be able to go back to my normal routine completely. No tensions, no hassles. And I can not attempt diet too….yayyyyy……I am not so good at both dieting and exercising though….
God give me power to become 36-28-36 😉
No I don’t want to be 36-24-36…doesn’t suit me 🙂

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