Bridal Beauty Care – Face and Hair – Part 2

So, my beautiful brides-to-be and all my lovely beauties, in part 1 we discussed hands and feet. Today we will see how to take best care of face and hair.
Brides face should be perfect. Not only husband will be happy but family will also be impressed 😉
Start working on your face to increase glow by some natural ways instead of hiding the flaws, pimple marks and dark circles by makeup. Anyways, makeup should not and can not be a substitute of a bride’s natural glow. Know your skin type and start a skin treatment accordingly. Don’t use the same products that suit your sister or best friend or solely upon some good recommendation. Choose products wisely that suit your skin type. Exfoliate your skin oncea week. Take out time to scrub your face but don’t do it too vigorously. Choose right scrub and do it with light circular movements always.
Eye Balm
If you have dark circles under eyes, then mix almond oil, coconut oil and some drops of lemon juice. Keep it aside for some time and then apply this mixture around eyes with a cotton ball that has been dipped in milk. Wash it after some time. Two weeks girls and your dark circles will disappear. Isn’t that good and easy too !!

All of us girls are in such a happy mood while preparing for our wedding that in excitement, we start buying and trying out new products. It may cause some allergic reactions. Going for a facial and bleach 2 days before can also lead to dryness instead of that glow. Go wisely J


Make your hair healthy. Work on improving the texture of your hair. This will help in making various hairstyles in an easier way and the finish will be better too. Don’t use fully chemical based and fragranced shampoo and conditioners. Apply almond oil in the roots once a week and massage with light hands for 20 minutes. Then take steam for hair or go for hot towel therapy. This will make your hair shiny and will reduce split ends too. If you use henna for your hair then after washing that always massage your hair will good oil in good quantity and take steam. This will make your hair bouncy and will keep a check on the drying effect of henna. IF you don’t want to use henna hair pack, then use can use some other pack or can go for a good spa treatment. It’s like giving food to your hair.
Hair rinse is also a good hair tonic. After shampooing your hair, mix one small spoonful of honey in 1 litre of water and use this as a final rinse. IF your hair are oily, then use beer a rinse.
Special Hair Pack
Take two teaspoons shikakai powder, two eggs, two teaspoons amla powder and  two teaspoons methi powder. Mix all and apply in the roots of hair. Let it remin in hair for half an hour. Then wash with a herbal shampoo. Use this mix once a week. This will make your hair roots stronger.


To look good on honeymoon, girls do a mistake of going for a fresh cut or spa or rebonding 3-4 days before their marriage.
Most of the time, brides don’t go for trial hairstyle that is going to be done on them on their D-day. Go for that.
Go for a haircut 15 days in advance. Try out hairstyles 20 days in advance so that you can choose what best suits you.
Grow your hair long before marriage and go for a nice cut from a reputed place 2 months before your marriage and 15 days before, just go for a trim.

Hope you all get benefitted by these tips. 
Next, in this series, I will come up with Full Body Care and some dos and don’t for the bride-to-be. 
So stay tuned gals 🙂

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