Bridal Beauty Care – Hands and Feet – Part 1

A bride looks glowy and beautiful only when only when full care is given to her legs, hands, face and hair.  How and when to do these beauty treatments? Which mistakes to avoid? Let’s discuss
Sometime remaining in your marriage, say two months and you haven’t started any beauty treatment? You have to look most beautiful on your wedding day and for that you need to start early to nourish your skin and hair. Let’s see how –

In Indian tradition many customs are related to feet. Like after marriage during Grih Pravesh, the bride has to push a utensil full of cereals by her right feet, she has to put her feet inside a plate full of colors and enter the house.  During theses customs all eyes are on the beautiful feet of the bride.   Her mehendi, her anklet, and her clean and beautiful legs, all must look attractive.  Go for regular pedicures.  Massage your feet regularly with some good oil like til oil.  If you are working then dip your feet for at least ten minutes in special pedicure water once a week.
Pedicure water

½ tub lukewarm water, ¼ cup til oil, 2 tea spoons sandalwood oil, 2 tablespoon milk powder, 2 teaspoon barley  flour and 1 teaspoon camphor. Now take pumic stone and rub on your legs with light hand. Your legs will become smooth and soft.  Camphor increase blood circulation, tiredness reduces and feet will smell good.

Normally girls go for pedicures only one week before marriage and neglect their feet completely before that. You have to look after your feet from the start so that your legs will look soft and beautiful and the henna on your feet will look much more beautiful.

Ring ceremony, Hawan and leaving prints of fingers on the door of home, all these customs highlights yours hands.  So the hands also need to look beautiful.  Brides should take care of their hands, then all the jewelleries and the henna will look much more beautiful on their hands.  Start taking good care of your hands one month in advance.  Remove all the nailpolish from hands and feet , so that all the yellowish nails will become pink again. Go for regular manicures. Massage your hands with almond oil daily before sleeping. Use this pack two times a week –
Manicure Wax
1 tablespoon wax, 2 teaspoons til oil, 3 teaspoon sandal wood oil and 2 teaspoons olive oil. Mix all of these in a pan and melt.  Use a dry brush to coat this mixture on your hands. Remember that this mixture should not be too hot. When the wax dries up, either remove it or wash it.  If you like long nails and your nails are brittle then for two weeks, dip gelatin in water and put this on your nails for fifteen minutes daily.
Mostly brides do this mistake of neglecting hands and legs and just go for regular facials and waxing procedures only. Not done. Hair is something but beauty of hands and legs lies in their soft and smooth structure. Don’t think that applying creams and lotions 2 times a day will make your hands beautiful in a week. No magic here. Start 2 months in advance gals. Make a mixture of lemon, glycerin and rose water and use this 2 times daily. This will not only make your hands soft but will lighten the complexion also. You can use this tonic in any season and any time. All time magic!!
Next, we will be discussing shiny hair and the face value J

Till then, start following these and make these procedures a part of your daily care routine and see the magic J

Lotsa love,

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