Ponds Clear Pimples Facial Foam Review

First thing first. The packaging looks very fresh. This facial foam comes in a green and white tube. The tube looks so cool that it makes you buy it. Thank God, I found and laid my hands on 50gm tube and not 100 gm one!! Not that it’s bad or anything but it’s not as good so as to boast anything of other than the tube itself 😉

What the product claims to do –

Key Features
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Gets Rid of Pimples Causing Bacteria
  • Removes Dirt, Grime and Oil from Deep Pores
  • Brighter Skin
  • Bid your pimple worries adieu with the the Pond’s Clear Pimples Facial Foam Wash and gift yourself a clear and shine-free skin.

Gets Rid of Pimples causing bacteria

The facial foam face wash removes the bacteria causing pimples and prevents the recurrence of pimples.

Remove Dirt, Grime and Oil from Deep Pores
The foaming face wash deep cleanses your pores and removes the excess oil and dirt resulting to a clean and clear skin.

Brighter Skin
The herbal clay reduces the pimple marks and the neem extract present in the face wash prevents the occurrence of pimples thus giving you a brighter skin.

Highly Absorbent
Being highly absorbent, the foaming face wash removes all the impurities from your skin and gives a fresh feel.


Suitable products and ingredients for oily pimply skin –
I have decided that my reviews for those products that are meant for oily skin will revolve around the ingredients now. I have oily skin and so thousands and lakhs and many more others too . The products that suit me may not suit other oily skins well. The reason is that the ingredients are not good in them. We all know about comedogenic and non comedogenic products. For oily skin, we need non –comedogenic products which don’t cause any breakouts, acnes or pimples. We need water based products and not cream based.
Here, in this facial foam, some of the ingredients are comedogenic!!!! Means not good for oily or acne prone skin!!!!
And they claim to have made a pimple clearing facial foam J. Of course, the quantity is good and product is inexpensive and may be it will suit normal/combi skin types very well or it may suit some oilies too. But it should not claim to clear pimples with comedogenic ingredients.

Now coming over to some of its ingredients –

  • Glyceryl stearate – Comedogenic
  • Myristic acid – Comedogenic
  • Lauric acid – Comedogenic
  • Stearic acid – – Comedogenic

So, in my view, if some thing blocks pores then that can’t be good for oily, acne prone skin.

How it suited me –

It is an ok –ok product for me. Neither good nor bad. No effect on pimples, no clearing. In fact, if I use this extensively in summers and humid weather, then I easily breakout. Other weathers, it’s ok. No adverse reaction, no problems at all. Fine at the price it comes at. But the name is totally misleading!!
Weight – 50gms
Price – 69

Overall Rating –

I would not neither recommend nor repurchase it.

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