The Nature’s Co Spice Carnival Season 2 – Delhi Bloggers Meet

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The Nature's Co Spice Carnival Season 2

The Nature’s Co. organized a beautiful blogger’s meet at the Delhi outlet in Select City Walk, Saket on Sept 28th , 2013. The theme was ‘Spices’. And in what a superb way they are using the spices!!

Now, I am seeing the spices in a totally different way. Spices have always been so good for our food but at the meet, I came to know about their goodness for our body and our senses. A thumbs up event. And Rashmi Sarda, their Beauty Expert and Operational Head, explained all the things in such a polite and good manner  and such a beautiful lady she is, that it took all the experience a notch higher.
They had small games and a  very superb refreshment organized and they have a spa zone too, where one can experience their awesome spas and various massages.

The Nature's Co Spice Carnival Season 2

The Nature's Co Spice Carnival Season 2

Best Part – 

I went there with my sissy Ritcha. Such a fabulous girl she is that she participated in all the events there and let me experience their awesome spa. YES!!!! Right you are!!
A complimentary spa J
And she won  extra goodies too in an activity 🙂

The Nature's Co Spice Carnival Season 2
A great day. I loved it. The girl, who did the spa, Vidya, her hands have magic. Such a cute and polite girl. And she does her work with full enthusiasm, always smiling. Such a lovely experience. It made my day!!

The Nature's Co Spice Carnival Season 2

The Nature’s Co. i.e. TNC as we lovingly call our brand is a subsidiary of Amar Remedies Ltd.
Launched in the year 2009, The Nature’s Co. sells its high end, luxurious and premium range of Natural bath and body creations through its  eight exclusive brand outlets on a PAN India basis at Select CITYWALK, Saket, New Delhi; Palladium, High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel, Mumbai; Express Avenue Mall, Chennai; South City Mall, Kolkata; Phoenix Market City Mall, Pune; Infiniti II Mall Malad, Mumbai; Phoenix Market City Mall ,Whites Field Bengaluru; and R City Mall Phase II, Ghatkopar, Mumbai.
The five purest forms of nature – air, sun, forest, earth and water find renewed expression and come together to form The Nature’s Co. Driven by passion and entrepreneurial spirit; Amar Remedies Limited – pioneers in traditional Ayurvedic products launches The Nature’s Co. – a one stop shop for an array of natural and luxurious beauty and wellness products.
The design intent of The Nature Co. boutique was derived from the products itself. Laid out over a 400 sq feet area the space is designed keeping in mind the 5 elements that dominate the brand. White washed Grecian walls; warm lighting, rejuvenating aromas and soothing music exude the soft brilliance of nature. The soft details of the leafy ceiling, tastefully done up wooden flooring, stone work, textured walls and ambient lighting transports one into a surreal land. For those looking for an indulging spa and relaxing reflexology experience The Nature’s Co. offers complimentary treatments at the personal dedicated spa corner.
Says Natasha Shah, Founder The Nature’s Co., “Following on the same principles and passions that helped establish the parent company, The Nature’s Co. is inspired by how nature can positively affect human health and beauty, manifested in the form of an entire range of personal care products that are truly natural. Nature in its purest form truly does heal, truly does beautify and truly does enrich.
At the Nature’s Co, nature is a way of life. The brand philosophy stems from the time when nature did rule over our existence. Before man discovered advanced survival techniques, he lived off the 5 purest forms of nature – air, sun, water, earth and forest. These forms have inspired five distinct ranges of body and bath products: Atmospure, Starrize, Foressence, Earthborne and Aquaspark designed to soothe your mind, body and soul.
Aquaspark: Inspired from the water, the name brings together the rich aquatic ingredients that hydrate and replenish.
Atmospure: Inspired from the atmosphere, the oxygenating process of the products in this range feel like a breath of fresh air.
Earthborne: Minerals and mud carry nurturing qualities of the soil. Enriching and reviving, the products of this range are truly born from the earth itself. 
Starrize: Inspired from the sun, these products provide nourishment much like the sun. But at the same time, they protect, especially against harmful radiation and its effects. Relaxes your body and re-establishes inner balance at stressful times leaving your body with a beautiful golden glow.
Foressence: captures the very essence of the forest produce, the products carry strong and captivating fragrances and nourishment to replenish the body.
These 5 elements translate spa like treatments to compliment ones daily lifestyle. Each range embodies the goodness and appeal of the element that inspired it.
The exotic range is a combination of body lotions, body butters, shampoos and creams, lip balms, bath salts, moisturizers, face wash, wellness products and more.
At the Nature’s Co., a strict adherence to the ‘all natural’ way persists. The products use only the best natural ingredients, are PETA certified, against animal testing, are vegan and are totally environmental friendly.
Immerse yourself in the goodness of nature with these natural, luxurious skin, hair and body products. For a wholesome, holistic experience, visit the Nature’s Co. store and discover some of Mother Nature’s finest creations. 
·                     Start your hair care by applying sufficient quantities of Rosemary Sage Thyme Hair Oil so to cover the scalp completely. Keep overnight.

·                     Next morning apply Rosemary Hibiscus Hair Maskbefore bath for 30 minutes on your scalp and hair strands. Rinse off with warm water. Then rinse off your hair with a mild shampoo.

·                     While you have the hair pack on indulge in a body massage with our Sea Fennel Coconut Massage Oil for smooth, evenly textured skin and a healthy shine.

·                     Soak in the tub with our spicy-scented, pampering bath treat. Cinnamon bath salt. It will relieve pain, stiffness of muscles and joints and stimulates circulation.

·                     Now cleanse your body with our tingly and refreshing Spearmint Body wash. It purifies, replenishes and revives your skin followed by Peppermint Face Wash.

·                     Moisturize your face with our Vanilla Vitamin E Face Cream see it take years off your face.

·                     After a tiring day at work- cleanse the dirt and grime with our White Pepper Cleansing Lotion . It can also be used to remove both eye and face make-up.

·                     And if you have walked a lot in your high heels Sprinkle a generous amount of Peppermint Foot soak in a tub and Soak your Feet for 10 to 15 mints in it .

·                     Massage Walnut Mint Foot scrub on your heels and soles it micro-walnut granules will easily & effectively remove dry and dead skin. Use it when you feel like you need that little extra boost of energy after a long day. Your feet will thank you for it!

·                     Before you it the bed, a special night treatment for acne and blemishes could be followed. Apply a small amount of Garlic Anti Acne Cream directly onto acne our as required or Apply a small amount of Sandalwood anti blemish directly onto scars and blemishes as required. Leave it overnight for best results.

·                     Lit a aroma candle with essential oils of cinnamon or clove. It will de – stress you and make you sleep like a baby.

The Nature's Co Spice Carnival Season 2

So, that’s it gals. Hope you enjoyed reading the post. Nature’s Co has many good products to choose from. Visit them and give your senses a boost with the lovely natural products J

Lotsa Love,

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