The Nature’s Co Chocolate Mint Lip Balm Review

Lip Balms are a must for almost all of us. I have dry lips and I do need to apply a lip balm almost 3-4 times daily, else they chap easily and then, I need to go for an extensive treatment. I have many lip balms like Cramex, Nivea lip balm, Maybelline baby lips, Himalaya balm and may be 1-2 more. This is the latest addition into my kitty and quality wise, I am quite liking it.

This chocolaty lip balm performs fully what it claims. A perfect lipbalm I would say and that too in pure form. No added color or chemicals. For that extra night time moisturization, I don’t prefer my lip balms to have that artificial color. I like them plain so that without any fear, I can slather a large quantity on my lips.
The Nature’s Co Chocolate Mint Lip Balm Review

What the product claims to do –

Soft, luscious moisturized lips are what our Chocolate-mint Lip Balm provides. An all-natural formula, with moisturizing properties, It protects and softens lips. Apply directly to your lips as often as required
Moisturizing, Softening, Soothing and Cooling.

The Nature’s Co Chocolate Mint Lip Balm Review

Price –

Rs. 225 for 10ml
Ingredients –

Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Peppermint oil.
Texture and Ingredients –

It is quite thick and solid. You have to work to take it out from that cute jar. It is chocolaty in color.
Coming to its name, it has chocolate everywhere but I don’t see any visible minty part in it. No such fragrance and no tingling minty sensation. I has only chocolate feeling and that too like in toffees, Eclaires sort of J.

The Nature’s Co Chocolate Mint Lip Balm Review

Staying power and Packaging –

It stays a long time and makes lips softer and smoother and definitely protects them.
The glass bottle is too cute and among all lip balms, I find it’s packaging the most interesting and attractive. But then, every beauty is not perfect inside. It has its own limitations. The bottle is fragile and you need to take good care of it  or it’s gone. As for the balm part too, the jar is cute but how to take the balm out of that jar. You dip your fingers and it doesn’t come out easily because of it’s hard texture. So, do you have to use nails to scrape it out of that jar!!  Not done.
I am just rubbing my finger a lot in the jar to take out the desired amount or dip in my finger 2-3 times.

My Take on this –

All in all, I like this lip balm a lot and love using it. It is very light on lips and doesn’t al all feel heavy even after generous application. Smells good and stays long, protects, smoothes, softens and does all what a lip balm is expected to do. And comes in a cute glass jar that I adore. The only con is that it is a bit difficult to take out the product from jar and the jar is fragile.

The Nature’s Co Chocolate Mint Lip Balm Review

Pros –
  • It softens and soothes the lips.
  • Doesn’t feel heavy on lips.
  • Very hydrating and moisturizing.
  • Cute and classy packaging.
  • Nice fragrance if you are a toffee chocolate lover.
  • Stays long.
  • Good quantity provided at that cost.
  • Being a Nature’s Co product, it has all natural ingredients and is cruelty free.

Cons –
  • Taking the product out from jar is not an easy task.
  • Unhygienic to use from that jar.
  • Very thick.
  • Jar is fragile, hence not travel friendly.

 Overall Rating –

3.5/5 (would easily have been 4.5 but that jar issue became a constraint)

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