15 Magical Beauty Tips

Do you want to have a super glowy face and want to see the full effect of make up on your face!!
Then follow these beauty tips and see the difference yourself.
  • Pouty Lips – to get that perfect pout and that plumped lips effect, apply dot of shimmery high gloss in the center of upper and lower lip.
  • Rosy Cheeks – Apply blusher on blusher point always. To know blusher point, put two fingers on both sides of your nose, the area that comes now is your blusher point. Now apply blusher of your choice.
  • Primer – Apply primer before foundation as it gives smooth texture to face and make up lasts much longer.
  • Hair Serum – Use hair serum for silky and shiny hair.

  • Perfect Cat Eye – To create a perfect cat eye use a thin pointed brush and draw as you like or you can get some felt tip eyeliner, like those in form of pen and achieve that cat eye.
  • Enhance Cheekbones – To enhance the cheekbones, do the contouring under the cheekbones with a bronzer and then highlight your natural cheekbones.

  • Add Volume to Hair – To add bounce and more volume to the hair, use a volumnizing hair spray while blow drying your hair.
  • Save Your Nail Paint – Thus your expensive nail polish dries up fast and become useles ? To make your expensive nail polish last longer, keep it in your refrigerator. This prevents your nail polish from drying up fast and keeps the texture and consistency intact.
  • Mascara – Check your mascara’s expiry date before using else it will do more harm than good. Old mascara can damage your lashes and the make up will also look unnatural.
  • For Pimple and Acne – Use tea tree oil for pimple and acne to reduce the scars. Use cleansers and lotions specially meant for your skin type and don’t experiment too much.
  • Use Salicylic Acid based cleanser for clear and fresh looking skin.
  • Exfoliation – Do regular skin exfoliation in summers and even in winters but don’t over do it. 2-3 times is enough in a week else it will make the skin rough.
  • Remove Makeup before Sleeping – Use a good makeup remover in night to remove makeup and follow that with a gentle face wash.

  • Use sulphate free shampoos always as sulphates are bad for the cuticles of your hair.
So, gals, do try these tips and I am sure you will get benefited!!
Lotsa Love,

Charu J

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  1. Great tips I just learn something new about tea oil for acne I did not know that thanks. Have a great weekend.

  2. Amazing tips hun. I have bookmarked this post.

  3. Beautiful tips dear!! 🙂

  4. Great tips! Thanks for the review!

  5. Fabulous tips! Someday, I'm going to get brave enough to don the cat eye! 🙂 T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  6. Thanks for the tips!
    I've been staying away from Shampoo's and conditioners with sulphates and my hair is looking and feeling better than ever!
    I'm a sucker for keeping my mascara's for too long!


  7. Salicylic acid is great for keeping skin acne free!!! Great post. Good advice!

    Defining Me

  8. Beautiful lipstick! and great tips, very helpful!


  9. lovely tips and you look so cute in the pic :*

  10. Fabulous pictures dear … awesome beauty tips ! thanks for sharing..
    Kisses :*

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  13. Great tips, hun thx for sharing. I wish you a happy weekend darling.

  14. I know I always try to use primer but I seem to always forget. And I especially try to remember when I have a photo shoot to do like yesterday, but forgot! Great tips.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  15. nice lips – love 'em


  16. Liebe Charu, danke für Deine guten Tipps! Ich achte auch immer darauf, dass die Mascara noch haltbar ist, seitdem ich einmal einen Entzündung von einer zu alten Mascara bekommen habe. Da wäre es gut gewesen, wenn ich Deinen Post schon gelesen hätte 🙂 Und wie Du finde ich es auch ganz wichtig, dass man sich am Abend immer abschminkt.

    Hoffentlich hattest Du bisher ein schönes Wochenende!

    Alles Liebe von Rena aus Bayern in Deutschland


  17. LOVE the red colour <3
    Have you heard about L'Oreal's Mega Volume Miss Manga mascara?
    Check it out at lovefromsimmie.com – its lovely 🙂

    Stay pretty! xxx

  18. Hi sweet Charu, So amazing lips!!!
    Nice and useful tips.
    Have a sweet weekend sweetie.
    The Indian Savage diary

  19. Wonderful tips! Excellent point on checking the expiry date of mascara before purchasing…thanks for sharing


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  22. amazing tips. I loved going through them!

  23. really good tips ! 🙂 #bsp

  24. <3 your killer lips!!!!
    Tnx for sharing all these tips!!!!!!
    Happy sunday darling!!!

  25. so cool!
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  26. whats that lipstick your wearing?? Im in love with that color

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  27. Great tips. Very informative.

  28. Very nice tips Charu! 🙂

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  30. Thanks a lot for your tips!

    Have a great Sunday

  31. Wow awesome tips charu dear <3

  32. Great tips!! Have a great weekend! =D



  33. Great tips, rosy cheeks definitely help in having great glowy skin 🙂


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  36. These are really helpful, especially the one about the blusher point. I had no idea.

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  37. great tips…love ritcha's pics and ur lovely pout!

  38. I enjoyed this post with plenty of beauty tricks! You just reminded me that I need to exfoliate my face a little more often.

  39. These are great! I'm glad I read it because I was just thinking about how to keep my nail polish from drying out so fast 🙂


  40. Great tips … really helps..will keep it in mind

  41. Loved the tips…Really useful Charu 🙂 <3

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  43. useful tips! thanks for sharing Charu! keep in touch!

  44. Love these fantastic and useful tips! I am always grateful for your kind comments…Have a great week ahead!

  45. Great tips! Primer is such an amazing product!!

  46. Great tips, i'll definitely follow them all!
    Tanx for share! 😀

  47. Liebe Charu, vielen Dank für Deinen süßen Kommentar. Ich wünsche Dir eine glückliche Woche voller Liebe <3

    xoxo from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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  50. ohh myyy.. your pouts are awesome 🙂

  51. awww….glad that it helped darling 🙂

  52. aww…thanks love 🙂

  53. ohh yeahhhh….that looks cool 😉

  54. Even I try to stay away from sulphates as it dries up my curls 🙂 thanks doll 🙂

  55. yes Ayesha…its only 4 days since I started using Salicylic acid based cleanser and I can feel the difference 🙂

  56. sure dear….following you now 🙂

  57. Nice post n very useful tips dear!!

  58. Thanks for the great tips! Really helpful!

  59. i think the most important is removing the make up

  60. Thanks a lot Hadrien 🙂

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