Celebrating Lohri & Makar Sankranti – Festive Green Yellow Eye Makeup Look

Wish you all a very Happy Lohri!!
And a very Happy Makar Sankranti (yeah …in advance :))
For those, who are not aware about these festivals, let me brief them about both.
Lohri is a popular festival of Punjabis people, particularly of Sikh and Hindu faith. This festive day signifies the beginning of longer days and is traditionally associated with the harvest of rabi crops. 
Happy Lohri

Makar Sankranti is a very auspicious occasion for Hindus all over India and outside and it is basically a harvest festival. This day is said to mark the arrival of spring season and is celebrated on 14th January. 
Makar Sankranti
Basically, both the festivals have same concept and spirit but they are named differently and celebrated differently with different customs in different parts of world.
But, being in Delhi, I never feel the difference in anything and here, we all celebrate all the festivals with same enthusiasm. Today, we will celebrate Lohri with our near and dear ones and tomorrow, the celebration will be for Makar Sankranti. One thing will be common in both – the delicacies, the tasty food, the Revri, gazzaks, peanuts, laddoos 🙂
Now, I plan to start my celebrations with you all my beautiful friends, with some virtual sweets and an eotd with all harvest colours incorporated into it – Green, Yellow, Golden…..
I hope you will like the look!!
With only base green colour on
Celebrating Lohri & Makar Sankranti - Festive Green Yellow Eye Makeup Look

Celebrating Lohri & Makar Sankranti - Festive Green Yellow Eye Makeup Look

Some goldenish – yellow on upper crease and inner corners
Celebrating Lohri & Makar Sankranti - Festive Green Yellow Eye Makeup Look

Eyes lined with black and blue liners
Celebrating Lohri & Makar Sankranti - Festive Green Yellow Eye Makeup Look

Celebrating Lohri & Makar Sankranti - Festive Green Yellow Eye Makeup Look

Celebrating Lohri & Makar Sankranti - Festive Green Yellow Eye Makeup Look

Celebrating Lohri & Makar Sankranti - Festive Green Yellow Eye Makeup Look

Celebrating Lohri & Makar Sankranti - Festive Green Yellow Eye Makeup Look

Celebrating Lohri & Makar Sankranti - Festive Green Yellow Eye Makeup Look

Celebrating Lohri & Makar Sankranti - Festive Green Yellow Eye Makeup Look
Products used for creating this look –
120 Pro Pallette
Avon Glimmerstick in blue
Lakme Insta Liner  – here
Aryan Lenses in Green  – here
MAC concealer  – here
Lakme Eyeconic Mascara  – here
Hope that you liked the look. Please share your love and comments 🙂
Lotsa love,
Charu 🙂

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  1. Wooaah ! Super Awesome <3
    You play with colors sooo Beautifully :* – Its another Gorgeous eye make-up 🙂 Love !
    Happy Lohri & Makar Sankranti to you Dear 🙂

  2. OMG awesome EOTD <3
    So fresh and beautiful…
    Happy Lohri <3 Charu

  3. nice post 🙂 wish you the same

  4. Charu, the eye make up looks so great !!

  5. beautiful makeup!!! thanks for your comment,
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  6. That was a great idea to compile colors of the festival.. lovely look.. great job Charu 🙂

  7. OOps forgot to say Happy Lohri to u 🙂

  8. That its a pretty cool eye makeup it looks beautiful well done doll.

  9. Wow, amazing colours! Your eyes look soooo beautiful :)) Well done, dear


  10. Nice EOTD! I loved blue in it 🙂

  11. Gorgeous make up doll, I like green too!

    Viky — MySecretFashionPoison

  12. Beautiful colors you used.

  13. Ahhh it looks beautiful <3

  14. Neat and beautiful charu 🙂 Happy pongal <3

  15. It seems difficult to do !!but it is amazin'!
    kiss Giuly


  16. as always…gorgeous eotd! u also have watery eyes like me….

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    Great make-up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Thats beautiful! love your eyes!

  19. Same to you hun 🙂 n really gorgeous EOTD…love the play of colours so much <3

  20. i love your eyeshadow color so much! cool mix 😀


  21. Nice. I love the eyes. Happy holiday.

  22. Oh my gosh! What amazing make up sweetie! I love the green shade.
    The Indian Savage Diary

  23. This sounds like a great celebration to me, I am so ready for longer days!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

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  26. Its sooo colorful and pretty!!! happy Lohri and Makar sankrati dear!! 🙂

  27. I do not think these bright colors would look good on me, but you look fabulous! great look yet again!!

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  29. wonderful makeup! Nice outfit!
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  30. WOW, so cool!

    xx, rebecca

  31. stunning EOTD and great choice of colors 🙂

  32. Beautiful colors! I don't think I'll ever be as daring as you with makeup but it looks gorgeous on you 🙂
    – Sierra Calah ♡ Berry Stylish  

  33. Great makeup!!!
    Have a good week!!! and my g+ for your post!!!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  34. Love the make up! so cute. thanks for the visit!

  35. Bold and stunning…I love it!!

    Keisha xo xo

  36. Happy Makar Skranti Charu! The look is veryyy colorful and pretty. You have beautiful eyes love!

  37. Hello dear 🙂 great make up!!! I will follow u gfc, g+ and boglovin;) and now I follow you on facebook too with pleasure!


    Kiss Tea

  38. So pretty eyes..Happy Makar Snkantri

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  42. The green looks beautiful on u ! happy Sakranti 🙂
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  52. What amazing make up, dear!!!
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  63. Happy lohri! It was so cold yesterday! The born fire didn't help in my case! Still enjoyed the festival! 🙂


  64. Wow, what incredible use of color! 🙂

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  65. Oh my!!! This looks so gorgeous!!!!

  66. Amazing!! I love these beautiful colors!! Gorgeous eyes! 😉

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  67. Liebe Charu, vielen Dank, dass Du die Feste so gut erklärt hast. Hoffentlich waren die beiden Tage so schön wie Dein Make-Up, denn das ist einfach wundervoll und ich bewundere Dich dafür, wie gut Du Dich schminken kannst. Die Farben leuchten und betonen Deine schönen Augen auf das Beste <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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