Innisfree No – Sebum Mineral Powder Review

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It is only Wednesday and I am feeling like it should have been a Friday, feeling so tired with multiple aches but nothing possible so let it be. We will try to make our Wednesday a great one. For the start, I am writing this post that makes me happy J

Today’s product is for all out there who have oily skin and suffer from over functioning oil glands – talking about sebum here!!  I got this product from Innisfree when I visited the place for their RejuvenatingHands Care Session. They have got an awesome range of sebum controlling products, lots of makeup, primers, foundation, bb creams, cc creams, compacts etc etc…
You go there and you will never return empty but always with a major haul. The best thing about Innisfree is that their range is not so expensive and easily affordable. Gal, I love that!!

I did a mini haul from Innisfree and this product, I am going to review today is one of those – Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder.

Innisfree No - Sebum Mineral Powder Review

Innisfree No - Sebum Mineral Powder Review
Packaging –

This mineral powder comes in a small round plastic container which is minty fresh in colour. After opening the cap, you see small holes in the inside lid that are well covered with a plastic sticker which makes it sterile. A very soft powder puff is provided with it that is well placed inside the container.
Texture and Color –

It is a loose powder, white in colour and when applied on its own, doesn’t do much. But use it with some moisturizer or primer or bb cream or foundation beneath and yes, it works!! It controls sebum. If you apply it on bare face, it looks like a talc and feels strange but with some base, it takes off all that shine and oil from the face and makes the skin matt. Obviously, it doesn’t provide any coverage and can’t be a substitute of compact.

Innisfree No - Sebum Mineral Powder Review

Fragrance –

The fragrance is very light and not at all over –powering. It is somewhat minty.
Lasting Power –

It absorbs excess oil from the face instantly and keeps the skin matt for almost 3 hours.
Price –

Rs. 500 for 5g.

Innisfree No - Sebum Mineral Powder Review

My Experience with Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder –

Now, I feel that it works upto the mark and justifies its cost. What I love about Innisfree is that they have a great range of natural and organic products and being a Korean company, are famous for their skin care products. Innisfree  This powder works like blotting papers and takes off that excess oil from your face whenever you feel like. The puff provided efficiently performs the task but if you want you can use some other brush too. Since the powder is white in colour, supposed to be translucent, to suit all complexions, remember to apply and spread it properly on the face to avoid looking like a ghost!!
I am using this powder after my whole makeup routine and dab it lightly over my face especially around nose and on it and forehead. I feel that it controls the oil and shine well, not 100% (no product achieves 100% claim) but yes, it does control.
The quantity provided is very little but again, it is meant for touch ups only in selective areas so it will last me real long. It doesn’t do anything with your pores or texture, just does the basic function of controlling oil and that too for not so long, say around 3-4 hours max. After that you need to do touch ups.  I don’t do touch ups but then, I still have to use this in extreme Delhi summers when temperature soars to 46 degrees and my face becomes a sweaty shiny oil producing country!!

Innisfree No - Sebum Mineral Powder Review

What Innisfree says about the No Sebum Mineral Powder  (collected from Amazon) –

Since the container has everything written in Korean, I don’t even have a hint of what is written on that 😉 So I used some websites to gather information about this mineral powder, as per Innisfree. And here it is :
  • Innisfree No sebum mineral powder
  • Formulated with sebum control powder, Jeju natural mineral and mint extracts.
  • Keeps balance between oil and moisture to create healthy skin.
  • 6 Free: No parabens, artificial pigment, animal ingredients, mineral oil, artificial fragrances, talc.
  • 5g


At the last stage of makeup or after suncream, apply it to your face focusing on the oily parts. Applying it lightly right before eye liner or eye shadow will help you maintain eye makeup for a long time.

Multiple Uses of No Sebum Mineral Powder –

As a Finish Powder –
Use after your routine bb
 cream/ foundation/ 
sunscreen, apply on main
 problem/ sebum areas


As Makeup Fixer –
Mix it with your loose
 powder for that final
 touch. Makeup will last


As Blotting Paper –
Works as a blotting paper
 to take away that oil and 
 doesn’t cause makeup to 



Pros –
  • Very fine and soft powder.
  • Gives a  perfect mattifying finish.
  • Absorbs oil/ sebum effectively.
  • A boon for oily skin.
  • Travel friendly packaging. Small container, easy to carry around.
  • Puff provided is very soft and velvety and works fine as applicator.
  • White translucent powder that suits all complexions.
  • Skin feels soft and nice after using this.
  • Paraben free.
  • Talc Free.
  • Artificial pigment free.
  • Animal Natural material free.
  • Mineral oil free.
  • Scent free.

Cons –
  • Loose powders are somewhat hard to control.
  • No coverage.
  • No brightening effect.
  • Little quantity provided.
  • The effect doesn’t last too long, only 3-4 hrs max.

Overall Rating and Verdict –

If you face the problem of excess oil and sebum, then you can surely try this product, as this is compact and can easily be carried in purse. This powder can easily be used as a substitute for blotting sheets. If you are in search of a travel friendly powder for makeup touch-ups to prevent your makeup from looking greasy, this is the product for you. It comes at an affordable price and can easily be included in your handbag. I will repurchase it till I find something better and reasonable J

It may not stay long but it is effective!!

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  77. Detailed review Charu..I just need a product like this for my super duper oily skin..

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