A Simple Bow Hairstyle for Medium/Long Hair

A very good day to all my lovely friends!!
Today, I am going for a hairstyle, step by step, and the final outcome. This bow hairstyle is meant for girls with medium to long and straight hair type. Hairstyles make or break your look.
Imagine a girl in good clothes, footwear, accessories and all other stuff and unkempt, undone, not well looked after hair. Now, imagine another girl with average clothes and looks but fine textured hair and superbly done hairstyle. Which one would you like more!! Most of us tend to neglect our hair and give importance to face, makeup and clothes. Not done at all !! Hair and hairstyles are the best opportunity we get to enhance our beauty and personality.
I have previously done some Hairstyle Tutorials. This time, it is a very very simple to do hairstyle which I bet anyone can do, obviously, if it attracts you, in 5 mins flat. Nothing much you need to create this hairstyle.
– Firstly, your hair should be straight for this hairstyle.
– Only girls with medium or long hair would be able to pull this hairstyle off.
You need nothing but 4-5 bobby pins and any bead or flower or accessory of your choice to place that on the bow created. Not necessary, but depends on personal choice and the occasion too. I haven’t used any accessory here as I want to keep the look minimal so that you can get the feel of it J

A Simple Bow Hairstyle for Medium/Long Hair
Take equal sections from both sides

A Simple Bow Hairstyle for Medium/Long Hair
Tie them up in a tight ponytail with the help of a rubber band.
A Simple Bow Hairstyle for Medium/Long Hair

A Simple Bow Hairstyle for Medium/Long Hair

Pull the section upward from the last wrap of the rubber band and pull 2 equal sections from it on different sides as shown.
A Simple Bow Hairstyle for Medium/Long Hair

Make them look like bows and secure both the sections with bobby pins 
A Simple Bow Hairstyle for Medium/Long Hair

Now you can add some flower or accessory in the middle so that the bow looks more prominent and perfect
A Simple Bow Hairstyle for Medium/Long Hair

I have not used any other accessory but instead used a section of my own hair and rolled that in the middle and secured with a bobby pin, as shown.
A Simple Bow Hairstyle for Medium/Long Hair

Create 2 small parts from one side of bow and secure both with bobby pins, so that it gives and impression of butterfly!!
A Simple Bow Hairstyle for Medium/Long Hair

Simple Bow Hairstyle
A Simple Bow Hairstyle for Medium/Long Hair
Butterfly Bow Hairstyle
A Simple Bow Hairstyle for Medium/Long Hair

So, you see, my glossies, how easy this hairstyle is. Just a twist here and there and it is ready. Actually, hairstyles are not so tough if you have hands and creativity for them plus some tools that are mandatory. But some simple hairstyles like this one can be done without any expertise too!!
Give it a try and share with me your views.

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Love you always!!
Charu J

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  1. That's a super cute hairdo Charu!
    Thanks for sharing will definitely try it out.


    Samar Khan
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  2. Very cute hairstyle. My hair is too short/ thin for it πŸ™

    Cha Cha

  3. OMG! This is so cute and simple at the same time! I loved it babes! sharing it right away!

  4. It look awesome amazing tutorial doll. Enjoy your weekend.

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    I love this hair tutorial! very easy and chic! i wish my hair was longer.

    Have a fab day

    Keisha xo

  7. Such a cute hair style….loved it dear…great job done…:-)

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  10. super cool tutorial
    very cool bowtie

    Syriously in Fashion

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  12. Pretty and easy and you have got very beautiful hair πŸ™‚

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  31. Omg waauuuwww great hair tutorial!! I'm going to try this tomorrow! (or let my sister do it because I probably will suck at it haha). Just one remark how are you using rubber bands? those always really hurt when I take them out so I ust bands of tissue πŸ™‚ xxx

  32. amazing hairstyle!!! I'm following you on bloglovin, instagram and on the blog!! :-),xo.


  33. Charu… you look so adorable… my hair is long enough but I am not sure I could make it look as sweet as you did πŸ™‚

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  36. This hairstyle is gorgeous! I love that you really don't need much to pull it off too!! I absolutely adore it!!!

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  45. awww such an awesome tute!! you have gorgeous hair. loved the hairstyle sweetie <3

  46. First of all, I love that hairstyle, it's so easy and cute. I always try it, but to be honest, my hair is not so silky and smooth, and i have short layers that make it a little complecated.

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  51. I can never make hair bows stay up, flat hair is soo boring

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