Knock Knock – Saint Valentine on your Door – Happy Valentine’s Day

Wish you all a Very Very Happy Valentine’s Day!!
It’s 14th February today – the day of Love, Flowers, Gifts, Romance. It’s a working day for most of us but despite that, we are gonna celebrate it. Right!!
Today, I am going to share with you a special story of my best friend, Deepa who is married to Raj, a great man himself and their two cute little kids. Valentine’s Day seems to be a perfect day for me to share their story with you all, as they are married for almost 8 years now and are as happy and in love as they were 8 years back, when they first met each other.
Deepa and Raj’s is an arranged match, but can be said to be Love at First Sight too. They saw, they fell for each other, got married and a tale of forever love started. Their love is shared today by their two kiddos- a cute boy and a Barbie girl, a doll J.
I talked to her and told her about my plan of putting her story for Valentine’s Day and such a beautiful soul she is that she readily agreed and shared with me some great piccyss also. Here these are –

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine's Day
Doesn’t she look like a doll!! So cute….so pretty 🙂
Deepa has a great will power. She is one of those who, once sets mind on something, then nothing could stop her. After having two cuties, she set her mind on fitness and you can see clearly in the pics that she looks like a teenager. Not an ounce of extra fat she has!! Girl, I envy you!!.
After having kids and settling them in schools, she started a boutique and today, She is a proud owner of a great boutique in States. You can check collection at her facebook page and if someone is from States and wants to see the collection or do some purchasing of beautiful traditional Indian stuff, be it jewellery, suits, sarees or lehengas etc., then you can surely let me know and I would help out, tell you all.
Happy Valentine's Day
A latest from the fashion show that Deepa conducted for her boutique 
and became the showstopper herself  🙂
Deepa’s facebook page is here.
This was my way of celebrating my Valentine’s with my bestest Deepa. You are great, gal!! I really love you and admire you 🙂
This is all for today friends.
Love to you.
Be in love. Feel love. Spread love.
Lotsa love,
Charu J

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  1. You are a sweet great friend and your friend its beautiful and has a beautiful family as well yes she it fit and stylish in her native clothes and state fashion. That is what Valentines about love to everyone.

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