Want to reduce that excess fat or lose some pounds – Read On My Experience!!

Guest Post by Ritcha

Most of us reach a phase where we want to shed some extra kilos or pounds of fat. But, nobody founds that easy to do and reach the milestone.

Here I want to share with you all, my own experience.  I know you must be thinking that for reducing weight or fat, how can I share my experience ;). Yea, I understand that you can’t even think of me being fat, as you know me as you have seen me in OOTD’s!! But there was a time when I used to look like balloon 😀
Just see the pics and the difference yourself –
(Here the pic under “before” caption was after loosing many pounds..atleast you can have an idea from this how I would have been before 😛 )

lose weight

In fact, if you notice, in all the outfit postsyou can easily see a difference in every post!!

Hmmm 2 years ago, I was not like this. I did put on much weight and was finding it hard to control. But the thing which motivated me most was my closet…hehehe 😉 Yes, I was in no mood to change my wardrobe because I am so in love with my dresses, denims, suits etc.

I tried many things which I went across, may it be through net or articles in newspaper and special diet plans  by some dieticians but all in vein!! Nothing proved to be much helpful, when it came to reduce fat L. At that time I thought I had enough knowledge of all these things and seeing no effective or visible results I thought of trying something my own, though it was a mixture of everything.

Here I am going to share with all my lovely readers all my tips which I followed and these really worked for me. First of all, you need to have a strong motivation and will power, otherwise you can’t achieve any result and this applies to all fields of life.

Here I go:

# You do not need to starve yourself. Eat regular meals but little less than the quantity you eat normally. Like I used to eat 3 chapatis in the morning 😛 , but then I started eating 2 instead J. If you already eat less, then go for sprouts and cucumber or fruit in the breakfast but then take your lunch between 12-1p.m.

# Take three normal meals. Do not forget, you don’t need to cut your meal just the quantity.

Eat dryfruits as they are very healthy and full of energy but skip cashew. Yes, you read it right. Cashew is full of fat and 1 cashew = 2 breads. It is very good for children but for adults it is just pure form of fat.

# Whatever drink you take during the day, remember there should be no sugar in it. Totally skip sugar in your drinks and try to avoid sweets. I am fond of  boondi laddus, so I used to eat one everyday 😛 hehehe. But if you can control, you should control.

# Drink a cup of hot water after meal at night daily. Water should not be lukewarm but hot like a hot tea and drink it taking small sips like you drink tea. And continue it for 3 months and then take a break of atleast 1 month.

# I did eat paranthas and fried food once a week. But started taking hot waterafter every heavy meal and all the meals at night.

# Do not eat salads like cucumber, carrot, reddish at night or with meal. As these contain roughage and are hard to digest. So avoid eating these with meals or specially at night.

# Take digestive cookies or no sugar cookies/biscuits in the evening with lime water or no sugar tea.

# You can take curd during afternoon but avoid it at night.

# Whenever you need to go to some party, eat whatever you like but start with fruits, it will diminish your hunger to a great extent 😉 and remember to drink hot water when you come home.

# Avoid aerated drinks, packaged juice and alcohol. At least for the time being (For me there was no need to avoid Alcohol as I don’t take it :P)

# In fruits avoid pineapple and mango. As these are high in sugar.

# When you sleep after a meal or at night, lie on your left side for atleast 10 minutes as it helps digestion and will prevent the conversion of food to fat.

# Take skimmed milk.

# If you feel hungry in between your regular meals, take papaya. Papaya is the most preferred food when it comes to weight loss.

 These tips are of no use unless you don’t go for some exercise or yoga. You might be thinking like..oh no..yoga!! I can’t do it or I don’t have much time to do it. Same things were going on in my mind too. But again I say, strong will power should be there. So, I started some yoga and cardio in the morning.  You can do it anytime of the day but you should not have eaten anything at least for 4 hours before exercising or yoga.  All I want to say is that you need to be empty stomach, no matter when you do your exercise.

Because of my profession (I am a teacher), I need to leave early so I started waking up 20 min earlier than my usual time. I used to do exercise for 15 – 30 min, depending on the time I had. 

The Key And Motivation –
Keep Sunday a full break day from everything….no exercise!!

I will share with you all some few simple exercises and yoga in my next post. Till then start following these and include some basic exercises you know or just skipping and cycling.

Hope you all liked this article and it helped you some way or other.
I would love to know your suggestions, queries or comments for same J
Thanks a lot

With love

Ritcha J

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  1. Amazing story and recently I have been think of way to get healthy too!! This will definitely help!! Great post and I think I will follow you tips!! 🙂

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  10. These are some really great tips, I did this too to lose weight… I was careful to eat less then I did before and I exercised a great deal 🙂 That is the trick to losing weight… actually no trick, a lot of hard work but well worth the effort 🙂

  11. ice tips Charu! Read through all of them. I feel I am putting on weight these days, need to do something!

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  63. You did a great job. I used to struggle with my weight as a model, and it took me 2 years to reach a good balance without overeating or starving myself. It's not easy!


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  66. Great tips and you are inspiring. I tried to loss some weight, you know it is bikini season again, lol.


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  72. I've lost 7 kg in 3 months (october – december 2013) and all the tips you wrote are right! 🙂
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  73. I've lost 7 kg in 3 months (october – december 2013) and all the tips you wrote are right! 🙂
    Of course we can follow each other, I've just followed you via Bloglovin and GFC. I hope you'll follow me back!


  74. Great tips, and congrats for your great results! 😀

  75. Most of these tips are so true! I'm a qualified personal trainer and it is true!!! Don't starve yourself or tell yourself you CAN'T have that chocolate bar.. because banning yourself will inevitably end up with you hitting a plateau and you will binge eat because you are depressed.. be slow and steady, keep your goal in mind and treat yourself every so often because otherwise you'll end up resenting yourself and what you are doing! xxx


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