How to Prepone Periods!!

This time, its for you gals!!
All you need to know about preponing periods!! I know it’s a shy topic in our part of world but then, when we want to do this, we can’t go to doctor everytime or ask anyone.

There comes a time when every woman wants to prepone or postpone her periods. May it be because she has to go for some outing or she has a special occasion or function coming up or it is your own wedding. That time we really need someone to help out.  According to me, it is always better to use natural methods to delay your periods but  for a few days up till a few weeks. If you want to go beyond that, you should consult  a doctor for professional opinion, as excess delaying is not advisable too. Yes, don’t delay your periods more often, as delaying your periods frequently will hamper with the normal and natural functioning of your body.
In my teens, I faced many occasions when I really wanted to delay my periods but I didn’t know about any remedy for same. Most of the time when everybody else was going for a long trip, I was there standing alone and saying ‘Bye’. What could I do!! Honestly saying, I used to hate it. Then once, during my sister’s wedding I asked for doctor’s advice and took a tablet for delaying my menses. But let me tell you, it has its own side effects. So, this was what I never took again. Here I am sharing with you all some home remedies which will help you to prepone periods.
If you really want to prepone your periods then let me tell you that there are no specific treatments or remedies for bringing down or preponing your menstrual cycle. But, these might be helpful upto a great extent.

Home Remedies To Prepone Periods
  •         If you want to induce your period earlier than its due date, then you should eat raw papaya. Eat one small papaya for at least 7 days regularly, if you want your menses early. Papaya produces lot of heat in the body, and the presence of  carotene in Papaya helps to prepone menses.
  •          Carrots and pumpkin are other two fruits that can prove beneficial if you want to prepone your menses. The reason is that they contain enough carotene.
  •          Mix two teaspoons of jaggery in one glass of water and add 1 teaspoon of freshly prepared ginger juice to it, drink the prepared mixture early in the morning on empty stomach and repeat it for few days. This will help to prepone periods naturally.
  •          You might drink one glass of pomegranate juice and one glass of sugarcane juice at least three times in a day, for few days. As these are produces heat in the body, your periods may prepone few days prior your expected date.
  •          Mix jaggery powder with half teaspoon of turmeric powder and consume this mixture on a regular basis. You should start 15 days prior to the expected date of  periods. Since Jaggery and turmeric both produce heat in the body, your periods may get preponed.
  •          Eat one teaspoon of sesame seeds and one teaspoon of jaggery daily. Start at least 15 days prior to the expected date.
  •          Eating anything that is warm such as bishop’s weeds or fenugreek seeds or asafetida can help you get your periods early.
  •          Eating red meat and lot of non vegetarian dishes also helps to induce menstrual cycle earlier. Red meat contains high amount of estrogen, which increases heat in the body.
  •          In ancient days people used to apply hot pack of red mud over the lower abdomen. This also helps to prepone periods by producing heat in the body.
  •          Sitting in a hot bath tub for half hour regularly for few days. Drink lukewarm water during this period. This procedure will also help to produce heat in the body and prepone menstrual periods.
  •          Gelatin is a very effective method to naturally delay your period. Take a packet of gelatin mix and mix it well with warm water. Rapid ingestion of this mixture will help put off your period for around four hours. This is an excellent way to delay your period naturally, when faced with an emergency situation. ;).

Done for now!!

Try to resort to these natural remedies to prepone your periods if it is really necessary. I hope you get benefitted. Next time, I will share with you some tips and remedies for postponing periods.
Bye for now
Lotsa Love,
Charu J

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  1. I'm pretty happy that I no longer have to worry about this and not for nearly 3 years… some good ideas here Charu and I like that they are natural 🙂

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  12. Yes.. its a fact dear that when we eat heat inducing fruits/veggies periods get preponed..For those who do not get periods on time they should start eating these fruits at least 2 weeks before period start date.

  13. Yes.. its a fact dear that when we eat heat inducing fruits/veggies periods get preponed..For those who do not get periods on time they should start eating these fruits at least 2 weeks before period start date.

  14. Yes.. its a fact dear that when we eat heat inducing fruits/veggies periods get preponed..For those who do not get periods on time they should start eating these fruits at least 2 weeks before period start date.

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