Innisfree Folding Eyebrow Razor Review

Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool – Folding Eye Brow Razor
A Magic Tool – For the species, who is hairy like me  and not meant to be ๐Ÿ˜‰

Innisfree Folding Eyebrow Razor  Review

My major problem is that my brows grow up again in max 15 days flat and I hate those necessary repeated trips to parlours for getting my eye brows done. Even if I am not lazy of going to parlours again and again, but I can never be sure of the girls there in the parlour. They play tricks with the brows, sometimes angled, sometimes flat, sometimes short from the end โ€“ they create so many designs that can make you laugh. And one speciality they have is that never (ok…90%) both brows will look similar in shape and size. Arches will be at different points, one eyebrow flat- one rounded are so common!! And I simply hate that.
Then, I started plucking my brows more frequently to avoid those parlour blunders. But gal, that takes time and is painful too. One hair at a time on a bushy me. Too tiresome.
When I visited Innisfree Store at Khan Market for the Handcare Session, I saw these razors and when I asked the pretty lady there, she told me about this amazing product – Folding Eyebrow Razor. Sounds lovely na !!
Two knives come in a packaging at dirt cheap cost. Only 140Rs. for 2 knives. Loving it already โ€“ keep on reading.

Innisfree Folding Eyebrow Razor  Review

Innisfree Indiaโ€™s Business Development Manager, Jennifer, explained to me why these razors for brows were made. She told me that Koreans are not into threading and all those painful procedures. Instead, they prefer shaving the extra hair from eye brow area, which does the job perfectly without causing any pain. She also explained to me how to use the tool for effective result, without causing any cuts.
What the Company says about the product โ€“
I donโ€™t know!!
How would I know when everything on the packaging is written in Korean !! and I couldnโ€™t find anything on net too :P.
Cost โ€“

Rs. 140/- for a pack (contains 2 razors)
My Experience With Innisfree Razor โ€“

The razor is very easy to use and compact to carry around. Especially for your tours and trips, where you canโ€™t go for salon visits, if the stay is longer. I bought it almost 4 months back and since then, I am using it frequently. In fact, I have made only 3 visits to parlour since then, for getting my eyebrows done.
This razor takes care of the shaved eyebrows for almost a week, depending upon the growth. You just have to be a bit careful so as to avoid any cuts or injury.

Innisfree Folding Eyebrow Razor  Review

How to use it โ€“

If you have more growth or hair, then start using middle section of the razor to clean those hair. For shaving  the hair, near to brow, use the tip carefully doing one hair at a time. Just be careful. It is not difficult to use, but needs a bit of practice and concentration. One wrong razor move and you will start hating this and feel guilty always!!

Innisfree Folding Eyebrow Razor  Review

Caution : Donโ€™t talk or dream while using Innisfree Folding Eyebrow Razor or you may be left with no brow :P. Concentrate, practice and use carefully.
Pros โ€“
  • Convenient to use.
  • Foldable razor, so easy to carry and travel friendly.
  • Two knives provided in a packaging.
  • Lasts long. Itโ€™s already four months and its working superbly.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Saves your time and endless trips to parlours. I love that.
  • Easy to use but with a little bit of practice and concentration.

Cons โ€“
None. We all know that shavers, razors or epilators donโ€™t remove hair from inside but they work on the outer layer only. We canโ€™t expect these to keep us hair free for a long time like threading or waxing. But what it is supposed to do, it does perfectly!!

Overall Rating โ€“
I would surely recommend it to those girls who are hairy and have to make at least 1 visit to parlour weekly for getting eyebrows done and have to bear the parlour wali girlโ€™s lack of coordination of making both eyebrows look similar!! This way, you can take the control of the shape you want for your eyebrows and when you visit the parlour, you can ask her to only clean the area and not to experiment and demonstrate her skills ๐Ÿ˜‰

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