Beauty Benefits of Glycerin and Review of Eleesa Glycerine

Hello Beauties!!
There comes a time and point for all of us when we feel the need of proper moisturizing and hydration and all the products, creams and lotions seem to fail. What to do now!! Where to go!!
There comes this miracle – Glycerine.



I have been using glycerine on and off for 3 years and I am quite liking it for its wonderful properties and its quality as a multi-product which works in various ways and several combinations.

Lets know what Glycerine actually is –
Glycerine is a colourless, odourless and viscous liquid that is mostly used in pharmaceutical formulations but is commonly used in many beauty products too. Glycerine is soluble in water and sweet in taste and is non – toxic.

Glycerine is used in many beauty products like soaps, bath salts or creams. Glycerine works well for people with sensitive and irritated skin as it provides moisture and hydration to the skin and prevents skin dryness.

When and Why did I start using it?
Ohhh…I remember….2 years back, when my son was only 6 months. I have oily skin and my hubby has normal-dry skin but my son chose to have a super dry skin and nothing worked for him, no Johnson & Johnson lotion or cream. His skin remained dry and chapped as if nothing has been applied. I could not experiment with his skin with any other creams as he was too young for that. Then, my mom asked me to go for glycerine and rose water for him.
Now, you know moms … we, the breed, are super conscious and doubt everything, meant for our kiddos. But my mom is also a mom J. She didn’t ask me to use it on him, but she said to me ,”If you are getting richer and richer, then go to a doctor, give him a good amount and he will in turn prescribe you a good lotion of again a good amount. Then you will be happy that you did your part well. Or else, if you want, you can use glycerine-rose water mixture for him, full body and just notice the difference in his skin in 2 days flat”.
That came to me as an advise as well as a warning!! Like you agree to me or …….#$@@**$$$%. Hahaha. I agreed and got myself glycerine. I ordered it from local chemist shop and he sent me this Eleesa Glycerine.





How I use my Glycerine –

Let me tell you first, I don’t need to use it for myself as I have very oily skin and a tiny bit of moisturizer (any) works for me fine. I got this for my son. Did it fare well? Oh yes!!
My mom said two days and yes, it took no more than two days to make his skin soft and supple again. Those dry white patches on his tummy and chapping started subsiding and in a week or so, all were gone. His tummy was smooth and even again and so were his hands and legs. That winter, I used nothing else for him but this DIY lotion only. I took half of the glycerine from this bottle and mix it up with a small bottle of Dabur Gulabari (rose water) and stored it separately in a plastic container. And after bathing my son, I religiously applied the lotion all over his body. That did the trick. Same soft, smooth, chubby skin. I applied it on his face too.

From then, till today, I am repeating the process for him in extreme winters and touch wood, nothing suits him better.

Now some homemade recipes and Benefits of Glycerin –
  • Mix glycerine and rose water in equal quantities and store the mixture in a clean bottle. If you are making for, say 10 days, then I would recommend to store it in freezer. Also, the amount of glycerine can be reduced if your skin is on combination/oily side.
  • For oily skin, add lemon juice into the above lotion. It will tighten up your skin and works on pores too. Always shake it up before using as glycerine settles at the bottom.
  • You can always apply glycerine on your hands to keep their suppleness and smoothness and also feet to prevent them from chipping and cracking.
  • Take pure rose water and add a few drops of glycerine into it and store it in a spray bottle. Voila!! Your face mist is ready in no time and cost!! And your skin will love it.
  • You can always add it to your regular body lotion to get that extra moisture in winters.
  • You can add a few drops of glycerine to your bathing water.
  • I have personally seen it working on severe dry chapped lips. It smoothens lips too.
  • A tip for lazy bones like me ;). Glycerin can be applied directly onto the face or body. Just take some in your hand, add some water to it in your palm only, rub your hands together and apply it lightly wherever you want 🙂.
Some Precautions for using Glycerin –
  • Glycerin is meant to be used externally only, so no eyes, mouth etc. etc. etc.
  • Don’t use in large quantities.
  • Wash off glycerine thoroughly as being sticky, it will attract dirt, dust and pollution when you go outside.
Hope this article helps you and if you want to know anything mentioned here, you can always contact me through comments or email. I would be happy to help you J
Wwwwhhhhhhoooooo….. That’s it gals. I am tired now. I was writing for, say last 30 mins continuously and I am going for my tea now. Leaving my desk….bbye 🙂

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