Inveda 8 in 1 BB Cream Review and Swatches

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Today, I am going to share with you all a lovely product that works great and more than that, looks great J. Yes. Inveda, the brand, have not only come up with some real good products but they have made such a beautiful packaging that you just can’t resist the temptation of buying some.

Inveda BB cream

Inveda is a skin care product line launched by our very famous brand Vedic-Line.
Since, we all have loved Vedic Line, now is the time to try and test Inveda. Since, I am using it, I would say I am quite impressed with the products. Firstly, Inveda products are paraben free.

Inveda  8 in 1 BB Cream Review and Swatches

Who is Inveda –

Inveda is a new herbal beauty product line offers cleaners, exfoliators, rejuvenators, enhancers and protectors made with an infusion of natural ingredients with the beauty secrets of the Vedas.
The brand’s name is an amalgamation of the words infusion and Ayurveda.

Inveda  8 in 1 BB Cream Review and Swatches

Price of BB cream –

Rs. 140/- for 15ml.

Packaging –

Oh my Goodness!!

So enchanting, so pretty that you would love to own this. This BB cream comes in a tube and is perfect fit for your purse.

Inveda  8 in 1 BB Cream Review and Swatches

Consistency and texture –

Neither runny nor thick, perfect for a BB cream. It spreads easily and evenly on face and that too fast and doesn’t leave any white cast.

My Experience with Inveda BB Cream –

My personal fav these days. Inveda BB cream comes in 2 colors – Fair and Wheatish.  I got this for fair complexion as I was not sure about liking this and so, I got this for Ritcha ;). She uses only BB cream on daily basis for job. But, this BB cream works great for my complexion too and not that it doesn’t work for Ritcha. Perfect for her complexion too. Yeah….wonderful na. I don’t know how but it works for our different complexions.
Now coming to the quality, it is the best one I have used till date and I have used only Maybelline (which I didn’t like much) and Ponds BB cream. It’s better than both. It settles in a very light natural finish on skin and gives a nice sheer coverage (better than Maybelline and Ponds, both).  And it has almond as one of its main active ingredient which is always considered very good for skin.

Inveda  8 in 1 BB Cream Review and Swatches

Plus, a very amazing light fragrance which will be loved by all. It will not hide any major blemishes or scars but then, BB creams are for working on blemishes and scars on long term basis and not hiding them but it works on minor ones. It makes my skin appear bright and even toned, as per its claims. I use BB creams either on their own or as a base for my makeup and it works great as a base for makeup, ie.e, as a primer. If you don’t have any major flaws on your face, then you are gonna love this BB cream for the results it provides. I am currently in love with this BB cream. It is in a 15ml tube and so I would finish it soon ;).
It suits oily acne prone skin well and doesn’t cause any breakouts. But then, it extreme summers, it doesn’t stay for no longer than 2 hours on skin (now which bb cream would stay, name one!!). Not a problem at all. You can always reapply, it will not harm you. But, in AC or normal weather, it is there for whole day. Also, it is paraben free natural formula!!

Ingredients –

Inveda  8 in 1 BB Cream Review and Swatches

Swatches –

Inveda  8 in 1 BB Cream Review and Swatches

You can notice clear difference on both sides, much clear and even skin  on the right side. That happens for face too :).

Pros –
  • Beautiful packaging.
  • Contains good properties of Magnolia and Almond.
  • Has SPF 20.
  • Paraben free.
  • Comes in 2 colors, but they will suit most of the Indian skin tones.
  • Gives natural sheer coverage but covers up minor marks or flaws.
  • Makes the skin appear bright and even.
  • Amazing but light fragrance.
  • Very light weight and non greasy formula.
  • Works great as a primer too.
  • Suits all skin types be it dry or oily.
  • Stays aput for whole day in normal weather and in AC.

Cons –

Doesn’t stay long on my oily skin in extreme summers. But then, no BB cream stays for 6-7 hrs on me!! I have to reapply all.

Seriously, no cons at all!!

MGA Rating –


I would surely recommend it and repurchase it as I am loving it for the texture and fragrance and obviously the work that it is doing as a BB cream. A perfect choice for dry as well as oily skin, the best one I have used till date. Totally loveable. Go, grab one gals!!

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