An Insight Into JAFRA’s Pamper Party

Do you know what is PAMPERING!!
I know now J. Thanks to JAFRA for acknowledging our worth as women as well as bloggers for our contribution in transforming lives!!
JAFRA’s Pamper Party
Sounds interesting!!…ohhh…it felt more interesting to be the part of Jafra’s party J. Read on to know more!!
JAFRA’s Pamper Party
Being a woman, we know we are multi – faceted personalities, with our own benevolence, tolerance, adaptability and integrity. We are great companions, gifted with love and care which are our natural abilities, be it for parents, children, husband, friends or even for strangers.
That’s why the saying came –
“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”.

So, to pamper those, who pamper all, Jafra Ruchi Cosmetics, India, invited us, bloggers for a great pamper session at their Connaught Place outlet, which is quite big and have a very positive environment. I loved being there. All white….all pure….all serene. The day was too hot but after entering in Jafra, I experienced pure bliss.
JAFRA’s Pamper Party

JAFRA’s Pamper Party

JAFRA’s Pamper Party
The pamper party started with an intro to JAFRA and then I got to experience their amazing products while having a Detox Foot Bath and Facial Mud Packs and to take the experience up a higher notch, they handed over their amazing fragrances  which again became a great mood booster.
Now, let me share with you what I loved most – Detox Foot Bath.
JAFRA’s Pamper Party
v  We all were given clean bubble sheets to keep our tubs on that so as to soak our feet. First, a great Jafra spa product, one of their mineral bath salt containing Kelp was sprinkled in water which is supposed to relieve tired muscles, and does calming, refreshing and detoxifying.
v  Then, they put in Ginger and Seaweed Shower Gel into the water which was very silky and moisturizing while having cleaning properties.
v  Then came my favourite product of the day – Ginger and Sea Salt Body Rub – an invigorating body treatment to help banish dull, pore clogging skin surface, restoring an overall revitalized feeling. Oh, how I loved this!! This body rub, when I used it for my feet, they were all soft and velvety. I went there straight from office in open footwear and so my feet were definitely not so  clean. After getting the whole experience, there was a major difference in my skin’s texture.  This body rub contains Vitamin E and other botanical and marine extracts.
JAFRA’s Pamper Party
v  For finishing up the whole foot spa/ bath, it was followed up by Ginger and Seaweed Body Massage Cream. Again, very moisturising, easy absorbed by the skin and left my skin all smooth and soft.
Now, doesn’t that happen everytime you clean your feet.  YES. Then what’s so different this time with Jafra products!!
This is the best part.
The whole experience was a DIY. We all did all these steps ourselves and nothing more than 7-10 minutes the whole procedure took. You soak your feet in seat salt and shower gel water, then use body rub, a sort of scrub for 2 mins and then apply cream and you are done!!
Firstly, I was sceptical in my mind that I have to do all this myself!! I would not say that at the same time, but when I got home, I realized that the experience was really something. In those 10 mins, all my dead skin of my feet was removed, fully exfoliated, and my feet felt fresh and super happy and they stay that way till today!! Now, isn’t that something!!
JAFRA’s Pamper Party
My feet are soft and smooth till today and even if I forget applying that cream on my feet, they is no dryness or patchiness, such was the effect of those 10 mins!! If someone else would have done it, I would not have noticed the texture and aroma of Jafra products in that way and by doing the whole procedure myself, I now know that their products do work and work wonders!!
I am in love with that Ginger and Sea Salt Body Rub J. Jafra, I would get it for sure 😉

The store –
JAFRA’s Pamper Party

JAFRA’s Pamper Party

I left all happy, feeling fresh and aromatic 😉 from Jafra and not to forget that lovely Goody Bag which contains lots of amazing products from Jafra.
JAFRA’s Pamper Party

JAFRA’s Pamper Party
I really want to thank Jafra for pampering and giving me such a wonderful opportunity to revive and unwind and for all those amazing fragrances J.
A Great Experience I recommend you all. Visit the store if you can and experience that pleasure yourself!!
JAFRA’s Pamper Party

Charu J

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