Flowing with weather in corals and pinks :)

 Happy Amazing Weather Friends J

I think God too heard my voice which I told by the way of rhyme in my last post. What a cool escape from summer. Cool breeze and light showers, this is just what we all delhiwallahs were praying for. Perfect day for outing….isn’t it!!
So, we just gushed and went out to have some pics clicked as Ritcha can’t put off her sunglasses right now when its sunny due to her recent c-lasik, so we made full use of the lovely weather. In these pics you will see her wearing absolutely no eye makeup as she is not yet allowed to and with a natural makeup look she wanted to go loud with at least a lipstick. Here she is flaunting two looks one with half open hair and in other, a braid.
coral dress and pink sammydress bag
Lately I found myself drawn to the sling bags. For me, they are the chic addition to any easy summer outfit, especially when you are running for somewhere or travelling or shopping and you don’t want to carry a big suitcase kind of bag. I got this wonderful sling bag from Sammydress, which is one of my personal favorite websites when it comes to online shopping. Being a typical girl, I too opted for pink which attracted me the most!! Isn’t it just so pretty 😉
coral dress and pink sammydress bag
coral dress and pink sammydress bag
coral dress and pink sammydress bag
We chose to pair this pink sling bag with the gorgeous coral dress and wedges which we bought for Ritcha from Myntra (both). 
Wedges already shared with you here.

coral dress and pink sammydress bag

coral dress and pink sammydress bag

coral dress and pink sammydress bag
The sammydress  bag is superb, fine quality, light weight and just perfect, goes well with many outfits and currently my favourite 😉
coral dress and pink sammydress bag
coral dress and pink sammydress bag

coral dress and pink sammydress bag

coral dress and pink sammydress bag

coral dress and pink sammydress bag

coral dress and pink sammydress bag

You can get this sling bag here.

Now coming pics overload, but what to do, I can’t stop when my beautiful darling keeps on giving poses and looks ravishing 😉 You also enjoy!!
coral dress and pink sammydress bag
coral dress and pink sammydress bag
coral dress and pink sammydress bag

coral dress and pink sammydress bag
coral dress and pink sammydress bag

coral dress and pink sammydress bag
coral dress and pink sammydress bag

Here, we have tried two looks on Ritcha, one with half open hair and one braided. Do share which one you like more so that we will try to go for that more often 😉
While ending this post I am going to enjoy the natural showers with my son. O yes, I just love playing with him in rain and I love his priceless smile J.
Happy Weekend!!
Have loads of fun
Charu J

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  1. Very cute 🙂 Have a great weekend too, lovely!! x


  2. You look so classy. Love the dress and bag! Have a great day! xx

  3. Ritcha is looking very cute, i loved that innocence on her face. Those coral wedges are pretty as well 😀 awesome clicks!!

  4. speechless I'm,,, the colour suits you so good and look at your long hair longer than mine,,,x

  5. She looks stunning and beautiful great outfit.
    http:// tifi11.blogspot.com

  6. Pretty look 😉



  7. I love this outfit Charu, coral colour it's great on you! Love your hairstyle too!


  8. sweeeet!!!
    do you follow each other?
    let me know!

  9. Loved your hair and dress! ❤

  10. Charu, she does look beautiful.. I adore the coral colored dress and wow her hair is lovely.. I am glad to hear you are having the type of weather you want to have… Have an amazing weekend girl xox <3

  11. That dress is so pretty and she is such an amazing beauty! Wow 🙂 xoxo


  12. Love your dress 🙂

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  13. Coral and pink, such a gorgeous combination! This dress is lovely! Amazing sandals too…You are fantastic <3

  14. Lovely dress, beautiful pictures and FABULOUS hair!!!! <3

  15. oh, you look so beautiful <3 and thanks for comment on my blog, i follow you on gfc & bloglovin. hope you do the same! have a nice day.



  16. I love orange and pink together
    of course we can follow each other
    let me know and I'll follow you back right now
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  17. you are very pretty, the dress is very nice, both color and form has charmed me, the perfect bag and the perfect shoes, thank you very much for stopping by my blog, I follow you on instagram, I twitter and google, I hope you follow your and also hope to see you more often on my blog, as I was yours, thank you very much a huge kiss, I hope


  18. stunning dress

    Lots of Love

  19. your hair is beautiful! Lovely blog, thanks for visiting me! Following you now on bloglovin would love for you to do the same xx


  20. LOVE that dress! The shoes are great too, pink and orange are just so summery.

  21. This dress is gorgeous!!! I love the pop of pink of the handbag…this such a great colour combo!

    Keisha xo

  22. Cute bag! Love the color. 🙂 You're making me miss my long hair too! Followed you on GFC 🙂

    Strawberry Bunny

  23. whaattt your dress looks so amazing! i love its pastel color! you look gorgeous i swear <3 you're sling bag looks fancy too. i too, am a sling bag person :)))


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  26. You look great dear, the dress fits you perfectly.

  27. amazing bag and i love your hair!
    i followed you on gfc follow me back 🙂


  28. Love your dress 🙂

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  29. WOW!!! you looks so pretty Charu 🙂

  30. color of dress is very pretty and you look lovely. I wish I have this long hair.

  31. oooooh la la. Ritcha sure look ravishing and I love the way she did up her hair. I too love sling bags and carry them all year round 😀

  32. you indeed look so very pretty … love ur hair…
    and this look should be called… cutely coral.. 🙂

  33. sure dear…I will 🙂

  34. thanks dear…I will 🙂

  35. you indeed look so very pretty … love ur hair…
    and this look should be called… cutely coral.. 🙂

  36. thank you so much darling …I will 🙂

  37. That dress is a fab colour, you look amazing! *followed*

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

  38. sure honey…thanks 🙂

  39. thanks a lot darling. I follow you back 🙂

  40. Very pretty and girly outfit, all in different pink shades. I like your cute little dress – looks flattering on you!

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    Lu, http://www.balgarka.co.uk

  41. Hello!
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  42. Ritcha you look gorgeous, loved both the hairdos 🙂 Share your hair secrets girl!!!

  43. Very pretty you looking babes :*
    Lovely EOTD and love ur hair!

  44. wow dear you stunning gorg and ur hair <3 xx

  45. The bag is nice but I'm attracted to your dress and ring.

  46. Nice bag. 🙂
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  47. Awesome look dear….the combination is so girly. And I cannot stop raving about your hair….gorgeous

  48. I really like your blog!!
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  50. Love Ritcha's dress and bag. Coals and pink are match made in heaven….
    Love and kisses….


  51. You are gorgeous! Love your outfit and beautiful photos! Your blog is fabulous 🙂
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  52. Amazing hair, and the dress is such a pretty colour!

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  54. I love you're dress!!
    And you are so pretty (>w<) You're ready for summer 😉
    I'm a pink addict xDD

  55. lovely dress………..
    i love pink………….looking pretty in it………..
    Fashion Mart

  56. Thank you so much Charu!! 🙂 Don't miss the preview of my next outfit post today on the blog! 😉

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  57. Nice post dear! I love this summer outfit, is so nice and sweet! The shoes are amazing!
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  59. You look great!
    Sure we should stay in touch! Following you now!

  60. Corals is such a nice color. It reminds me of a beach.

  61. Gosh!! She looks stunning here! Loved her dress and shoes. She has such gorgeous hair. 🙂
    Very beautiful <3

  62. Great outfit post. Love the dress. Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a comment!


  63. I Like Youre Blog to!
    Beautyfull outfit!
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  64. Darling!! you are really pretty!! i love your combo!! kisses!!


  65. Looking lovely.. eyeing on yr wedges..

  66. Very pretty dress n purse n the entire look Ritcha .. 🙂

  67. very pretty dress, I loved her long hair in both styles 🙂

  68. Beautiful!!!! I love coral!

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  71. hello hun!! you look WOW! you are so beautiful!!! love your hair!! tell me your secret about your hair!!!!!!!!! look amazing!!
    have a great day!!


  72. ur hair are so pretty. Lovely dress and bag ,3

  73. Love this… beautiful!
    kisses from Miami,

  74. I love the half braided hair, looks stylish! Also, the rain is fun to play in, have fun with your little one.


  75. beautiful dress in amazing color! have a good day!

  76. You are looking very pretty. Loved your bag & shoes 🙂

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  78. Ah this colour looks great on you!

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  79. I can imagine that you were relieved that the weather finally cooled down! And Ritcha even looks without eye make-up wonderful! The same is valid for her hair – as it is a dream it doesn't matter if she wear it open or in a braid as both hairstyles are adorable <3

    Lots of love from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  80. such a cute outfit!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

  81. Your hair girl,so amazing!!!
    Love your blog,maybe we could stay in touch,would love to hear from you!
    xoxo Antonella <3

  82. Love all this pink!
    Beautiful dress!


  83. wow! You look so very adorable…I loved the 2 color combos you employed here….Very Pretty look created! 🙂


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  97. She is looking grgs.. I had my eyes on this drss but wanst sure if it will fit me.. 😛 😛 .. she has such a beautiful hair.. <3 <3

    Pink slink looks nice too.. but I am in love with her wedges.. 🙂 🙂

  98. wow, pretty pink lady..love your bag and dress..keep rocking

  99. Love this outfit! and those colors look amazing on you.

    In regards to your comment on our blog, i have followed you on twitter and instgram x

    Rita x

  100. That salmon pink color is so flattering on you! Love that dress!
    Raissa | The Leather Fanny Pack

  101. I love the look, it's just perfect! And I'm a huge sucker for coral color!!

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