Hair mask to control hair fall and gaining volume – Banana smoothie

Bananas can be your best friend, if you have thin hair or are worried with hairfall. Well, I was so worried for uncontrollable hair fall I was suffering from past few months. I tried many things, the best shampoo, conditioner, mask, oil,  but all in vein. Then I searched net and went through some great home remedies.

Hair mask with banana
Today, I am going to share with you all what I treated my hair with and this mask was so helpful in controlling my hair fall upto a great extent. You know bananas make a wonderful hair mask when blended with egg, honey and milk, and olive oil. I tried this one as all the ingredients were easily available at my home. J
What all you need (INGREDIENTS) :
v  Banana
Hair mask with banana
v  Egg
Hair mask with banana
v  Honey
Hair mask with banana
v  Milk
Hair mask with banana
v  Olive oil
Hair mask with banana
Take a banana and mash it or blend it well. Mix it with an egg, 3 teaspoons each of honey and milk, and 5 teaspoons of olive oil.
Massage the mixture onto your hair and scalp and leave it on for a half hour before you shampoo it out. Removal is a bit difficult, I would say, but then it gives awesome results. This will strengthen your hair and will give it volume too. Use it once a week for better results.
I have done this smoothie for my hair for almost 10 times till today and yes, I would say it works and is one of the most easy tasks to take care of your mane. I apply this mix on my hubby’s hair too even if he resists and fights 😉 How can I leave him, his hair are equally important, no!!

I mostly use the bananas that are like 2-3 days old and are not eatable anymore and become very ripe. That makes me happy that I am avoiding wastage and utilizing banana in best manner ;). Of course the contents of banana remain same, just that my mane would eat it instead of tummy and the results would be shinier 😉

One Caution – Taking this out from hair is a little difficult. Keep your shampoo, conditioner and comb ready. You will need all but at the end, all the pain is worth it. Your hair would love the pampering and would thank you 🙂

Do try this friends and share with me your stories. I know it works but wanna know your experiences 🙂

Lotsa Love
Charu 🙂

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  1. Great recipe for a mask thanks for sharing.

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  10. Been trying this and its doing good with my hair!

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  11. WOW great post
    I def Nona do this recipe for my hair
    I love long hair, but is lots of work, because I want always look healthy
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  12. nice post! I hear a lot of these ingredients are great for your hair! I use coconut oil sometimes before I wash my hair! thanks for visiting my blog!!

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  16. Charu, I am going to try this … I have had some hair loss in this last year, thankfully I have extremely thick hair. I cut about 6 inches and that helped a bit … I love natural methods… Oh and thanks for the tip to have your shampoo, conditioner and comb ready 🙂 I hope you have a sweet day, you are always so kind to me.. xox <3

  17. Great DIY tutorial ;)) Thanks for stopping by!

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  25. What a great idea! I always end up having to throw bananas away because I just can't eat them all in time.

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  29. omg i've tried a banana mask before, and i have to say it worked… but i didn't mush the banana enough and it ended up sticking into my hair in little chunks. HAHAHAHA. but it is still a good hair recipe. LOL



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