Jewelled Head Band FOTD

Hello my lovely friends 🙂
Hope you started the week with a rocking Monday!!
Whatever I say, I always get Monday blues….hehehehe 😉
So, a good news I have!!
Ritcha , my darling sister, has got C-Lasik done and now, she has got respite from those glasses (She recently got fashionable cat eye frame – all waste now, maybe a blog sale…hehehe ;))
All the respite from lenses, coloured ones, which she was sporting all the time in EOTDs.
A free girl now, a happier one 🙂
So, coming to the headband post, before proceeding for the procedure, 2-3 days before that, we decided to do her FOTD, a vintage one this time, somewhat experimental too and I do really hope you like the style and the accessorized look of Ritcha. 
Personally, headbands look very beautiful to me. They create such a fashionable yet vintage sort of look and are very great for brides. Headbands can be of pearls, lace, feathers or rhinestones, all of the beautiful items can be incorporated into headbands, as per your choice. 
Now a days, headbands are more in trend and look more fashionable than regular tiaras 
or veils for brides too.  You can wear them open hair or messy buns or with any sort of hairstyles.
The experimentation with various textures or types in headbands make them bring out more of our individuality and give personal touch. 
I love the crystal ones which add some blitz and glitz to the whole ensemble 🙂
Jewelled Head Band FOTD
Jewelled Head Band FOTD

Jewelled Head Band FOTD
Very minimal makeup has been used to create this look. Ritcha is wearing only 
– Maybelline 14 hour stay Lip Colour 
DVJ Makhmali Eye Shadow (my beloved :))
Thats it. Nothing else 😉
Jewelled Head Band FOTD
Check out Ritcha’s latest  Green Winged EOTD –
Green Winged eye makeup
If you want to see more of the pics, then go here – Green Winged EOTD
That’s all for this time guys. I really expect your comments this time. Your love and support always encourages us to do more and more of such trials and experiments and finally come up with 
some different looks !!
Do share your love and views.
Have a great day.
 Charu 🙂

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  1. Wow! Stylish and chic look!

  2. Glad the eye laser work for your sister this image are so beautiful and the head piece I love.

  3. Amiga essas testeira são lindas amei tenha uma semana abençoada
    Canal de youtube:

  4. You are real beauty <3 This handband is perfection! Feminine and gorgeous! Make up also fitts fantastic to this look :***

  5. Beautiful look! I love that lip shade! The headband is stunning and chic, this whole look is so well put together.

    Keisha xo

  6. wow that is actually really beautiful!!
    Wish I could pull that off!

    Just followed you and would love for you to follow back(:
    Can't wait for more posts!

    xx Shirley

  7. You're such a beautiful lady! 🙂


  8. I like the look of the headband… almost regal.. very interesting look Charu… Ritcha looks amazing 🙂

  9. That is a very pretty look! Glad to hear the lasik went well for your sister!

  10. you are so pretty..and i love the head band! 🙂

  11. Thanks a lot! Am now following you !


  12. This headband is really too good 🙂 makeup is awesome 🙂 I like it <3

  13. This is sooo nice 🙂 you are looking so lovely..

  14. Nice hair style. I like the little bit of glitter.

  15. Wow suuuper pretty!

  16. That headband is wonderful. Combines a feel of ancient, classic fashion with a new, chic twist. And such a gorgeous model you have :))) Lovely photos!

  17. Love the Hairband. You rock it so well!!

    May from La Vie en May

  18. Very smart! Lovely pics :*

  19. beautiful
    follow back, been following you

  20. You look great Ritcha! Are you a goddess? 😉

  21. Followed you on all platforms! Please follow me on mine by doing to on Bloglovin, twitter and most importantly ' Join this site' 🙂 Love your blog! do stay in touch xx

  22. Such a cute accessory! Great for a littel boho chic…

  23. Too cute and pretty clicks dear <3 xoxo

  24. you looking too pretty, loved the way you styled it.

  25. Very very beautiful Charu <3

  26. she has really gorgeous hair! Loved the head band. Makes her look like a princess <3

  27. These are really lovely photos – the jewelled headband is so intricate, I need to start looking into some new ways of accessorising! 🙂


  28. I love your blog, your style is very cool.
    Kisses, Pasquale.

  29. you are so beautiful, i love your jawellery <3333333 amazing! so inspiring!!! i love india jawellery <3333

  30. love the make up eye!

  31. The head piece is a stunner and wow, love it and should be good for occasions.

  32. Omg this headband is amazing, especially on you with this beautiful hair!


  33. It looks beautiful on you. It makes you look pretty mysterious! I don't think it would do the same for me.

  34. WOW beautiful pictures
    Such beautiful head piece, so chic and fancy 🙂
    Great post darling
    New post tomorrow 🙂

  35. Very lovely! It would be great with my new h&m bohoo chic long lace dress 🙂


  36. it looks really beautiful and you look like those disney princesses… Beautiful indeed

  37. it is very beautiful indeed charu… and makes you look like those disney princesses

  38. You look great as always dear!

    My latest post: Stay classy


  39. Gosh!!! She looks stunning!! 🙂 I love her hair. Beautiful. <3 <3

  40. Reminds me of Cleopatra…Absolutely Stunning n love the idea 🙂 <3 <3

  41. I like headbands a lot, but I wear them only during special occasions 🙂

    Makeup Demon blog
    Makeup Demon Bloglovin

  42. Charu this look makes Ritcha a gypsy princess. Love the eyes, lips and the headband is just great. Ritcha is looking great. So love this…. Keep in touch.

    Hugs and Kisses

  43. The head piece looks nice on Ritcha.. very pretty !!

  44. How lovely is that headband! Looks amazing!!

  45. You are beautiful! That headband is gorgeous on you!
    I've just found you and followed you on bloglovin, Google + and GFC!
    Would love if you could look at my blog back so we can keep in touch!

  46. Hi Charu, have a nice day! 😀


  47. So interesting, love this post.

    Love xxx


  48. Hi my dear, congrats to Ritcha, I can imagine that she is really happy! And she looks so wonderful with the headband – like a beautiful Indian princess <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  49. Your headband is gorgeous, love you make up too, started following you 🙂 hope your well, great blog post xx

  50. very beautiful pics,nice look
    I posted a new OUTFIT, I'd love to know your opinion
    would you like to pass from my blog?

  51. I will dear…thanks a lot 🙂

  52. ohh. thanks you so much dear…i will 🙂

  53. thank you so much darling…i would love to 🙂

  54. thanks a ton darling and sure I will 🙂

  55. This headband is so pretty (>w<)
    and lovely pictures (^^)

  56. Oh wow! You look like a warrior princess….Gorgeous Makeup & FOTD dear 🙂

  57. awww…thank you so much Launna…so glad that you liked it 🙂

  58. Great makeup look!! It kind of a exotic Ancient Egyptian feel to it. Also, thank you so much for posting on blog. I followed through GFC and Instagram.

    I am glad to be finally building more of a blogger community. I love to meet new bloggers and learn from one another.

    You can follow me through GFC or Bloglovin, Instagram, and Youtube. Please let me know through comment as well when you followed. I would appreciate it.

    Thank you!

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