VOV Candy Eye Shadow Review and Swatches

Summer Summer Go Away!!
Come Again Another Day (year)
Little ______ (all Delhiites) want to play J

All burning like hell!! We Delhiwallas are never spared, be it summers or winters and that too long long J
To get some respite from the weather, I present to you, one of my old eye shadow palette from VOV that has some cool colours in it, to nullify the effect of weather to some extent. Oh, I know it is impossible but let’s try. At least it will soothe our eyes 😉
VOV Candy Eye Shadow Review and Swatches
Today’s review is somewhat different. Read on to know why….
I got this palette from some Delhi market, almost 3-4 years back at a whopping price of Rs. 600/-. Ohk, now I know what you are thinking. 600 bucks is not a whopping amount at all. I understand but for VOV!! At that time, I felt it’s perfect kit but now, that I know lot more, I feel it was pricey J.
VOV Candy Eye Shadow Review and Swatches
Lovely packaging it has, a pure pearly white case with name printed on it. I am a fan of the packaging. It has a good quality mirror inside, always clear and easily usable. The eye shadow palette comes with an applicator with sponge applicator on one end and brush on other end. Quite convenient to hold, the applicator is fine if you don’t want to experiment with the shadows or don’t want to exploit the palette to full. For that you need real brushes, no J.
VOV Candy Eye Shadow Review and Swatches
But, the applicator is just fine as it is ok for those who like to keep shadows to minimal, as the applicator doesn’t shed and the sponge side, as you can see, is intact and has not torn off like many do!!
Now, coming to the colours, first have a look into them.
VOV Candy Eye Shadow Review and Swatches
So, you see the first colour, a nice highlighter. It is great and works perfectly, goes on smoothly and it is decently pigmented too. This is the colour I use most from this palette 😉
VOV Candy Eye Shadow Review and Swatches
This palette contains some basic colours, say, pink, blue, black, brown, copper, bronze, purple, all good colours which can take care for most of the outfits normally.
The packs says-
  • Water Shine Eye Shadow
  • A two – shade eye shadow that glides on effortlessly and smoothly for a non powdery, natural looking finish.
  • Helps protect dryness by retaining vital moisture.
  • Clear colors stay on for many hours without fading.
  • Made in Korea.

VOV Candy Eye Shadow Review and Swatches

A two shade eye shadow it is, gives normal colour while giving effect of pearls, somewhat dual tone. I quite like that. Yes, these are smooth in application and non – powdery.
It stays, but not for hours, as claimed, but again, a decent stay.
Now come to the last part of it. I think, it doesn’t exist, not at least from VOV. If it is original then, I am quite happy, but I feel it is fake!! And then, to the extent, that they write that it is ‘Made in Korea’ J.
It’s good. If you copy, then copy full.
Did you notice the spellings on the back of the pack 😉 Let me show you!!
VOV Candy Eye Shadow Review and Swatches

So, what do you feel now J. I don’t think that a well established company won’t check spellings or won’t know them in the first place 😉
If anyone has seen it or have it, then do tell me, I would be very happy, that my money didn’t get wasted. Not that, these are bad, I would say, these are better than some cheapo drugstore brands’ eye shadows. But, at the price they came, I would expect them to be original!!
VOV Candy Eye Shadow Review and Swatches
These are shadows on my bare hand, no primer and single swipe.
All in all, I would say that the VOV eye shadow palette that I have, is quite decent, nicely pigmented with good colour payoffs. I am not sure about the authenticity of the eye shadows, but other than that, these are good with nice texture and a good two – toned shade, very good for parties J

Note – These VOV shadows are better than the 120 pro palette that is such a hit on ebay 😉 so you can see the quality is not bad at all.

Charu J

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  1. Really beautiful colors. I'll. Also try to search it.nice review

  2. The palette is so pretty and the color choices outstanding nice review.

  3. Nice shades for sure but there are so many errors on the packaging makes me wonder if it's really authentic or not ????
    Great palette for summer though x

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    Really nice post. Keep it up!!
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  5. Hahaha Now that was funny 😛 Thought the shades are decently pigmented 😀

  6. The eyeshadows are quite pigmented when compared with VOV expectations.

  7. oh God…how can two minds think the same and that too the same nursery rhyme. i too was manipulating this rhyme for summer & rains and thought of incorporating in my next post but see…there u are…:-). wud surely like to try this one..provided available here in local mkt.

  8. Ouch the spelling!! But overall a nice palette.great review

  9. The shades are nice but without proof reading the fine prints, it's an adverse effect on the product.

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    Love the shades of palette, they are refreshing!
    Ohh and that spelling mistakes!! OMG!!

    Nicely reviewed bebe! I love the way you start it with poem.

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    And the colors are so so pigmented and beautiful!

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    I hate those bulky palettes anytime ..

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    BTW palette is pretty decent for the price.. I have never liked those bulky 120 or88palettes .:P

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  24. Oh wow, those are some pretty poor spelling errors on the back of the pack! How on earth did they get past the production system?! Anyway, I reckon the colours are pretty nice for summer, in particular the more tropical ones of the selection! Have a great week! 🙂



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  29. Charu… did you say this was 600.00 dollars? Maybe I misunderstood..

    They are really nice colors but you are right with all those spelling errors I have to wonder if they are the genuine thing… hmmm

    I want to thank you for all the kind and sweet words you leave on my blog, you are such a doll 🙂

    By the way, we will take the heat you have… it has been cold for far too long… although I am sure I would tire of it soon… 🙂

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