Wet n Wild Fast Dry Nail Color Review and notd

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Today, I have for you an amazingly affordable nail paint from Wet n Wild with all the qualities of a good nail paint from Wet n Wild, a brand I always love.
Wet n Wild Fast Dry Nail Color Review and notd
Wet n Wild is a US brand and if you are from US or have someone there, then, I would recommend to get their lippies and nail paints and eye shadows, great collection they have J.
I have a lot from Wet n Wild as I have a good friend in States and whenever she comes to Delhi, she always brings me lotsa stuff from Wet n Wild. That’s how I got introduced to this brand and since then, loving it.
This nail polish from Wet n Wild is orange shimmery and looks great. It contains lots of gold and orange shimmer particles that look just awesome. It is basically an orange gold colour. The formula is fast dry and yes, it dries up super fast. Even three coats of the nail polish don’t take up much time in drying. In fact, if we compare it to other nail paints, I can definitely say that it is one of the quickest drying one. I have used many nail paints from Wet n Wild and all have this super fast dry quality.
Wet n Wild Fast Dry Nail Color Review and notd

Wet n Wild Fast Dry Nail Color Review and notd
The quantity given is great.A good 13.5ml. It never seems to finish but it will as I will be using it up so much J.
Wet n Wild Fast Dry Nail Color Review and notd
It comes in a round long bottle and a long applicator brush. The brush is perfect and doesn’t leave any streaks or so. Perfect application. Pretty sheer colour and to make it appear, you need at least  2-3 coats. A nice, almost opaque colour would come. In 1 coat, it is sheer with a little touch of orange. A lot of shimmers are there but very fine and distributed well.
Wet n Wild Fast Dry Nail Color Review and notd

Wet n Wild Fast Dry Nail Color Review and notd
The consistency is quite runny. You have to take care when applying as if it spill, a lot of polish gets wasted. You can see in the pics above, Ritcha has swatched it here and there while taking pics 😉
Wet n Wild Fast Dry Nail Color Review and notd

Wet n Wild Fast Dry Nail Color Review and notd

Wet n Wild Fast Dry Nail Color Review and notd
I love this colour and I am amazed at its prettiness. Does it remind you of goldfish. Remember!!

Pros –
  • Beautiful , super sparkly, orange gold colour.
  • Fast dry formula. Even three coats dry up super fast.
  • Easy to remove (a tough job for glittery paints).
  • Good quantity given.
  • The formula is great, no patches, shimmers distributed equally.
  • Good applicator provided, long brush, that doesn’t leave any streaks.
  • Super affordable.
  • Great staying power. Doesn’t chip for at least 3 days without any base or top coat. Can last longer.
  • The formula never seems to dry up in bottle and goes on for years.

Cons –
  • Quite runny. But I would not count it as con.

I simply love nail paints from Wet n Wild for their affordability, super fast drying, staying power and long shelf life.

Overall Rating –

I would surely repurchase and recommend this range from Wet n Wild ever. They have lots of varieties and colours to choose from. Pick your favourites and I am sure you are gonna love them J
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  1. I never try their nail polish now I might consider thanks. Great review.

  2. <3 it xxx
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    Message me on insta — insta@mlleepaulettegirl.com

  3. Love it! Sounds like a great nailpolish, I like it when it nailpolishes dry fast, that´s a big plus!


  4. Wowwwww loved the bright shade! u have really pretty nails <3

  5. Such a grgs shade n love ur nails

  6. Love this color!
    The quality of your pictures is Always amazing 😉

    xx julia

  7. You have lovely nails, and the color is summery and nice.

  8. lovely colour!

  9. That color is so pretty, one of my faves for sure! Great review, dear. You are such a good writer 🙂 xo


  10. Nice color. I like the little shimmer.

  11. Wet n wild in not available in australia but only lippies and eyeshadow palettes are available online
    Nice colour will look around to see if I can find nail polish in this brand

  12. pretty color and I like the shape of the nails too. Great review, wet n wild will be one of my brands to pick up on my next nail polish shopping trip! 😀

    xo Kina

  13. I love the Wet and Wild line… I haven't tried the fast dry but I should since I like to put a couple of coats of polish on and when I do it with others… it can take 30 minutes or more to dry completely…

    I really adore the orange color… one of my favorites 🙂 <3

  14. Very pretty colours. Great for the summer 🙂

    Lu | http://www.balgarka.co.uk

  15. Your nails are just sooo beautiful! I love the color, very summer – proof!

    My Makeup Mémoire

  16. Oh, that´s lovely colour. It´s sad that we can´t but this brand here in Slovakia. :/

  17. the color looks nice for summers

  18. Oh my how gorgeous! I totally love orange color, even i reviewed an orange shade yesterday
    Kisses <3

  19. You have such great taste in makeup and always pick up the best shades! It looks lovely on u 🙂

  20. That polish is beautiful!! I've never found one like that, so I usually apply an orange polish and then a glittery one on top of it 🙂

    Lipstick and Mocha

  21. It is such a cheerful orange! Very pretty. 🙂

  22. I'm aware of brand and I think perhaps its available over here. The shade: attractive and such a stand out.

  23. Love this shade so much <3

  24. I have this polish nd it is indeed a very pretty polish…Lovely Swatches dear 🙂


  25. The colour looks gorgeous…… Love your beautiful nails…..


  26. It is a pretty shade and looks lovely on ur nails my dear 🙂

  27. Shimmering nice and cute! 🙂


  28. Love the color and the fact that its shimmery <3

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  29. Really nice shade.. but the weekness is, it looks to runny and i am a big time spiller

  30. Gorgeous shade! It reminds me of a sunset…love it!

    Keisha xo

  31. This looks so lovely!:)
    Keep in touch xoxo
    Antonella ☀

  32. Thank you for commenting on my blog so kind! I love this blog! That nail colour is so nice I love orange nails. I am wearing mine right now. Shame I don't get that brand in the UK!


  33. Lovely color and manicure!

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