MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil Review

Since the day Lancy was out with this oil, I was lusting after it. I sooo wanted it. And who would not!! Have you seen the girl’s hair on the packaging? Just look at this

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil Review
Now, tell me, aren’t her hair simply gorgeous. Ohk, I know Lancy has beautiful eyes too and a cute, innocent face 🙂 but her hair win the race for me 🙂.
So, let me come to this wonderful oil now. When Lancy contacted me for trying out this hair oil, that was like a mini dream come true for me. She sent me the oil but just imagine!! That first bottle Lancy sent to me never got delivered. It felt bad as Lancy promised to send me a 2ndbottle and the first bottle lost by our Indian Postal System became her loss. So much of hard work she is putting into all this and she is bearing such losses too!!

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil Review
Ok. Finally my bottle arrived and I including everyone at my home was so happy about it. Obviously they all knew about it as I was praising this little magic oil for so many days J. We all wanted to put this oil into our heads the same day 😉 and we did…hehehe. See Lancy, I told you na!! Everybody was like…. Imagining that they all will have hair like the girl on bottle in 1 night only 😉

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil Review
But yes, from the very first use, it makes the hair softer and smoother. When you see it in bottle, it seems like a sticky yellow oil like mustard one. But no, it is not. No mustard smell, only coconut, which I love and there is no stickiness too. The texture is just perfect. Not much quantity is required to cover the hair and scalp. I usually leave it overnight to get maximum benefit out of it.

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil Review
I am too much into straightening and styling with heat tools and hence, my hair always need extra and special attention and care. This oil makes up for that attention. My hair seem lesser frizzy, smooth, strong and soft. Definitely, this oil controls thinning of hair while promoting growth, it may be slow but it happens. You can’t expect that in 1st bottle but if you suffer from lots of hair fall, then you will see some positive difference in that with the use of very 1st bottle.

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil Review
It washes off easily, very easily actually. Not like those chipku oils which don’t leave you even after 2-3 washes ;). It goes in 1stwash leaving you with wonderful locks.

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil Review
Sad Story –
My only complaint with this lovely oil. The packaging. After almost 1 month and half bottle of usage, when my sister opened the cap and started taking out oil from the punched stopper, it came out fully and all the oil got spilled everywhere, on walls, dressing table, everywhere. I never thought that would happen because normally, I do the same thing. But my beloved oil parted from me and left me sad. Never mind, I would get it again  🙂.

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil Review
Shelf Life –

6 months
Price – 
Rs. 400 for 100ml including shipping when bought from

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil Review
Now, let me share some important points with you. All this info has been collected from and you can read more about it there.
  • MABH hair oil is made of pure natural herbs, nourishing base oils and essential oils at home in a very hygienic way.
  • This product does not contain silicone, paraben, colorant or any other harmful chemical. It is 100% vegan, homemade and purely herbal. No preservative added to it and that is why the shelf life of the product is only 6 months.
  • No side effects.
  • Free shipping.
  • This oil can be purchased internationally too from

Some Pros from my side –
  • Leaves hair softer, smoother and stronger.
  • Reduces frizz.
  • Detangles.
  • Controls hair fall.
  • Not much sticky.
  • Very moisturizing.
  • Easily washes off.

Cons –
  •             Little bit expensive at 400 bucks but great results.
  •            Flimsy packaging. More sturdier packaging is surely needed. May be a flip open cap sort of thing. That stopper thing is too dangerous.

Overall Rating –

I totally recommend this oil and would surely repurchase it. Just try it and you won’t be disappointed. It will help you and your hair in one way or other depending upon your problematic areas. Just try using it the way Lancy says –instructions here and get benefitted to the fullest. Try it and you will love it forever.
*PR Sample but even if it hadn’t been I would have bought it. I believe in it 🙂

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  66. Hi, i am new to this website after seeing the reviews i ordered the oil at 26th july2016, its almost 7 days but still i didn't get my order, I mail to them and i tried to the contact number given in the website but its switched off, i dont know what to do.May i know how long will it take to deliver my order.

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