Tips on Artistic Makeup (Chin, Ears and Lips) – Part 1

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Makeup is an art which if done perfectly can transform any simple Jane into a breathtaking beauty.  Believe me, every women is beautiful in some way or other. So, makeup is basically done to enhance your features and correct few others while bringing out your natural beauty.  You should know about your face shape and skin, like which areas of your face you need to enhanced and where corrective makeup is needed. 
Tips on Corrective Makeup
Today, I am going to share with you certain tips which you should keep in mind while applying makeup.
Double chin:  First apply a foundation matching your skin tone, then apply a one shade darker on the appropriate part of your chin and blend it well.
Prominent chin: If you have a prominent chin, first apply a darker shade of foundation and then use pressed powder of a corresponding shade and blend.
Pointed chin: Take a shade lighter than your skin and blend it well round the edge of the chin. Now take pressed powder with a shade lighter than the one you applied on rest of the face and blend it on the edge of the chin.
Receding chin: Cover your chin with a foundation shade matching your skin. Now place a thin line of lighter foundation in the hollow of your chin, just below the lower lip. Now again blend it well and then apply pressed powder of a shade lighter than the one applied to rest of the face.
Thin lips:Yes we know that fuller lips look more sexy and appealing. Afterall, this is for what Angelina Jolie went through her lip surgery. Don’t worry if you have thin lips, you can give your lips a fuller look with the help of correct way of applying lipstick. If your lips are too thin then your lips can be extended a little above your natural lip line. But you have to be careful that the extended portion follows the natural shape and curve of lips. Now extend the lower lip line a little more below the natural lip line of the lower lip. Better do this with the help of a lip liner/pencil liner. Now fill it with same shade and then apply lipstick. This trick will make your lips fuller and sexy.
Thick lips:First of all cover your lips with a concealer and foundation and now draw a line within the natural lip line that means covering the inside of your lip line and then simply fill it with your favorite lip shade.

Drooping lips: To correct drooping lips, simply straighten the curves of your lips by drawing fuller lines towards the end of the lips. Remember to use a lip liner for all the outlining. Now just fill it with lipstick. 
Small mouth: If you have a small mouth and you want to make it look better, then apply the liner by extending the corners of both your lips. Filling it with lipstick will do rest of the trick.

Large ears : If you have really large ears, apply a deep shade foundation on your ears. This will make your ears appear less conspicuous. 
Small ears : Avoid wearing large earrings as these will make your ears and face look smaller.
Ok Girls. Try to follow these tips and I am sure you will be happy with the results. I will soon be coming up with Part 2 & 3 too. Hope the series will help you.
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