Wedding Diaries Vol 1 – Anarkali Suits

Hi Lovelies!!
I am feeling so happy writing this girly girly post :).
Why am I starting Wedding  Diaries on my blog? Because, Ritcha is getting married soon!! Yeah, in november. And now, most of our time is spent in markets, searching and shopping for lots of things be it apparel or accessories or anything!!
We feel so good with this new addition to our blog. Ritcha and me, both have done a good research before presenting this article to you. May this one would help all those beauties searching for those heavy anarkalis!!
Key to flattering floor Length Anarkali Suits:
Floor length anarkali suits and straight suits are one of the hottest trend this season. Be it a girl next door or a celebrity, everyone is flaunting this trend and of course it looks flattering.  They enhance the real beauty of a women, at the same time this is an attire which is very comfortable, elegant and stylish too.
Anarkali suit was worn by Madhubala for the first time in movie Mughal-e-azam, the name anarkali for her suits is an inspiration from her character “Anarkali”. Fashion changes every other day and whatever the designers come up with, it has some inspiration and they give the traditional attire a modern touch.
Anarkali suits make a women look more elegant, charmful and sophisticated, while keeping in mind the traditional values. But it all depends on the fit and fabric of suit.
How to Choose and Wear Floor length Anarkali Suits:

# Remember fabric and fit play the main role to hide the problem areas while enhancing the best ones.
# Always pair you floor length anarkali suit with a light churidar or Lycra leggings.
# Anarkali suits should  hug your body gracefully and should be well fitted at the bust.
# Never team up your anarkali with patialas or harem pants.
# Women with hourglass figure can go for heavy flares.
# If your are petite with a heavy bust, always avoid anarkalis with chinese collar or band neck.
# Petite women must keep in mind that anarkali suits with kalis starting from the shoulder will give you a slimmer appearance, while covering the unwanted buldges on the side of your tummy or abs.
# If you have a pear shape body, you can opt for anarkali suit which has yoke and kalis starting from the waist line.
# Never go for anarkalis longer than the floor length, customize it in such a way that it just touches the floor, even if it reaches your ankle, its perfect.
# Go for a minimum or no jewellery, as most of the anarkalis are heavily embellished. No jewellery does include earrings!! 😉
# If you are tall, then you don’t need to think twice as anarkalis look great on tall women with a perfect figure.
# If you are tall but with a heavy body, it might make you look more bulky.
# If you are petite, go for less flare.
# If you are not that tall, don’t worry anarkalis are the best attire to give that illusion of height. Short height beauties should opt for anarkali which has kalis starting from top, instead of waist. While giving an illusion of tall height, it will hide the flaws as well. Pair it with high heels.
# Short women should not experiment with too many colors in a single attire. So, avoid multicolour anarkali.
# Petite women should go for anarkalis which ends at the calf.
# Short women should never go for broad borders in anarkalis.
# If you have a heavy bust you can go bold with deep neck and V neck.
# If you have a small bust, chinese collar, band neck or halterneck will look more flattering on you. Remember to go for a backless or deep back with chinese collar or bandneck.
# For an anarkali suit, most suitable fabrics are chiffons, crepe, organza, cotton with silk, georgette, lycra and last but bot the least is net.  But net having so many varieties and types is not recommended much.
# Best colors for an anarkali suit are gold, emerald green, peacock blue, wine, sea green and you can also go with yellows and greens.
#  If you are that bold and experimenting, you can make a statement with neons, tangerine and other vibrant colours but remember not to mix too many bright shades in a single attire.
So, girls its time to look beautiful, rock it with long anarkalis and be the eye candy!

I am still in search of such floor touch design for me. Being a little bulky, I have to search my best piece keeping in mind all those above points 😉 But I will surely find some soon and will share with you too.
Let’s have a look of some amazing Anarkali Suits, cuts, lengths or neck patterns, very much in vogue these days –
Wedding Diaries Vol 1 - Anarkali Suits

Wedding Diaries Vol 1 - Anarkali Suits
Wedding Diaries Vol 1 - Anarkali Suits

Wedding Diaries Vol 1 - Anarkali Suits

Wedding Diaries Vol 1 - Anarkali Suits

Wedding Diaries Vol 1 - Anarkali Suits

Wedding Diaries Vol 1 - Anarkali Suits

Wedding Diaries Vol 1 - Anarkali Suits

Wedding Diaries Vol 1 - Anarkali Suits
Wedding Diaries Vol 1 - Anarkali Suits

Wedding Diaries Vol 1 - Anarkali Suits

Wedding Diaries Vol 1 - Anarkali Suits

Wedding Diaries Vol 1 - Anarkali Suits

Wedding Diaries Vol 1 - Anarkali Suits

Wedding Diaries Vol 1 - Anarkali Suits

Wedding Diaries Vol 1 - Anarkali Suits

Wedding Diaries Vol 1 - Anarkali Suits

Wedding Diaries Vol 1 - Anarkali Suits

Wedding Diaries Vol 1 - Anarkali Suits

Wedding Diaries Vol 1 - Anarkali Suits

Wedding Diaries Vol 1 - Anarkali Suits

Wedding Diaries Vol 1 - Anarkali Suits

Wedding Diaries Vol 1 - Anarkali Suits
So, how did you like the compilation babes!!
Since we both are on our toes these days, we have selected a few stores for you where you can surely get anarkali suits of your choice, in Delhi 🙂
Best stores in delhi with that dream designer anarkali suit:
1.      Regalia:  South delhi and Pitampura
2.       Shakuntalam:  Rajouri garden and lajpat nagar
3.       Bombay selection : Rajouri garden, pitampura and many more places.
4.       Designer’s Den : Pitampura, south delhi and rohini.
5.       Room Vatika design studio: Karol bagh
6.       Frontier bazaar: Karol bagh
7.       CTC emporio: Karol bagh and Gurgaon
 This is only a start girlies, much more to come. Nothing of the shopping has been shared with you lovely people yet. Stay tuned. Much more excitement to come 😉

Love ya
Charu 🙂

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