How to Get Shiny Hair – DIY Hair Mask

Hello Glossies 🙂
Since the time I have started the blog, I sometimes feel like I am a testing tool ;). New products, new packs, new masks I keep on trying all the time. Still, nothing covers me like PETA covers animals 😉
Ohk, was that too much!!
Chalo, let’s have a great hair mask recipe today that works for me and makes my hair shiny. I read about it and tried it and voila, it worked great. Since then, me and Ritcha, are using this hair mask or the banana hair mask (that I absolutely love 🙂) alternately. Pampering hair gives me pleasure. As I do heat styling a lot, taking care of hair becomes very important. These hair masks ensure that my hair don’t go too much weak or brittle and don’t lose all their volume and lustre.
Let’s come to the recipe now. What all items do we need for this hair mask. Nothing much. All that you have in your kitchen any time.

  •  Curd
  •  Honey
  • Coffee

Get Shiny Hair
That’s it. Now comes the point, how to make it and use it!! Again very simple. You can get an idea of the quantities by checking out the pics below. I use more of curd/ yogurt as my hair are very dry types and they are always thirsty for extra moisture. 
How to prepare it –
Take curd in a bowl and add coffee in it. Then add honey also and mix well. Apply this smooth paste on your hair from roots to ends and tie your hair up, may be in a shower cap so that it doesn’t get messy. Let it be in your hair for 20-30 mins and then wash off with shampoo and then use your favourite conditioner.
Get Shiny Hair Mask
Enjoy that extra shine, extra softness, smoothness, reduced frizz and all the more clean hair 🙂.
Get Shiny Hair Mask
Benefits of Ingredients –
Curd –
  • Curd is very beneficial for dry hair. It provides them extra moisture.
  • It helps in taming frizz and makes hair soft.
  • Curd also helps in getting rid of dandruff and reduces hair fall.
Honey –
  • Honey attracts moisture and thus, is helpful for dry and damaged hair.
  • Honey is full of antioxidants and nutrients to feed hair follicles that house the live part of hair and encourage hair growth.
  • It brings health and lustre to hair.
Coffee –
  • Coffee or caffeine is a stimulant and works for hair in the same way. It stimulates hair follicles too.
  • Caffeine is used in treatment of hair loss.
  • Coffee/ caffeine products add shine to hair while making them more manageable.
Enough Reasons!!
Now, just go to your kitchen and prepare this simple mask and enjoy!!
I am sure, both you and your hair are gonna love this treat 🙂
Have healthy and happy hair,
Stay blessed
Charu 🙂

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  1. I never heard of this hair care now I need to try this great information and helpful thanks.

  2. Charu I have dry thirsty hair, I'll have to get some curds and try it out. I need to get rid of the frizzies… have a lovely rest of the week ♡

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