Wedding Diaries 2 – CTM Routine For Oily Skin

By Ritcha
Hey Beautiful Skins 🙂
Not yet!!
Oh, soon you will sport that. And your d-day is near!! Oh girl, you deserve flawless awesomeness!!

Just go through this piece and start following CTM from today and then, you will feel beautiful skin 🙂.
It is going to be your day gal and you deserve the best. Don’t leave any stone unturned. Give your best and have best forever 🙂
You are going to be a bride and it’s the most special occasion of life. Every girl wants to look beautiful but can makeup do it all? Of course it can do the magic very well but its not possible to wear makeup everyday and everytime. Don’t you want that clear, healthy, bright, flawless skin naturally. Honey you should start it now and all those who are going to get married sooner or later should start CTM routine, at least 2 months prior you wedding month (oh…I started late so 2 months 😉 If you have time, start it today even if its 6 months remaining for your d-day 🙂).

CTM routine

Trust me its so easy to do and the difference in your skin will be noticeable which will further motivate you to adopt it even after wedding! 😉 My sister used to keep telling me about its benefits and all but I was so lazy to even bring any product or do it. But now when I am religiously following this routine, I can swear by it. It has brought a huge difference in my skin and its all natural! 😛
I think we all know what CTM stands for, for those who don’t know let me clear it, CTM stands for Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. According to me it’s the basic skin care regime which every girl should follow. Lets talk about these in detail.
Its always advisable to use a good cleanser for your skin. Say no to soap, instead you can use face wash. Do remember either you use facewash or cleanser, but both of these don’t remove heavy makeup. So first remove your makeup with a good makeup remover, depending on your skin type and you can also use cleansing milk or baby oil as a substitute. Now wash your face with a nice cleanser. Cleanser helps to remove environmental pollutants and oil from skin. I would recommend using Jafra or Cetaphil cleanser as these are best for oily and super oily skin. I am using the ones which are suitable for oily skin.

CTM routine

I have seen that many women think that toning is not that necessary. You know it has so many benefits while balancing your skin’s PH level it helps to make it healthy, hydrated and young from inside. You won’t see any instant change after using a toner but there would definitely be many long term benefits. Do check the ingredients while buying a toner. Firstly, your toner should not contain alcohol. Again I would say prefer a toner meant specially for oily skin. I have used a few toners but for my super oily skin I am loving my current Jafra toner. 
If you want something natural for your skin, you can use rose water in place of toner, it would be cheaper too! 😉

CTM Routine

So, lovely ladies, here comes the last step which will complete your CTM routine. But keep at least a few minutes gap between toning and moisturizing.  It is indeed last but very important part of the routine. Never never avoid this, as it will help make your skin brighten and beautiful. For oily skin use a very light moisturizer or gel as heavy moisturizer may result in outcome of pimples or will leave you look greasy. For day time it is advisable to use a good SPF lotion or gel. At night I use Jafra SkinBrightner +  in place of moisturizer as it seems perfect for my oily skin. It is serum and totally recommended.

CTM Routine
CTM Routine

Include this very simple regime in your daily skin care and do this twice – in morning and at night before hitting your bed. Honestly saying, I am damn lazy but trust me on it. It is not that tough and you will love the results as your skin will look more fresh and bright. 

CTM Routine


If any of the product doesn’t suit you, replace it and if you further face problem, then take professional help. But, don’t leave CTM. You will be happy when nearing 40s and will get complimented for looking like 30s 😉
Stay Pretty and Happy always 🙂
 P.S. – If you need any of the Jafra product, contact at

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  5. I totally agree..i used to skip CTM routine but now when i am following it religiously,i can see so much difference in my skin texture.
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