Your Body – Cosmetic Surgery – Cost Factor

Is cosmetic surgery your next to do thing? Is it best thing to shade your body?
Now a days people are going for cosmetic surgeries and it is seen a lot more common in youngsters too. Our new generation is so into this thing, they prefer to correct their features and body with the help of cosmetic surgery, just before they enter college. Females prefer surgeries for breast enlargement and liposuction. Tummy tuck and gynocomestia is also very famous among men and women both.  And you will be amazed to know that only 10% women go for face lift after age of 60.

When crash dieting and exercise nothing works for you and you really want to reduce that excess fat  from your tummy, thighs, hips and arms then liposuction is your cure as it removes excess fat from any part of your body. Every woman wants to look smart and flaunt a perfect figure in western outfits and that’s why they take help of cosmetic surgery. Every part of our body has fat cells, and when we eat too much or junk food and don’t do much physical exercise to burn that then the size of fat cells increases. When you indulge in crash dieting then these fat cells start shrinking.

With the help of liposuction these fat cells are removed from a particular part of body and as a result fat doesn’t get deposited in that part. But if you would not control your eating habits then fat will start increasing on other parts to a great extent.  During liposuction, muscles are also tightened but as the age increases there are more chances that you will get wrinkles after liposuction as the skin is not able to come back to its original state.

Total Cost: You have to take multiple sittings for liposuction and number of sittings depend on your body fat. It will cost you approx Rs 45,000 per sitting.

Tummy Tuck:

Women opt for tummy tuck mainly after delivery, when the skin on abdomen gets loose and tummy gets fat and deshaped. Men also go for tummy tuck after age of 40 when the size of their tummy increases and it becomes quite visible. In this surgery the fat cells are removed from tummy and the loose skin of abdomen is tightened up, to give it a smart and flat look.

Total Cost: Approx Rs 75,000


When the breast of women gets really loose, then they take help of breastoplasty to tighten the breast. Men also induldge in gynocomestia when the chest of men starts looking like a woman’s breast.  Women also go for breast implant to increase the size of breast; generally women with small breast go for breast implant to enhance the size of their breasts.

Total Cost Breastoplasty costs generally Rs 60,000, whereas the cost of breast implant is approx Rs 85,000.

Face Lift:

Skin of face starts getting loose with age and it results in wrinkles. Face lift is a technique by which muscles of face are tightened, resulting in no or less wrinkles and makes you look younger.

Total cost: It may cost you anything between Rs 50,000 and Rs 70,000, depending on your skin type.

Double Chin:

Your Body - Cosmetic Surgery - Cost Factor

Double is found mainly in men as compared to women. Through this surgery double chin is reduced by removing excess fat from your chin and platezma muscles are tighten.

Total Cost: Approx Rs 35,000.

Fat Grafting:

To make hands look more beautiful and soft, fat is inserted in hands. This process is known as fat grafting.

Total Cost: It will cost you approx Rs 30,000.

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  1. Celebrities are also going for nose thinning. very informative article Charu!

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  3. Great and very informative post
    My friend just had a nose job done and it cost her $10,000
    It's pretty expensive and glad I don't need to go under the knife
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  14. Wow.. quite an informative post dear especially fat grafting part !

  15. I don't think I'd ever get plastic surgery, I'm too scared

  16. Hopefully I won't get the idea to have a surgery for beauty and that I will allow myself to get old honorably … especialy as I would know a lot of other things to do with that huge amounts of money 🙂 But one thing is sure: you don't need such a surgery in any case <3

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  17. Great article, but personally, I'm opposite to any cosmetic surgery, I think that there are better ways to impove our body.

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