Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor Review

Oh boy…do you care about a hair growth inhibitor!!
Did you say what’s that? Don’t you know!!
It is something that can save your 100s of hours of parlour visits. How. Here it is –
This miracle product can reduce and finally stop (may be ;)) hair growth thereby making you all smooth and hair free so that you can go bare anywhere n ever. Oh, don’t take it too literally huns 🙂.

But yes, doesn’t it sound good. We all apply moisturizers after bathing. This cream can easily replace those moisturizers for only 5 days after waxing sessions easily as it itself is super moisturizing. Two times a day…did I forgot to tell you!! Ok, night time moisturization is again good :).
It is a miracle product for someone like me who is so lazy that half of the time, end up shaving than spending hours at parlours for services. I get so bored there. I don’t like it at all. Plus, if you like to go for laser treatments for permanent hair removal, then again, it is so expensive that full body is simply not possible without using those $$$$$$ which someone has left for us in foreign and is now informing us through those emails declaring us the fortuners 🙂

So, I find this Rs. 1100 investment worth as, if it works, 5 bottles would be cheaper than those lakhs of rupees spent in laser hair removal. While I have this barever inhibitor, I pray to God that it works 100% for me so that I can be spared by those parlour visits this lifetime and those not so possible laser treatments ;).
Even if not 100%, if hair growth reduces to an extent of once 3-4 months, then also fine with me ;).

Lets go through the product description –
What should you expect –
After using barever together with 3 sessions of your hair removal method, you will realize that the growth and thickness of hair has reduced to a level where the need of your prior hair removal method is decreased significantly.
How to use it
1. Remove hair with your regular hair removal method.
2. Take enough quantity of Barever and apply on desired area.
3. Massage gently till Barever is well absorbed.
4. Use Twice daily for 5 days after every hair removal session.
5. In case of Hair Removal Cream, use daily.
Is it safe?
Barever is formulated with ingredients derived from plants which make it 100% natural, safe and effective. The only side effect which you will have with Barever is that body hair growth will be reduced but that is also the main effect for which you shown trust in Barever.

Price –
Rs. 1100/- for 80 gms. You can get it at snapdeal for Rs. 990/- currently, at a 10% discount :).
Packaging –
A nice classy bottle. No brittle. Travel friendly. Comes with a dispenser pump with a lock-in feature where you need to twist pump to lock-in and open. Again convenient.  Pump dispenses the right amount, so no wastage too.
Texture –
It is white in colour and on thicker side. Creamy and very moisturizing but not very heavy on skin. It blends and merges well into skin and gets absorbed fully.  
Ingredients –

Natural Spring Water(Aqua), Ceteostearyl Alcohol, Carica Papaya, Helianthus Annus Oil, Glyceryl Mono Stearate, Caprrylic capric tri glyceride, Gymnema sylvestre, Glycerine, Benzoic acid, Potassium Sorbate, Sorbic acid, Natural fragrance.

My Experience with Barever –
I have got to use it 3 times after waxing sessions only and as the product description already says, don’t expect miracles, so it is not that I am hairfree these days. No. But yes, the hair growth has reduced by a bit. If in a month, I see some positive results, then thumbs up from me. I am going to use it over a period of 6 months to check some more good results. I will surely update this post if I notice some amazing results ;).
So, I have used this cream after waxing sessions and after shaving too. I haven’t got any allergies or reactions. The fragrance is not too much fragrant 😉 but either not that bad. I adjusted to that easily. The cream is a lot more moisturizing that you can think. It is very creamy indeed. And you won’t feel bad when you apply it on hands and legs. In fact, it leaves them soft and smooth to touch. But, for my very oily skin, I am still not able to apply it on face which I felt was my first priority. Then, winters are coming 🙂. And I will use this baby for my face too for whole 4 months 🙂.
Over this one month, I can say that this hair growth inhibitor is a good product that delivers what it claims. It has reduced the hair growth and hair have thinned out a little bit too. It obviously works best with waxing but you can use it with all modes of hair removed. It is said to be non – comedogenic. That is again good. It is very moisturizing and you can skip your creams while using this.
A good thing about Barever is that while all such products advise to use them daily, Barever description mentions to use it only for 5 days after hair removal session (only not in case of hair removal creams). That saves lot of product and hassle too. If I had to apply it daily forever, I would surely have got bored!!

My Notes –
Tip to apply on face –
 – Either wait for winters ;). Or take little quantity, apply it on face wherever required like upper lip area and cheeks or side locks, wherever you go for waxing and then massage gently till whole product gets absorbed completely. Don’t go overboard with quantity. What I do is, I wash my face after 1 hour of application whenever I use it J. But in winters, I will be going OTT myself ;).
– Do a patch test.
– Suitable for face, arms, legs and bikini line too.
– Suitable for both men and women. Hmmm… something for boys too 😉
Pros –
  • Delivers what it claims.
  • Slowly reduces hair growth and thins out hair a little bit.
  • Minimizes need for frequent hair removal.
  • All natural.
  • Fine fragrance (much better than those hair removal creams)
  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • Can be used on face, underarm, hands, legs, back, upper lips & bikini line.
  • Paraben free.
  • Made from Himalayan Spring water which soothe & hydrate skin.
  • Hygienic pump packaging with nozzle lock system.
  • Doesn’t cause any reactions or allergies to me.
  • Available online.
  • Travel friendly.

Cons –
  • I find a little bit more creamy for my oily face still it didn’t cause any breakout. 🙂

You can buy it online at and

Overall Rating –
I would surely recommend it and repurchase it. If a bottle helps in getting my parlour visits reduced to say once in 2-3 months or more, then why not!! I would love that. Do try it. You will only get benefitted. Men…you too!!

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