Fashion Blunders To Avoid

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Today, no review. A visual post today with some tips on avoiding fashion blunders that make us stand on wrong side of line sometimes. We will discuss about fashion blunders which many women step into and really end up looking awkward at any special occasion. 

Fashion Blunders

One might end up looking awkward while trying to overdo with something, may it be jewellery or makeup or skin show. Here I will be discussing biggest fashion mistakes we all should avoid, specially newly weds 😉

Getting over with Skin show
You should know how much is too much. Trust me, too much skin show is not going to make you look bold or sexy when you are going for some party. I am not asking you to cover yourself in yards of fabric..if you have it flaunt it but be moderate with your look. You must know how much skin show can uplift your look, while too much of it may leave you feeling conscious.

Fashion Blunders

Overdose of Jewellery
Until its your own wedding, don’t go overboard. Well I think even if its your own wedding do try the jewellery in advance and see yourself in mirror to know how it looks on you, it shouldn’t overpower your dress but enhance and compliment it. In India we have so many variety of jewellery but wearing too much of it can leave you look like a jewel queen!!

Flaunt your best not your flaws
Wear dresses which help you to flaunt your best not your flaws. If you are on a bulkier side, avoid loose gowns and loose dresses. Of course too much tight dress won’t look good either. Go for a good fit and comfort but never compromise for appearance. You should choose an outfit which will hide your problem areas while enhancing best ones. And if it’s tough to decide it on your own, take suggestion of someone who has a good sense of style and is honest.

Fashion Blunders

Dress according to Occasion –
It will only make you look stupid if you don’t dress according to occasion. Even if you are extra modern or stylish, you shouldn’t go to a pooja in a short dress and if it’s going to be the first family function after your wedding, please don’t wear too less clothes. Of course you can wear whatever you want in a family get together.  Be smart with your dressing and choose an attire which goes perfectly for the occasion. 

Fashion Blunders

Avoid overdose of makeup:
I know almost every girl loves makeup, but you should know how much to apply! Even if you are a newly wed or going to attend a special party, don’t make your face look like a pancake. Either no makeup will leave you look odd. So do it but smartly. Do carry at least lipstick with you, as we female’s have a habit to eat it! 😀

Fashion Blunders
Fashion Blunders
Fashion Blunders

Never ever  compromise with footwear
I have seen gals opting for not so comfortable or too much uncomfortable footwear when it comes to style and what they do is keep sitting or just taking the help of bandages or on a full rest next day all because of those glittery high heels . Please have mercy on those feet, after all they are carrying you and your whole weight. Wear something which is comfortable, at least you can bear it easily. If you can’t go for sky high heels wear wedges, there are many smart options available these days or simply wear block heels. And yes the last point which is coming to my mind is please don’t punish yourself by wearing heels while shopping, specially street shopping, it will only make you look odd and is a sign that you are not confident enough with yourself. 

Fashion Blunders

All simple and avoidable , no!!

Doing little changes to our dressing can make or break our look. BTW, I am loving Sonakshi’s wedges and comfortable styling in these pics and the pattern of her 1st black dress :).
You know, being female, we can’t resist commenting or complimenting. But comment less and compliment more. You will be happy and the person, who receives compliment will be happiest, again making you happy 🙂

Stay Fashionable yet Comfortable 😉

Charu 🙂

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  1. Charu… I am with you about having a little style.. I learned a lot through the years… I love heels but I don't torture my feet, I carry them in a bag with me and wear a cute pair of flats until I arrive at church… I also don't like when women wear too much make up, it doesn't enhance the look, instead it looks awful, less is always better… at least more classy…

    I hope you are feeling well and getting as much rest as you can with a toddler and being pregnant… my oldest daughter is going through that right now… not sure if I told you. She is due the end of April and she has Jackson who is 3.

    How does your little one feel about the new baby? I hope excited… Jackson is excited for the moment… until the baby comes probably.. lol

    Have a good week girl xox

  2. hahahaha this post made me laugh out loud… look at kangana n sonam :p
    sometimes stars also need help.. nice post xo

  3. Oh these are wonderful! The makeup one always bothers me the most. It starts to look so clownish and silly. Very cool tips, dear 🙂 xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  4. What great tips Charu! I totally agree, less is def best and more appealing when it comes to showing skin.

    Keisha xo

  5. lol, I love that post ! X


  6. I think people sometimes try WAY too hard with this sort of stuff. Seriously? Like doesn't it get uncomfortable wearing a caked layer of foundation on your face and do you really not worry about your nipple popping out??? I just don't get it.
    Your so right. Style is incredibly important but just don't overdo it people!


  7. Amazing tips, Charu! =)

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  8. Had a good time going through this post 🙂 . I wonder how big celebrities like these can make these blunders.

  9. Nice compilation…omg, I will never forget Sonam's Cannes makeup during her first visit, the foundation oxidized so badly on her

  10. Charu, omg, I completely agree with you!!! Such fashion disasters we get to see on a regular basis these days. And on top of these, another one of my pet peeve is colouring of hair to purple and green and pink. Like wth is all that about now? Super unattractive, and extremely dumb :p

  11. I agree with you..the overdone clown like makeup and ugly heels omg 😀

  12. Great tips!!!
    Have a good week!!! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  13. Que show de imagens arrasou belos vestidos amei a postagem
    Vídeo Novo:

  14. so true! totally agree!

  15. Wow Amazing Tips you shared. But all the Bollywood actresses are looking awesome and hot.

  16. Awesome fun post 😀 . completely agree with all the points

  17. My dear Charu, you are so right, these are all big mistakes! And I have to admit that I assume that I did every one of this mistakes at least once in my life 🙂
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  18. Some things are better not overdone and I agree with you. There is a limit to everything like exposing it all and too much make up that makes you look like a clown.

  19. I love this post are so right at the mistakes that we might just do.. Will keep these in mind for sure

  20. Great tips and post!

  21. You are totally right! Girl needs to emphasize what is adorned, and to conceal flaws.
    Very useful review!
    Enjoy in weekend! Lots of kisses!

  22. NIce post Charu… Enjoyed reading it. For a change such kind of post are so like breath of fresh air. Like the detailing of the post do's and don't. Great going … Keep it coming :))

  23. This post is (again) Just so creative!
    I love reading your blog, and I look forward to read your next post 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us!
    Xoxo Julia

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