Mix of Fairytale Inspiration & Indian tradition – OOTD :)

By Ritcha

When I was a little girl, I used to watch fairytales and imagine myself wearing those dresses like fairies. But the thing which was common in all my imaginations was the color “Pink”. I know being a girl its very common to have that special corner for this special color, me being no exception. As I grew up, many colors came to my life, few became my favorite and then there I was, a teenager who used to love red and white, you may call these colors a symbol of passion/love and peace..hihihi 😉

Pink Pearl Saree OOTD

Well now came the time when that teenager girl turned into a grownup girl and was going to get married. Wedding, which does include lots and lots of shopping (indeed the best part;)). When I started my wedding shopping, the first thing I picked was a pink saree with pearls. O yes..you read it right pearls. Now, its also something which almost every girl loves. Pearl earrings, neckpieces, rings and everything which has pearls, even dresses. Atleast I do. So, that saree caught my eye because it was pink and was very elegantly designed with only pearls, without any chamko sitara work.

In these pictures, I am wearing the same saree, hope you like it 🙂

Being Indian, buying saree’s during wedding shopping is must, afterall who doesn’t love this nine yard magic which compliments each and every girl. I remember when I was a kid I used to try on mum’s saree’s when there was no one at home and used to copy her. It all fascinated me like anything and I wanted to be like her. She still looks so gorgeous when she wears a saree, Well she always looks gorgeous but I like her more in a saree and its still unbelievable for me that she drapes a saree in just 2-3 minutes unless its a heavy silk saree, silk which even I am very fond of. I know I am very bad at draping sarees, usually keep fighting while trying to drape (fight with saree and fabric ;), so please ignore that part..hihihi.. but yes I do enjoy wearing saree..ummm but only for some special occasion as it takes a lot of time and then I am left with no time for makeup 😀 So, please ignore makeup part 🙂

Pink Pearl Saree OOTD

Pink Pearl Saree OOTD

Pink Pearl Saree OOTD
Pink Pearl Saree OOTD

Pink Pearl Saree OOTD
Pink Pearl Saree OOTD

Pink Pearl Saree OOTD

I believe “Nothing is worth it if you aren’t happy”.

In the end I would love to share a few lines by “Rumi” which are very close to my heart:

Your beautiful face
Is the light of my heart
Your gentleness
Has given me wings
Your laughter
Is my sacred feast.
By your delicate scent
My heart can beat for no other.
I walk buoyantly in your court
Immersed in the bliss of your sea
I surrender at your feet.
I have become YOU.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Do share your love and views 🙂

I am always waiting for your love.

Have a great day

Ritcha 🙂

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  1. Looking very pretty dear 🙂 xx

  2. The outfit is so amazing and lovely! And the model is a beautiful ray of sunshine sent to brighten my day 🙂 Wow!! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  3. Charu!!!!! You are pretty. I love the saree and all that matched with it.

  4. Oh, you look like an Indian Cinderella Ritcha…so beautiful, so charming…loved the saree , the look and the whole post with your pictures.. Thanks for giving my boring day a great start 🙂

  5. You look stunning, the saree is gorgeous!


  6. U look lovely…love ur saree n blouse ritcha …
    I love wearing saree too..x

  7. You look gorgeous, Love the colors, accessories, hair.. everything about this look!

  8. Ritcha is looking so beautiful <3 Gorgeous clicks!

  9. Lovely saree, very beautiful! Your make up is nicely done too!

  10. Oh my, you look stunning, like an princess! That light blue color of your dress decorated with beads is fabulous! You look so gorgeous and pretty 😉 Beautiful necklaces also!
    Lots of kisses beautiful :***

  11. Ritcha… the saree looks so lovely on you… they really do look lovely and most women… althogh I've been told they are not easy to drape … yet they are worth the effort. ♡ l like the delicate pink on you and pearls are always elegant ♡ xox

  12. You look stunning <3

  13. Lovely saree and you sure look pretty in pink.

  14. The saree looks beautiful on her the color os perfect.

  15. You look beautiful Ritcha 🙂 Loved the pearl detailing border a lot 🙂

  16. Que linda inspiração amei arrasou na postagem, tenha uma semana abençoada
    Curta e siga o meu canal:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xZdo8xMv34

  17. Saree, your make-up everything is so perfect. You are a Doll Ritcha 🙂


  18. I've never worn a saree before but I love seeing my watching wearing it. It's always very elegant and sexy. You look gorgeous here, Charu. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  19. What a beautiful saree. I love the soft color.

  20. My first time on this blog and I love it! You are indeed a beautiful Fairy goddess if there is something like that lol..I've always luved indian culture especially the saree..I hope to have one some day. Nice blog hun xx.


  21. Oh my sweet Ritcha that color pink n pearls on the saree look so adorable on u .. u look lovely in all the pics.. ..
    I hate wearing saree 😛 u look like a cutie though 😀 ♥♥

  22. Beautiful phoos and words!
    You look like a princess! 😀

  23. U have gorgeous hair Ritcha 🙂

  24. That saree is gorgeous, n what a sexy blouse hun…you look simply beautiful 🙂

  25. You look stunning, dear. Such a soft and lovely colour. :))
    Have a great week.


  26. Looking very pretty in pink. That's a gorgeous sari

  27. Wow.. this is indeed a fairy tale outfit, loved the gorgeous saree and how you styled your blouse. Looking gorgeous Ritcha <3

  28. Oh my word, you are stunning!!!
    Love this pink sari and the photos <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  29. Ritcha you are looking fabulous! I love your saree!

    Keisha xo

  30. Fantastic post as always! That saree look very chic.

    Facebook / Bloglovin

  31. You look soo pretty <3

  32. gorgeous! saree makes every girl looks prettier. loved your blouse too 🙂

  33. Hi Charu,

    you have a lovely blog! would you like following each other? Lemme know


  34. Your saree is gorgeous and you are looking very pretty in it.

  35. Lovely post! 🙂


  36. You look stunning in this saree – it has amazing shade which suits to you a lot 🙂


  37. Stunning!
    Such a great photos!

    Diana Cloudlet

  38. Thanks dear, followed you too!! #812 :*

  39. Wowwwww you looking sooooo beautiful sweets like a princess :*

  40. Amazing outfit 🙂

    I don't knew your blog but as I really liked the content I started follow via GFC. Can you follow me back, please? 😀

    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me 😀

  41. loove your saree !!
    and congrats on your wedding !
    hope everything goes well until the day comes ^ ^


  42. Such a gorgeous saree! And you look so lovely 🙂


  43. Lovely post Ritcha! I so believe Nothing is worth it if you aren't happy. 🙂 You look so beautiful in that sari. Just like an Indian princess. <3

  44. You look so beautiful. I like the different nail colours and your makeup is stunning!

    Lu | http://www.balgarka.co.uk

  45. You look awesome dear! Lovely colour

    Have a lovely day


  46. Ritcha looks so so pretty this saree!! Gosh, pink really really compliments her so so well!! And the hairstyle and the makeup is on point!!! Loveee this look!! 🙂 And as much as I want to wear sarees, hahahaahahah, I cant!!! Even if it saves my life, I just don't know how to!! :p


  47. Wow! How beautiful!!! You are gorgeous!


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