Top 9 Shaving Myths and Facts

Maximum women out there prefer waxing over shaving and few go for laser and enjoy long term benefits of same. Since I stepped into the world of waxing, I have been hearing that shaving is bad and is followed by many bad consequences. But you must agree to the fact that it does save time and we don’t always have time to go for waxing. Before opting for shaving I read a lot of articles about same but then I thought to experience it myself. I often opt for shaving as I don’t often find time to visit a salon. So today I am here to share with all my lovely readers few Myths and Facts about shaving I came across.

No 1

MYTH: Shaving makes hair grow back faster.

FACT: We are hearing this for ages but fact is that shaving does not make  hair to grow back faster and darker. Rate of hair growth depends on many things like age, genetics, hormones, gender and temperature as well. Be it waxing or shaving, underarm hair grows faster than hair on your legs or arms, so why blame shaving!!

No 2

MYTH: Shaving makes hair coarser.

FACT: Shaving doesn’t result in coarser or thicker hair. It’s only the blunt end of the hair which makes it look thicker.

No 3

MYTH: Pressing hard gives a closer shave.

FACT: Do you think so!! You know putting too much pressure only causes  cuts and nicks. Instead try to keep the blades flat against your skin and shave it with a light pressure instead.

No 4

MYTH: Shaving repeatedly gives a closer shave.

FACT: It will only irritate your skin. If  the results are not smooth then better change your blades or razor than shaving over and over again.

No 5

MYTH: Shaving fades away the tan.

FACT: How can it be possbile to simply shave the tan!! The fact is regular shaving only increases your chances of getting tanned.

No 6

MYTH: It’s okay to use a men’s razor.

FACT: You should know that a women’s razor is designed specially for the soft skin and lovely curves of a women, so its always advisable to use a women’s razor. Also,  women have got more area to cover, so razors should be special too!

No 7

MYTH: It’s not necessary to use shaving cream; instead you can use soap and water.

FACT: Ordinary soaps are more drying than shaving creams/gels. Soap and water can never give a close shave. So its advisable to use shaving creams for a smooth shave and finish. It also lubricates the skin, which helps razor glide more easily. I personally have noticed a major difference in the finish and after effects.

No 8

MYTH: Waxing doesn’t  cause ingrown hairs,  it’s the outcome of shaving.

FACT: I agree waxing makes legs more smooth, but it does result in ingrown hair like shaving. Whatever hair removal method you use, the only key to avoid ingrown hair is exfoliation.

No 9

MYTH: Shaving results in dry and flaky skin.

FACT: Its just the procedure or method of shaving which results in flaky and dry skin. Shaving removes the top layer of dead skin cells and thus results in a smooth skin and for even silkier skin, you must moisturize afterwards. But its to be done for any process you opt for hair removal, be it shaving or waxing.

Which method of hair removal do you prefer? Did you ever tried shaving, how was your experience?

Wish you all a blessed weekend

20 Replies to “Top 9 Shaving Myths and Facts”

  1. Love having these myths busted, Charu! Personally, I prefer going for lasers 😀

  2. This is great!! Thanks for this 🙂

  3. Very well explained Di 🙂
    I guess the biggest myth is, "All razors are same" that you covered on No:6

  4. Interesting, but I don't shave my leg. I don't find it necessary. 🙂
    Have a lovely weekend, Charu.

  5. Great Facts!

    Happy Weekend ,kisses

  6. these are so funny! I love seeing myths vs truths!
    alexis @

  7. I wish I could remove every bit of hair from my body forever 🙂 So annoying to shave and shave so often, I have better things to do 🙂 I had heard many of these myths and always believed them. Thank you for teaching me. Also thanks for that last picture! My goodness dear that is so exciting 🙂 xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  8. I have been shaving my legs. So I agree with all the points you've mentioned.

  9. Fab tips Charu. I don't actually shave my legs…my hair is so fine it is barely visible.

    Keisha xo

  10. Charu, I regularly shave as waxing my legs would be expensive and painful… I have my eyebrows waxed once a month and they are red for hours… I just don't have the patience to pluck them… but I couldn't imagine having my legs the same color of my brows for hours…. I love how you debunk many of these myths… especially the one about shaving harder and having a closer shave… I agree with you, just replace the blade and that will get it closer… I have shaved all my life and my hair has NOT come back thicker and darker… it's the same… actually lighter now that I am older.. I hope you had a great weekend xox <3

  11. i love myths busted posts 🙂

  12. I have had so many myths mentioned above 😛 I occasionaly shave my arms/legs but still prefer wax

  13. Oh thanks for share this myths

  14. Some of this myths I really didnt know. I love to shave, because my hair is not so strong.
    It is fast and not painful 🙂 Fantastic review :***

  15. Great post! Love the fact that you deconstructed some myths. It's good for women to have some common sense in a beauty blog 🙂 Again, nice work.

  16. Thanks for sharing. The only part where I disagree is that in my case, I have been using a men's razor forever and prefer it to the ones made for women.
    Keep in touch

  17. Nice facts… Actually most of us don't have much time to go for saloons, I use veet for hair removal , its ok for me.

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