Peplum with a little twist – OOTD

A very warm welcome to all myglossy readers 🙂
I love coral shades then be it lipstick, shoes or dresses. Corals are just perfect for summers. I did an outfit post last year flaunting almost same color dress 😛 hihihi , you can check it out here. May be I love this color too much but now I will not buy any dress or top in same shade *my promise to me* 😀 always to be broken 😉
Peplum with a little twist - OOTD
Peplum with a little twist - OOTD 
In today’s outfit post I am wearing “Liebemode” peplum dress which I bought online from And to make it little unique I styled it with a belt on my waist and just above the flare of peplum.
 Peplum with a little twist - OOTD
 Peplum with a little twist - OOTD
Peplum with a little twist - OOTD 
Please ignore my bare eyes as I am not wearing any kind of eye makeup in these pics, not even liner or mascara..just nothing. One of those times  when you want minimal to work maximum!!
Peplum with a little twist - OOTD 
Peplum with a little twist - OOTD
I love braids as braids are definitely perfect for Delhi summers, so here I am flaunting a braided hairstyle which is one of my favorite for summers. and I often make it but only when I am not short of time 😉
Bellies are very old yet comfy and perfect for shopping, when I need style and comfort, these choco bellies serve best.
Peplum with a little twist - OOTD
Peplum with a little twist - OOTD
That’s it. All pics poured 🙂
How did you like my peplum in coral!! Do share your love and feedback. 
Till then, I am going into writing mode again. Oh yes, since Charu is busy with kiddos these days, I am trying to use my tired fingers for good :D.
Have a great week

Love all
Ritcha 🙂

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  1. Looking good as ever Charu. Never-mine without the eye make-up. Not at all an issue. I still see the beauty.

  2. Looking so pretty, Charu. That dress is lovely and love the bold shade of your lippy. 🙂

  3. Thanks =) Nice to hear all those words =)

    Great pictures, I love this outfit <3
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  4. Love that dress

    Lou of Steal the Style
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  5. ur outfit looks really cute Ritcha…so are you!

  6. This is beautiful. You look amazing.

  7. The very first thing I saw was that wonderful hair! Nice choice with the belt, it looks like it came with the dress. And the dress is a perfect color for you that you should buy all you want 🙂 And certainly no eye makeup is needed with you, glad you chose to be comfortable. For me, I was so happy to see those gorgeous legs, dear!! A wonderful and sexy surprise I enjoyed completely 😉 Picture 3 to be exact 🙂 You are such an amazing and exciting woman and a very sweet friend! Kisses

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  8. You look very beautiful, love your hair!

    Have a nice day!


  9. Love the color of ur dress

  10. The dress is so beautiful! And you look so glam in this outfit too 🙂

  11. Ritcha… you look adorable as usual, coral is a wonderful color for you… such a pretty lace dress ♡

    Your hair looks super thick and I thought was… xox

  12. OMG great post, can't wait to read the next one!!
    Thanks a bunch for your support on my blog

  13. That coral is so pretty! Love this look! 🙂

    xx Chelsea

  14. A simple dress with a chic look.

  15. ritcha looks gorgeous 😀

  16. Your dress is really cute! You don't even need eye makeup in that look…it looks great anyway!
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  17. I love the coral… The dress is very pretty! 🙂


  18. Love the colour of your dress, you look gorgeous.Love your pictures. Stay in Touch.

    ❁ ❊ Kanwalikram's Blog ❊ ❁

  19. What a cute outfit! I love the colour of this lace dress.

  20. I Can see why you love coral…the shade looks fabulous on you! And you look beautiful with and without makeup 🙂

    Keisha xo

  21. Coral is a beautiful color and perfect for summer! I just adore your dress! It looks fantastic on you!


  22. You look so cute Richa…. love the way you dressed, its quite different and appealing.

  23. You look super cute ! Love your hairstyle

  24. Thank you so much for your thoughts on my last post! I know it’s a heavy topic and this is why your comment meant a lot to me : )

  25. This coral shade looks lovely on you and WOW I love your hair!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  27. I love that colour on you and your hair is stunning 🙂

    Corinne x

  28. That is a very pretty color. If you like it, don't deny yourself it 🙂

    xx Yasmin

  29. Lovely outfit!!
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  30. Coral suits you to the core Ritcha! Loved ur hair <3

  31. Another amazing post and love the content!

  32. I love the dress and the outfit is really cool.

  33. Beautiful dress! Thank you for your sweet comment and yes I'll head over to your social media (Instagram, GFC and Bloglovin) and follow you. I hope you'll follow back line you promised and stay in touch.

  34. You look gorgeous ! I love the color you are wearing

  35. Bonito look, el vestido es precioso. Besos

  36. lovely shade of coral! 😀

    Have a great weekend!
    Animated Confessions

  37. Love your outfit & you look absolutely stunning, dear! xoxo

  38. Dear Ritcha love how you style this amazing look! Color of the dress is beyond beautiful, and I am sure you would buy more of the same 😉 Your hairstyle is exquisite! Loving how lace dress suit you! Looking superb! Kisses :*

  39. Great post!!!I like your blog , I stay as a follower in facebook,instagram,bloglovin, I invite you to visit my blog, I hope you like it and stay in touch!!!kiss

  40. fantastic post my dear, I love this outfit!! 😀 xoxo

  41. You look great girl! Love the chic and simple outfit and those shoes are really pretty.

    Style..A Pastiche! – New Post – Yoga

  42. great post !
    I am new follower please follow me back 🙂 COLORFUL THOUGHTS

  43. Love the dress, perfect color and texture!

    Zapatos Rojos

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  45. It's a very pretty dress.. love the mesh and the colour! 🙂

    So happy and perfect for spring and summer! 🙂

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  46. Love your dress and shoes 🙂 You look stunning!

  47. Beautiful outfit, dear!

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  49. good post !

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  50. I do love coral very much, it is a beautiful color indeed. You look beauitiful in this pepelum oufit, hope your week is wonderful!


  51. Thank you for visiting my blog, dear!
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  52. Coral really suits you, looking great, girl!

  53. following you on GFC & INSTA…
    love your hairstyle and this shade looks superb on you

  54. Very nice dress, I follow you in GFC, G+, bloglovin, Facebook and twitter. Please follow back. xoxo

  55. This is such a chic look. You look so beautiful! Have a lovely day 🙂

  56. you look great dear! I like the whole look 🙂
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  57. Coral looks great on u!

  58. Love the dress! Coral complements your skin tone. 🙂

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  59. love the detailed lace dress its soo cute.. the tied up hairdo goes really well with the outfit 🙂

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