Living Worst Horror Of My Life – CHICKENPOX

I was a happy girl few days back. Recently delivered my cute angel through c-sec, I was trying to put everything on track on my own. On 1stjuly, I delivered my baby girl. Came straight to my mum’s to get all the help possible so that I can take things easy and rest while enjoying with my both kids. Here, I have my mum, papa, Ritcha and my little sister. My elder one, 4 yr old son also was enjoying a lot with the family extension and living with his maternal family whom he loves. Everything was going good except some minor problems like me having fever due to some internal infections after c-sec. Antibiotics taken and all sorted by 22nd July. Happy we were.
Then Ritcha started having some fever, we thought to be viral. On 27th july, we took her to doctor who prescribed medications. But on 29th july, there were two watery pimples on her neck and face. We immediately  took her to doctor again and he confirmed it to be chickenpox. He started antiviral medicines on her but her condition was getting worse and worse. She was having chickenpox more on insides than outside. Her throat, lungs, stomach, genitals, all screwed up. People have pain and itching from rashes. She had pain in all internals and started having difficulty in breathing. Nightmare it was. We were all set to admit her to hospital but were scared that either hospitals would not admit person with chickenpox or would not easily discharge her!! We finally got a great doctor who is famous for not treating chickenpox as chickenpox doesn’t have a treatment but his medications help in minimizing all these symptoms. We were sure that if his medication didn’t do anything till evening, we gonna admit her in hospital as she was not even able to swallow water. All her mouth, throat and lungs were full of blisters. Thankfully, his medicines made a difference. Not very fast and easy, but over time, yes. Thank God, that we got him. It was I think 3rd august.
Slowly, she started recovering. I was living there only at 1stfloor with my kids as I was still not in condition to do everything on my own. I was still week and had pain in my stitches. And Ritcha has been shifted to 2nd floor and she never came down. So, no chances of infection too. My mother went on a school trip on 11th august and when she returned on 13thaugust, she was in blisters!!
It was a horror!!
Then, I packed my bags in the night and left for my home which is not far from my mum’s place. On 14th morning, we 4, me, my hubby and 2 kiddos, came back to our sanctuary. All going fine and comfortable. I started doing little things on my own. My hubby helped my son get ready for school as I still couldn’t bend and had some after c-sec restrictions. All was good. I was happy that I am managing my little one fully on my own, bathing her, changing her nappies whole day, spending time with my elder one, his homework, activities, all stuff.
Then, came the Shocker. On 27th morning, say 4 am, when I woke up to feed my little one, a saw a tiny blister on my arm. I got scared. Went into another room, switched on light and checked again. Yes. It was there. I woke up Adarsh, my hubby and showed it to him. He also got tensed. I called up my mum and told her.
At that point of time, everything seemed black to me. I wanted to cry loud. Everything was shattering. My little baby is not even 2 months old. How will I manage now!! What will I do of her. If I keep her close to me, then she surely will be infected and they say, its severe in infants too. If I separate her from me, what will she do and what will I do!! How will I live without my kiddos!!
I gave her to my in laws and sent our son to school. Then I went straight to doctor. He confirmed it. And I cried and cried and cried. I came to my mum’s place then and didn’t go to my place. The whole world was spinning. I was crying like hell. While writing this, I still am crying. I can’t control. Love is your strength but makes you weak too.
Now, my hubby is looking after my son. He makes him ready for school on his own, looks after his homeworks and all and goes to his office too. Comes back, makes him eat dinner, makes him sleep and then does all other chores. After 2 days of being with my in laws, I have sent my daughter to my maternal aunt. My in laws are also old and they don’t have that much energy to keep up with a 2 month old baby day and night.
My fear is I am just praying all 3 of them remain safe as chickenpox is most contagious 1 or 2 days before the rash starts showing up and since I was having no symptoms, I was with them totally!! Since, that was the time when I got the infection from my mum I think. I am praying whole time.
There were no symptoms on me for chickenpox earlier, no fever, no rashes, no flu like symptoms. They came a day after. Fever started and throat began to itch a little. Rashes increasing and blisters forming. Those already formed were getting bigger in size. Nothing going down.
On 5th day, my fever went up like crazy – 104. It was not coming down even with Crocin. I took two at a gap of 4 hours but no improvement. Fever was not going down.We called doctor and he said not to take any more medicine and go for wet cloth compresses. My fever was not going going down even with those clothes. I was feeling strange. Then I took Dolo 625mg, a higher dose of PCM at around 11pm and my fever started to go down thankfully. By 3:30am, again I was having 104 degrees. We waited for an hour or so and I again took  a Dolo. My fever again started going down. That high fever phase passed there and then but it was worst. My mum was crying whole night. I knew it but I couldn’t do anything about it.
On 6th day, I had enough blisters covering my full face, scalp, all hands, full back, tummy, leds, my soles and wrists too. In my mouth, 1 in throat, some in nostrils, 2 below eyes. All possible places. 6 days went as it is. I was taking Flexon for fever now. By 7th day, the ones on my hands and nose started turning yellow and I became afraid that I have pus in them. But by next day, my face was drying and I went to doctor too who said, that’s not pus, its normal.
I read everywhere that by 10th day, all scabs have formed. But no. Not with me. The blisters on my face have almost all leaked and have formed a thick layer which I am hoping would dry up soon and fell off. But the rest of the body is in no good condition. Not that the blisters have clear liquid, but the maximum still are yellow, some are almost plain and brown.
Its my 10th day today and same condition. Only 3-4 little ones from face have fallen off after drying. Rest are there. But it is taking a lot of time. Those on the body are still yellow filled with black boundaries and are shrinking at a very slow speed.
May be I am not that strong and have low immunity due to my caesarean recently. I have to express my milk at least 4-5 times daily so that when I recover I still have something to give my little baby who is on formula fully.
I got my advices from friends to not stop breast feeding my little one as it will give her immunity and will give her antibodies. But my doctor suggested to stay away if possible. It speads through breathing also. The virus is too strong and baby too small. Any ways, I have blisters on chest also, so I couldn’t risk breast feeding my baby.
Just hoping to get well soon so that I can be reunited with my family again. As soon as possible. At the earliest. Its 10th day today. I still cry a lot. Daily multiple times. I try to stay strong but cant control emotions most of the time.
Some say the infectious period is over when scabs form and blisters are fully dry. Some say I should wait till all scabs fall off. But that would take longggg. I don’t know and am pretty confused on that.
Right now, my only wish is that I can be together with my family on 17th September which is my son Atharva’s 4 th birthday. I don’t want to miss it in isolation. God, please help. Please help.
Do share with me what you did and used when if unluckily, anyone of you had it. For the rest I pray you never get it. Amen..

P. S. – If you think, how these irregular posts are being managed then, oh, Ritcha manages the blogs totally these days. I am kinds depressed and don’t feel like doing anything!!

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  1. This so sad and touching reading through the wholestory
    I wish you quick recovery

  2. Chickenpox is the monster itself. Its so damn contagious. So sorry to hear this and hope you get well soon.

  3. That's so sad that you had to go through this…Hope you feel better soon and are able to be with your kids.
    Take care and be strong!
    Bric-A-Brac.A fashion and lifestyle blog.

  4. Hey my dear , do not loose hope you will get well soon , yes it will take time , i can feel your pain its horrible , but stay strong , 🙁 feeling so bad for you , I hope you feel better day by day !!!
    i will suggest you to apply coconut water as soon as they get dried up,… its great my mom suggested me just now… also dont prick any of them with nails… ::( i am so feeling bad dear … take care … kisses

  5. That's so sad; I had chicken pox when I was a teenager too and it was horrible. I pray for a quick recovery for you and members of your family and I pray to God that you all will be happy, together on September 17th to celebrate.

  6. Oh my dear .. u went through so much in the last few days.. I read everything..
    Chicken pox is terrible in my childhood i had the worst chicken pox ever… I know ur baby is small and ur worried abt her.. just keep calm & pray to god everything will be ok.. u need some good rest.. do that and m sure everything will be ok soon.. Stay positive & Take care sweetie ♥♥

  7. I wish you to have everything getting back to normal soon!

  8. oh it is sad to know that…I also got these c.pox few years ago worst time and still have there marks

  9. Oh you poor dear. I adore both you and your sister and always wish nothing but love and joy for your families so this was a heartbreaking tale. I am glad there is recovery in action and glad you found someone who knows maybe what they are doing. Most of all, I am so glad you have such an amazing support system at this difficult time. Family doing what family is designed to do, help from the great love in their hearts. Sending strong healing and warm thoughts to you and all of your relations.

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  11. Lovely post, have a beautiful weekend! <3

  12. Hope you get better soon is not the best thing to go thru.

  13. Oh dear, hope you get well really soon!

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  14. Oh I am soo sorry.. Chicken pox is the worst but I feel your pain and hope your baby and you get well soon 🙂

  15. Oh Charu, I feel SO bad for you… I pray that you will be healed soon… I'm grateful I had chicken pox when I was really young. I don't remember it…I've heard it's more difficult as you get older. I hope everyone is feeling better soon so that you can be reunited with your family and children ♡♡♡

  16. i an totally understand wat u have gone through…tak care have faith!

  17. I am really feeling sad for charu, I can understand your situation, Get well soon and I am sure you will attend your cutie's 4th Birthday… My prayers for you always dear Take care…

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