Matrix Biolage Smooththerapie Deep Smoothing Shampoo Review

Matrix Biolage Smooththerapie Deep Smoothing Shampoo Review  

Matrix has a nice range of shampoos and conditioners, be it for frizzy, coloured or damaged hair. I have used two of their shampoos and conditioners. I am going to review Smoothening Range here.


Matrix Biolage Smooththerapie Deep Smoothing Shampoo Review   

Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothing Shampoo gently cleanses and moisturizes hair leaving healthy-looking and manageable, while reducing frizz and dryness.

What the product claims :

For salon-style hair that is healthy to the last follicle, Matrix presents the Biolage Deep Smoothing shampoo that puts coveted long tresses right within your reach.

Paraben-free shampoo that cleanses as it smooths & controls frizzy, unruly hair, leaving it soft, shiny and manageable. For frizzy, unruly, medium to coarse hair.

Gentle moisturizing, cleansing shampoo that helps control frizz with lightweight nourishment for polished shine,smoothness and manageability.

Matrix Biolage Smooththerapie Deep Smoothing Shampoo Review


Matrix Biolage Smooththerapie Deep Smoothing Shampoo Review


 Matrix Biolage Smooththerapie Deep Smoothing Shampoo Review


Matrix Biolage Smooththerapie Deep Smoothing Shampoo Review

Key Ingredient: Camellia Serum.  

Details : 

Paraben free shampoo cleanses as it smoothes frizzy, unruly hair, leaving it soft, shiny and manageable.
Smooththérapie smoothes frizzy, unruly, medium to coarse hair with the silky serum of Camellia flower seed to continuously control frizz in hot, humid seasons while replenishing hair’s moisture during dry cool seasons. Hair stays naturally smooth,year-round, even in up to 97% humidity.

Directions to use :

Wet hair and lather with a gently massaging motion. Rinse. Follow with Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothing Conditioner. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately.

Matrix Biolage Smooththerapie Deep Smoothing Shampoo Review

 Matrix Biolage Smooththerapie Deep Smoothing Shampoo Review

My Take On It :

This whole range from Matrix is quite good. I like Biolage Smootherapie and the one for Chemically treated hair. This used along with the conditioner (same variant) gives nice results. It leaves my hair less frizzy. It is a professional range and can be easily found at salons and available online too. But beware, there are many duplicates in online variants. Better go to brand’s counter or to some mall or some reputed saloon to but it. Else you will say that this shampoo is not that effective but the actual reason would be that it was a dupe and not original. 

It works like total professional, gives professional results. I have already used 2 bottles of this shampoo. It has mild fragrance and it lathers up well. Normal to liquid consistency. Doesn’t dry hair up and smoothens them. Over a course of time, improves hair texture too. At the reasonable price it comes, nothing more I could have asked. No parabens, smoothening, lesser frizz, more shine, oh its one of my favs.It cleanses very well and washes out easily and leaves my hair squeaky clean. It suits all at my home, be it my hubby, sis or mom. All are a fan :).

The packaging is good and quite sturdy. I have sometimes carried the smaller size bottle while travelling too and never faced any issue. The smaller sizes upto 300 ml have flip open cap which never leaks and is good quality. The bigger 1litre pack has screw up cap. I mostly pour some quantity from it in smaller size bottles for everyday use. But since everyone at home uses it, 1 litre pack is always cost effective ;).


Rs. 370/- of 400 ml
Rs. 655/- of 1ltr
  • Paraben free.
  • Controls frizz to some extent.
  • Mild  fragrance.
  • Provides moisture to hair and enhances shine and softness.
  • Not much quantity is required.
  • Good for curly hair.
  • Improves hair texture over time with continuous use. 
  • Fully justifies the cost.
  • Doesn’t eliminate the frizz completely, but gives good results when used along with same range conditioner.
Overall Rating
No such cons as to mention specially. A good shampoo for everyday use. I like it. I always repurchase it and recommend it totally. In fact, I always search 1 lt. packs of this shampoo so as not to get bothered by searching for it again and again. But, beware of the dupes as I am sure few online websites also sell duplicate of watered versions of these shampoos. I prefer going to a reputed salon or a shop where there are special branded counters to buy such products.

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  1. I like it! Lovely post, happy day dear! <3

  2. Nice detailed review, I used this one 2 years ago & it didn't work out for me, but since it gave you such good results I'm tempted to try it out again
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  3. I currently use Biolage's smooth therapie conditioner and works well for my hair. I'll surely try this one too. Thanks for a detailed review Charu.

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  4. Great review as always 🙂 When I am out of my shampoo I will try this. I have big curly and frizzy hair ;D
    Cylia –

  5. Nice review! Biolage is indeed a nice brand for hair care products. I tried using them before and my hair felt and smelled amazing! But because their products are quite expensive, I had to stop using them. 🙁

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  6. Sounds good esp without paraben and to control frizz. I have to check if its available over here.

  7. Nice post
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  8. Looks like you've got a pretty cool product, dear! xoxo

  9. Amazing post dear, so interesting! Have a lovely day 🙂

  10. i recently read that cancer .org states that paraben is not a harmful chemical !!
    The studies has never concluded it harms our body , even if it mimics estrogen its in so little quantity , I read and felt great !!!
    This shampoo looks really nice !! Thanks for sharing wonderful review !!
    Nice Post !!
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  11. Very interesting) Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

  12. Charu, I don't think there is any shampoo or conditioner that gets rid of all the frizz… I have tried so many, I love the products that even help… especially since my hair seems to be getting dryer over the last few years… Conditioning it has become ultra important xox

  13. I haven't used this product, but have heard much about it. Would definitely try it.

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  14. I love your reviews 😀

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