Sand For Soapaholics – Marjawan Body Soap Review

Handmade and natural soaps definitely appeal more than any other soap to me. I love using soaps more in summers as in winters I prefer body wash. When I got “Marjawan Body Soap” by Sand For Soapaholics. This is a wonderful soap made up of dead sea mud and epsum salt and will leave you feeling refreshed and in a good mood with its magnifical fragrance. 

Sand For Soapaholics - Marjawan Body Soap Review 
Sand For Soapaholics - Marjawan Body Soap Review
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What the brand says:

A soap to die for; use it from your top to your toes. A lethal combination of Honey, Dead Sea Mud, and Epsum Salt, this therapeutic soap will transform you into a whole new self as it works its wonders on your face and body.
Ingredients like Dead Sea Mud and Dead Sea Salt detoxify your skin, drawing out impurities and improving blood circulation, leaving you feeling moisturized and smooth. A daily shower with this mineral enriched soap is like having your very own home spa treatment. So go ahead and experience heaven! 

Sand For Soapaholics - Marjawan Body Soap Review
Recommended for: 
All skin types
Directions to use:
Wet body and apply generously, then rinse. 

Shelf Life:

1 year from the date of packing. 


Every 10gm contains Honey Emulsion (20.16%), Veg. Glycerine (7.97%), Dead Sea Mud (4.42%), Oil blend of Coconut Endosperm & Sesame Seed (7.08%), Dead Sea Salt (1.77%), Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (4.25%), Rosemary Aerial part Ess.Oil (0.88%), Colour (0.20%)


Rs 550/100gm

Sand For Soapaholics - Marjawan Body Soap Review

 Sand For Soapaholics - Marjawan Body Soap Review

                                 Sand For Soapaholics - Marjawan Body Soap Review

My Views on Marjawan body Soap :

I was very excited to try my hands on this handmade, all natural soap. As I previously reviewed “Pebbles and bam bam soap” which was for babies and sensitive skin from the same brand, I was really impressed with the brand. So when I got this whatever time it was by the clock, for me it was time to bath 😀
When I first held it I thought that it will be sticky or oily but when I used there was no such thing like oily. The quality of the soap is excellent though in the looks it doesn’t appeal much but then it strikes as a handmade soap with the above listed ingredients.  But what I felt is that it did not last long like “ Pebbles and bam bam”. Still it lasted as long as any normal soap will.  I loved its fragrance, very tempting and lingers for few hours after bath too and it is very mild that is hardly noticeable. 
It is really moisturizing and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. And as was mentioned that one can use it on face too, I washed my face with the same soap just for the sake of review. Otherwise I never use soap on face. But it was ok, I mean no such difference but my skin being oily, I did not like it for face. Overall I quite really liked it. 
Though a bit expensive but it is a smart investment when you count on so many pros and handmade soaps are never cheap. Afterall these have so many qualities. You should definitely try it atleast once and you will love it.


·         Leaves skin smooth and soft.
·         Lasts really long.
·         Creamy and moisturising.
·         Contains the goodness of Honey, Dead Sea Mud, and Epsum Salt.
·         Handmade.
·         No parabens in ingredient list mentioned.
·         Draws out impurities and improves blood circulation.

Cons :

·     Expensive

Overall Rating:


Quite an impressive handmade soap, it scores on ingredients and qualities, goes down for no superb fragrance and looks. It is an experience to use these natural handmade beauties and feels total luxury that everyone should experience. Do try it once to feel it 🙂

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  3. Charu, this sounds like a really good soap… even if it is a bit expensive… I like the ingredients that are in it 🙂

    I wanted to thank you for dropping by, it must be hard to find time to blog once you have had a baby… blog when you can, we will be here … I know I will. Thank you for you very kind comments, I always appreciate them all xox

  4. Mar jawaa.. hahaha they hv so funny names right.. I love handmade soaps.. agree their price is a bit higher still a lovely soap ♥

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  13. I haven't tried many products from Sand for soapaholics but the ones I have tried were amazing. Also handmade soaps have lately become my weakness so might give this one a try 🙂

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  14. Expensive it is but the experience sounds great..

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