Chickenpox Horror – The End

Hi friends 🙂
I value you all. You have been through with me in my thick and thin. I have come out of chickenpox totally with all your lovely wishes. Happy I am. Scars? Oh, wait, I will tell you. Whole story. Slowly slowly :P.
In the last post on chickenpox – Living Worst Horror Of MyLife – CHICKENPOX – it was my 10th day of chickenpox. A good 10-12 days were remaining to heal to the extent, that I can reunite with my kids and hubby. I was not knowing then. Everyday, I woke up in morning hoping to find my bed full of scabs. But no, never it happened J. Only 2-3 scabs at max. In fact, maximum scabs fell at the time of bathing!!
Why am I writing about Chickenpox again!!
Not only because I want to share my experience. No.
If you are an adult, and you have chickenpox, then you know it’s one of the most depressing disease, in which you have got to do nothing at all. In today’s times, at least you have your smart phone and if you are a bit like me, you will read all that is available on web about chickenpox. But all medical websites have similar data, like incubation is 10-21 days, come out in crops, form scabs then its over in almost 7-10 days. Nope. Not true. Not for adults. It takes a month. If it takes little more for you, then don’t be afraid, it can take 🙂.
In my last post I said I wanted to be with my kids for my son’s 4th bday. Yes. We celebrated a little bit, both kids. But my little girl, who is now 3.5 months, went back with my aunt after her brother’s b’day. But that was enough for me for then.
Scabs were going slowly. Face cleared up first and it was like, the scabs were falling from top to bottom. And no, there was no FIRST IN FIRST OUT theory. Size matter more. Bigger ones take more time to heal and scab over and finally fall. Those pox which came on 1st day were the last ones to fall off. They keep on growing in size for first 3-4 days.
 Didn’t wash my hair for 1st 10 days. After that, I washed hair with a mild shampoo, no conditioner or anything. And lots of water. I started washing hair after every 2 days. And oh, I lost 2-3 additional kgs which came back in recovery phase :P.
My daughter also came back on 20th September. But I was not sleeping with her or have started feeding her. No. It was 24thday. But I had scabs on breast area also and I wanted to be fully sure before starting again. After all, we both had managed for 24 days, another 3-4 days wouldn’t hurt!! After some more days, I started feeding her but now her diet and routine was changed fully and I didn’t want to confuse her. So I started with 2 times a day only and rest on formula. She was super quick to accept it but now, I didn’t have much to offer her :). We are continuing on same pattern even today. I feed her 3-4 times a days and rest formula feed. We both are managing. Girls are strong ;).
I will show you some pics too. Various stages.
Now lets come to after effects – THE SCARS. Yes. They are there. Fully visible and very slow to fade. Its 1.5 months since it started. Very visible marks on face. All scars visible on hands, tummy, back and everywhere. I just hope they will fade over time. But right now, I can see all, some little faded, but ALL. I won’t lie. I picked up on a few. They were irritating and never falling and I couldn’t wait. Still I hope them to fade 🙂.
What all I used during my Chickenpox and after –
Day 1-10 : Medicines from doc.
                  Lacto calamine lotion.
                  Neem leaves all over the bed under bedsheet. Strands near bed and on door too.
                  Sometimes honey, sometimes neem leaves paste.
                  Daily coconut water.
                  Skipped bathing for 2-3 days initially.
      Then started with lukewarm water and putting some baking soda into it.
Day 12-20 : Head wash with mild shampoo.
                   Bathing with Himalaya baby wash.
                   Lacto calamine lotion.
                   Bajaj No Marks Face Wash.
                   Water still had baking soda.
After a month : Started applying Hexilac on face for scars as suggested by doctor. Please ask your doctor before starting anything. When I could get, I apply coconut water too ;P. I want to try Bio oil too. Face 1 ointments anek :P.
When I started feeding my daughter, I used to clean my breast area with Cetaphil Cleansing lotion everytime as suggested by her pediatrician.
May be I am forgetting some things. But can’t remember more now. All good now. I am happy to be back with my loved ones. I don’t mind all these scars. The separation was so bad and hurting that these scars are nothing compared to that. May be if I had been teenager or unmarried, these things would have mattered much but not now. I am in a comfortable space with my hubby and seriously, we don’t find and search for superficial love. Love is much much more than that. And I am lucky to have him in my life. I can take so many things for granted with him 🙂.
At such times, it is very important to have loving and caring life partner. You are most depressed and you need all the comforting in the world. His 3 words can make your day.
If some chickenpox survivor is reading this post by some chance and want to ask or share anything or just need a shoulder, I am here always. You can mail me anytime at –
I will reply immediately. I really got and made some new and good friends at that horrible time. I value them a lot now, for lifetime. Some showed true colors and never had time. That happens….with all. That’s life but it goes on and we too. I don’t  mind 🙂.
Don’t worry. It doesn’t always take 10-15 days. For me, it took full month. And after that, I was fullllll of scars….RAW…. So don’t worry. You will be OK soon :).

I pray for everyone to be happy and healthy.
Charu 🙂
P.S. – This is a no picture post. Do you want me to include pictures!!!! Oh hell, I have many :P. I was clicking them everyday. But now, they seem depressing and ugly to me :P. hehehe. So, didn’t include any. If anybody wants for reference purpose, do drop me a message anywhere, and I will help you in whichever way possible 🙂

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  1. Oh dear, I'm so sorry for you, Charu! I had chicken pox twice, can you believe it? Got it when I was a kid, & 2nd time onboard the plane during my days as a Cabin Crew. I'm going 50 this Nov & the scar on my face is still there! You better take good care of yourself, dear. xoxo

  2. Charu, I am so sorry you have had to deal with this… I have been told often that Chicken Pox on adults is so much more difficult to deal with… so painful and longer lasting. Apparently even having as a child does not prevent us from getting it as an adult… I had it at the age of 6…. I hope all your scars lighten and heal quickly… Get as much rest as possible xox

  3. So precise and detailed thanks!

  4. Girls are very strong indeed. And I am sure yours (as well as her big brother) will grow up not only strong but just as sweet and wonderful as you. So happy to hear this has finally passed from you. We never know why these things happen even though it somehow seems like it would be easier if we did. Very glad you had the support system you had, I know that took so much pressure off of you. Big hugs and a welcome back to the land of the healthy! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  5. Gosh! Such an awful lot to deal with…I'm so sorry that you have gone through such an ordeal. I had chicken pox when I was a baby, I can't imagine what its like to have it as an adult. Big hug Charu, I hope you are better soon.

    Keisha xo

  6. I am glad everyone is healthy again save for the scars and I pray those clear away nicely too.
    Do share any scar or spot remover that works for you in getting rid of the scars and let's know if that Hexilac is effective.

  7. I am so sorry to know you went through all this.. i had CP in my childhood and had the worst CP ever… I am happy you fought through this and came out of it .. Wish u speedy recovery hope ur scars heal soon.. Take care xo

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