MyGlossyAffair’s 3rd Anniversary Giveaway :)

All by me …. with love 🙂 <3

Years come. Years pass. We keep on working, routine life goes on!! No excitement, no changes.
Almost all of you don’t know that MYGLOSSYAFFAIR completes 3 successful years today. Yessssss.

I am happy, super happy. Before I started out and I was googling about blogging and all, the thing that I read most was that many of us start blogs out of excitement, start on a positive note, continue for 1-2 yrs, then, the passion starts dying due to one reason or another, either family, full time jobs or just not getting enough output and then, the blog silences. 
I never wanted such a spate of my blog ever. Oh, I started, I enjoyed, I wrote with all enthusiasm and passion and here, I am today, completing full 3 years of my blogging.
Lots of ups and downs happened in these 3 years, health, full time job, 1 year old baby at the time I started blog, who is now 4 years and another 3 month old angel now :). Life is a bliss. All 8 hands full ;). Life can’t be more hectic. But I am enjoying this phase too.

Special mention of Ritcha needed here as when she joined me after almost 1 year when I started out, I am enjoying more of blogging and everything. A super lovely and creative girl she is. My bestest :).

With all this, if I have continued for 3 years, I am sure I will manage to fulfill my passion of blogging for many years to come, maybe forever till I live at least ;).
This time, I have planned to celebrate the Blog Anniversary with my readers and friends, in terms of a giveaway. Yes. I just want to share some of my goodies with you all. All the products are mine. No sponsored products.

blog anniversary giveaway

Lets have a look at the products now –

1. Votre Under Eye Cream

blog giveaway

2. The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash

myglossyaffair giveaway

3. Maybelline The Elixir Color Sensational Lip Color in 095 – Blush Essence

giveaway myglossyaffair

4, Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Provocative

giveaway revlon

All you have to do is –
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    All the points  from 1 to 6 are mandatory. Points 7 & 8 are for extra points.

    The contest runs for one month, till 22nd November and we will have 1 winner.

    Note: Please leave a comment below with your email id, when you have completed all the entries.

    Giveaway is open Internationally!! 

    !!! Good luck Girlzzzz!!! 🙂

    Lotsa love
    Charu 🙂

    39 Replies to “MyGlossyAffair’s 3rd Anniversary Giveaway :)”

    1. Great post and amazing pictures :)…thx for sharing!

    2. Charu, I cannot tell you how happy I am that you have reached this milestone… When I started out I wrote periodically and then for 2 years wrote nearly everyday… now I write weekly and I think I will always write as it is a way to get my emotions out. I am glad to hear you want to continue to keep your blog up for many years to come. I miss many people that started out and abruptly left… but I have met many new people too… xox

    3. love it!

      perfect look

    4. Vow it is such a big thing to run a blog for 3 years and esp when ur married and have kids too.. I know the hardwork u put through.. giveaway yaayyy but one winner so no chance of winning.. 😛
      All the best for ur future blogging may u reach many more milestones like this in future ♥♥♥

    5. as always a great post, I'll look more about it, I liked it.

      By the way, blogger had erased me from your site, luckily I've reviewed. I tell you again !!!! kisses

    6. Thank you, Charu, for visiting my still so young blog. I'm glad about every comment. And thank you for inviting me to your Giveaway, it sounds totally great, but unfortunately I can't fulfill the mandatory parts. I wish every participant good luck, and also good luck to you!

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    8. A wonderful tribute to a beautiful blog run by a very sweet lady! Congratulations, dear 🙂 xoxo

      All Things Bright and Lovely

    9. gudia1994@gmail
      Name Niharika Singla
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    10. Happy Blogiversary Charu n Best of Luck! xx

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      Love XoxoX

    11. congratulations Charu for this milestone!
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    12. gudia1994@gmail
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    13. I totally enjoyed this post! Have a nice weekend! 🙂

    14. Happy Blog anniversary! It is always one of the special moments in a year, when you realize your blog is no longer a baby <3
      I think I'll give your giveaway a try!
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    15. Congrats on completing 3years.. It is quite remarkable the way you handle your personal life and your blog.. Keep up the good work! Also thanks for the lovely giveaway 🙂

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    17. Thanks for the giveaway!
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    18. Happy blog anniversairy!
      Thanks a lot for your last comment : )

    19. Congrats on turning 3. Wishing you many more. And hope the best will win this giveaway.
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    20. Happy Bloggersary, Charu! I'm real happy for you, dear! Great giveaway & good luck to all! xoxo

    21. Congrats for reaching the milestone, dearest Charu! And thank you for the wonderful giveaway!
      xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    22. Great giveaway. And congratulations on turning 3.
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    32. hi charu 🙂

      wishing u happy diwali n ur little angels 🙂 thax for having such a nice giveaway during festive season, wishing u smooth journey ahead as u have completed ur 3 years.
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    34. wow….Awsum Giveaway in dia Diwali season. 🙂
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