Stylish Dressing Tables – A Must for Fashion & Beauty Freaks

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If I talk about myself, being a fashion and beauty blogger, dressing table holds an important place in my life and my home. I have to store tons of products into it. Hence came the idea of doing a post on stylish dressing tables.  I know many girlies out there who are in search of dressing table designs. When my sissy recently got married, her hubby gave her a beautiful and big dressing as a surprise gift. That’s the life of beauty bloggers ;). And thanks to those loving husbands too :).
As a girl and on top of that, a beauty blogger, what completes a perfect home interior is a stylish dressing table. Whether you call it your beauty place or vanity, a dressing table is a classic and elegant piece of home décor.

Stylish Dressing Tables
Dressing tables serve not only as important utility item but also reflect your style and personality. There is a huge variety of dressing tables to choose from, like modern, rustic, classic, vintage, and much more. But what is most important is to choose a dressing table that blends really well with your home décor and at the same place fulfills all your requirements. 
While choosing a perfect dressing for your home, always remember that a table should not only be of your taste but also match your home interior and be of a perfect dimension which is suitable to the area you want to place it in.

Tranquil bedroom : Dressing tables by Lime Lace Eclectic Interiors

Lime Lace Eclectic Interiors/homify

Always list up priorities before you buy a dressing table, like how large is your vanity and how many and what type of drawers you want to be there in your table. Like if you ask me, I prefer big cute girlish dressing tables. But big….real big. I have loads of stuff to store. In fact, I have quite big dressing table with a huge mirror. I love mirrors to the extent that even my kiddos full size almirah also has full mirror on front 🙂.

begehbarter Kleiderschrank geschlossen : Dressing room by Müller Wohnart

Coming to this, length and width of mirror also plays a very important role in choosing your dream dressing table. Like if you love to wear sarees then you would most probably look for the one with long mirror and if you need it only for makeup and things then smaller one can do. But again, I love big full sized mirrors, saree or no saree, makeup or no makeup.

Coiffeuse L’animal et Léopard : Colonial Dressing tables by George van Engelen Design

 George van Engelen Design/homify

Awwww….how beautiful the lightening is!!

Place your dressing table where there is enough light to support you while doing makeup and if there is no such source of light where your dressing table is placed then better buy an additional makeup lamp or makeup light. I just love that. Many dressing tables come with lots of lightning already designed into them.

Dressing tables by Woody Dekor
Woody Dekor/homify

So for a smoother and great experience, remember to go for a dressing table which not only looks stylish, classy and trendy, but also designed to match your requirements, home décor, modern lifestyles and smaller living spaces. Now, I hope you will soon find a suitable and perfect dressing table that matches your style, taste and your home too.

Now some dressing table designs with some twist but I quite liked these.

Stylish Dressing Tables

This one is superb due to the space it provides, full sized mirrors and proper sitting facility for makeups plus lots of drawers. What more can we ask for!!

Dressing tables by Canan Delevi
Canan Delevi/homify

Whats special in this makeup storage??
Oh, isn’t it awesome to sleep so near to your makeup :P. Sweet dreams 😉

Find yourself the best one.
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  1. I like the one with the dual mirror. Lots of space and looks so feminine.

  2. I love make up tables, I have always wanted one, they are a great way to keep organized. My daughter has a sweet glass one that was given to her, hopefully she will appreciate it in the future.

    I hope the baby is okay as well I hope you are feeling much better Charu xox

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