How to wash makeup brushes at home – DIY

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Today, some cleaning :).

What is a makeup artist’s best friend!! I think that should be lots and lots of amazing makeup brushes, all sorts, all types. To achieve perfection, the tools should be best.

How to wash makeup brushes at home - DIY

But time and often, the cleaning and care of makeup brushes gets neglected. Due to continuous use, the brushes also become dirty and all sort of makeup and oils etc. build up on the bristles. Hence, they should be cleaned thoroughly after every use or at least every other day if you are a professional makeup artist or are much into makeup.

Firstly, if you are a professional or give hygiene utmost priority, then a makeup brush sanitizer is a must for you. This will help you in sanitizing your brushes after every use in a single day too for every client. Even I won’t like if my MUA will use an unsanitised makeup brush on my face. Then, after a full day’s work, the brushes should get a proper bath. Yes. Very necessary.


Let’s have it in simple steps –

Things required –

  • Baby Shampoo
How to wash makeup brushes at home - DIY
  • Lukewarm water 

 How to wash makeup brushes at home - DIY

  • Towel
  • Oil (not mandatory)

Step 1 –

First, run the brush under tap water. You can first apply a little oil to it if the build up is extreme, which happens in case of liquid or cream waterproof makeup. Oil will loosen the build up a little.

How to wash makeup brushes at home - DIY

Step 2 –

Take lukewarm water in a bowl and put some baby shampoo in it. Then dip the brush in this mix and move it back and forth. Let the makeup wash off from the bristles. Only dip the bristles in water and not whole brush, as water may get stuck up in the metal part thus damaging the brush permanently.

How to wash makeup brushes at home - DIY

Step 3 –

The color of water in previous step must have changed by now. Again, run the brush under tap water to get rid of the residue and soapy water. Again, go for bristles only. Avoid wetting metal part.

Step 4 –

Towel dry the brushes. Put on towel and squeeze a little. Then leave them for air drying overnight but this time, not on towel. Keep them on some clean surface in such a way that the handle of brush is on surface while the bristles are out with nothing over or underneath and get air from all sides.

How to wash makeup brushes at home - DIY

Voila!! Your brushes are ready to do magic once again. Love your tools and they will love you back with better results and a long lasting life.

Some tips to keep makeup brushes in better shape –

  • For instant cleaning of brushes or the case, use makeup wipes or baby wipes.
  • Don’t use heat for faster drying, neither hair dryer nor flat iron. Let them air dry.
  • Let the brushes dry completely before start using them again.
  • Use only mild cleansers for cleaning brushes.
  • No hot water, only lukewarm water.
  • Don’t dip the brushes completely in water as the water will go in metal part and will ruin the brushes.
  • Keep the brushes in well ventilated room for air drying. Avoid bathrooms or near basin.
Done. I can’t remember anything more. If I will, I will add to it :). Hope this post helps you.
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  1. Nicely detailed post. Deep cleaning of brushes is so important both for skin care and maintaining quality of brushes.

  2. Please suggest some good affordable makeup brush sanitizers,..

  3. I do it as well, once they dry all brushes are so soft and clean.
    Have a lovely Friday!
    Dusana 🙂

  4. The post is fantastic! I am now following you on Instagram @irenethr
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. I use vinegar rinse too on natural bristle brushes. I helps them neutralize the soap, remove buildup and become soft too. Nice tip. 🙂

  6. Hey I follow the same process to clean my brushes…you can check it here

  7. I wash it with baby shampoo and in dettol water…never used oil but nice tip for hard to get rid of products..

  8. Absolutely loved this post! very detailed and it seems like it would be easy, to try your tips.. Thanks!

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