Five Makeup Brushes Every Woman Should Own!

I am not exaggerating when I am saying that there are literally millions of makeup brushes out there. There is a makeup brush for just about every type of application. While someone may use 5 types of brushes to achieve smokey eyes, some may need only 2 brushes to sport them. With so many types of makeup brushes existing in the beauty market, it can be intimidating on deciding which ones to welcome in your vanity. If you are into casual makeup, it can be all the more difficult. But don’t worry! This post will tell you about the most essential makeup brushes that you must own to up your beauty game!

Foundation brush

If you wear only BB creams, you probably do not need this type of brush. But if you wear foundations even though just for special occasions, investing your money in a foundation brush can be rewarding. You need to buy a foundation brush as per your skin type. If you have an oily skin with large pores, your best bet lies in using a buffing brush. A buffing brush moves foundation into pores and minimizes pores to a great extent. If you have a combination-dry skin, you should try flat brushes that slap on foundation or brushes with a sponge. You need to damp brushes that have sponge to help foundation blend in seamlessly. Buffing brushes should be avoided by people who have a dry skin since they use a micro-exfoliation motion and therefore can cause dry patches. 

Makeup Brushes Every Woman Should Own

Blush brush

Have you been using those tiny brushes that come packed with blushes? Then, do you also wonder why your blush does not blend in properly? Well, it’s time for you to ditch those brushes and make your blush application flawless by purchasing a blush brush. Ensure that you do not buy a brush that is too large otherwise there will be too much blush on your face. A duo fibrebrush will help you blend a cream blush as well as powder based blush seamlessly.

blush brush

Concealer brush

We all know the morning scene: You jump out of your bed after pressing the snooze button countless times. You hardly have time to get ready but you end up devoting a total of 10 minutes on your concealer application, thanks to the finger tapping motion! Do yourself a favour and get a concealer brush. Also, a concealer brush can help you achieve a far more flawless application. Flat brushes that are stiff and firm work best as they help you derive more coverage and uniform product application. It is also ideal for touching up your concealer.

Concealer brush
Eyeshadow blending brush

A lot of Youtube tutorials show that you need ‘n’ number of brushes to create smokey eyes and blend your eyeshadow perfectly. What if I told you that you could do that just by using one brush? Okay! Two at maximum! No kidding! After you have used that sponge applicator that comes with eyeshadow to pack color on your eyelids, all you need is a blending brush. Swipe on back and forth using it and tada! A blending brush can also be used to buff in concealer or to pat powder on the under eye area to set concealer/foundation.

blending brush

Powder brush

You can’t always rely on that powder puff to set your foundation and lend it a long staying power. If you have applied multiple layers of makeup, it is best to use a powder brush so as to not create any cakey or patchy effect. A powder brush like MAC 138 tapered face brush is ideal for powder application as it can also get under the eyes easily. Plus it allows for a more precise control. The shape and density is just the right size to pick sufficient amount of product at one go.

powder brush

Hope that the confusion which was pouring into your mind with regard to this is now cleared!
Love to all
Charu 🙂

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  1. This is super helpful for beginners !
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  2. Charu, I am so confused by brushes… I have had so many over the years and usually my blush brush is always good and an occasional eye brush… most of the other ones I rarely use… basically because I don't know how to use them… I have always wanted to know how to do a smokey eye, I have never been able to pull it off. My oldest daughter is coming home this summer and she is amazing with eyes… I am getting her to do my eyes xox

  3. Fabulous review. Loved your detailed post.

  4. I own each one of these but never used concealer brush. Always think sponge gives better finish. 🙂 Thanks for sharing though.

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