Charmingly Childish? – 5 Backpack Styles that are Tasteful and Trendy

Is it a fashion faux pas for a young millennial woman to walk down the corridors of a big- name, multi-level corporation wearing a black pantsuit and toting a backpack? How about a twenty-something fresh graduate sporting casual-formal wear with a backpack slung over her shoulder? The initial reaction would be yes, of course, because backpacks are for little schoolgirls who want their friends to know who their favorite Disney princess is simply by looking at their bag.
While bags will be bags, there’s always been a definitive difference between chic and childish, and  backpacks usually fall under the latter category. You can change the look of an outfit from playful to professional simply by switching out a clunky-yet- stylish shoulder bag for a sensible clutch and it would still be socially acceptable, but many women wouldn’t dream of using backpacks unless they were going hiking or hitting the gym. Get the hang of some stylist handbags.
Thing is, that mindset is very slowly changing. Fashion designers and manufacturers have come up with a dozen different styles to modernize the basic backpack, and they’re turning out better than we could have expected. It’s 2016, and fashion-conscious teenagers and young professionals conscious about maintaining an image are still buying cute backpacks – from the famous Herschel blue-and- brown combination to
Chanel’s gorgeous graffiti numbers. Before you get excited and start binge-shopping backpacks, remember that there’s still the risk of looking childish or fashion-indifferent.
Here are five backpack styles from an amazing online shop that will help you avoid that.
Leather backpacks alone are already the very opposite of the cotton-polyester blend that is a little girl’s Disney Princesses bookbag. Adding the structured whiteness can do two things for your outfit. Aesthetically speaking, you look cultured and sophisticated. We tend to assimilate the color white with a crisp, clean freshness which will definitely add to your look. Functionality-wise, a backpack is just so practical – especially for the working girl! It can hold your laptop, laptop charger, makeup kit, wallet, mobile phone, and at least a dozen other things that a regular shoulder bag would choke on.
While this style might not suit everyone’s taste, there’s no denying that Boho-style backpacks are cute backpacks that can make you look fun, friendly, and playful without crossing the dreaded line to grade school girl. If you like the loose cotton shirts and slouchy boots that is classic Boho, adding in a funky-colored backpack with bright patterns and tassels can only boost your look. If you’re into pastels and baby colors, this will help offset it in the most complementary way.
The small backpack crazed popped up in the early 2000’s and hasn’t left ever since. Small backpacks can rival a shoulder bag or sling bag in terms of space (read: there’s not a lot of it), but they’re just so fun and stylish, they’re seen as the perfect accessory to any casual shirts-and- shorts outfit. They’re like the toy poodles of Paris Hilton fame; they don’t do much except their job (small backpacks can maybe hold your phone, wallet, and the bare essentials of your makeup) but they’re so cute, so you don’t really mind.

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  1. Charu… I like a cute backpack and there are some stylish leather ones available that look great and dressy with many outfits… such a change from 10-20 years ago xox ♡♡♡

  2. These backpacks are adorable, and nope, it is not about age when it comes to such bags.

  3. Backpacks are my fav forever)

  4. Mini backpacks are cute,…

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